Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An American Icon He Is, But He Must Go Home Because He Cannot Dance

So, after last week’s shocking elimination, are we in for another surprise? Let’s find out....LIVE!!!

Brooke’s hair is very straight - not too keen on it but it’s still not the crazy hair lady’s best work.

All the couples are lined up on the ballroom floor - let’s get right to some results! The first couple safe to dance again is Aiden & Edyta. Also coming back next week are Erin & Maks. (yay for us Maks lovers!!) Both couples are very happy (although Edyta looked very surprised).

In the confessionals, Nicole said “I trusted Derek, he’s a great choreographer, but it’s all his fault” for their low scores. (They laughed about it). Len thought he should have given Erin & Maks a 6 instead of a 7. Kate said the “dancer” in her gave her a thumbs up. (That dancer is on crack).

Evan & Anna get to dance the encore tonight, no surprise there. It’s a great dance!

Reba McIntyre sings - she sounds great, and looks great too! She’s got a great plastic surgeon, I think she looks younger now! We’re treated to Edya, Maks, Val, and Snejana Petrova (so that’s how you spell it, huh?) dancing, and Tom tells us Reba’s country song was danced by three Russians and a Pole. Tom puts the microphone in Reba’s face and asks her who her favorites are, and she says Erin, Evan, and Nicole and complains about his putting her on the spot.

After Kate last night’s dances, we hear some stars talking: Kate says “I’m not afraid any more” and she’s going to “rock it from now on.” (A wise woman I know commented that Kate couldn’t keep a beat if you pounded it on her head!) Nicole says “we won’t break any more Len commandments.” We get to find out about another couple now: Niecy & Louis will be back next week!

I would really like to know what they did to Niecy’s, Pam’s, and Nicole’s eyelashes. They look so thick with the fake eyelashes it seems hard to keep their eyes open! Uh-oh, a crazy makeup lady is loose at DWTS!!

Tom announces Mark, Derek and Chelsie for the next number - they will dance to an acoustic guitar-playing duo, with a violinist thrown in for good measure. Watching Derek and Chelsie dancing, I’m wondering where Mark comes in, and find out that he’s one of the guitarists! And he’s pretty darn good! I love the Paso Doble Derek & Chelsie perform.

In the Celebraquarium, Niecy tells Brooke her dance next week is the Rumba, which is a slow tempo dance yet again. She’s really looking forward to shaking her tail feathers and her jiggly parts!

Next week’s judges’ challenge will have a “double score showdown.” Each dance will get two scores: one for technique and one for performance. Each couple will also have specific moves they will have to incorporate into the dance. Len says “Season 10 is turning into ‘season ten-sion.’” (Cute, Len, cute. Stick to being Mr. Crankypants.)

Nicole & Derek are told they are safe for next week and ... we go to a commercial.

Reba sings again, and Dmitri and Lacey dance and it’s all incredible. Melissa Rycroft was hanging out with the audience last night. She interviews some viewers, tells us that the audience has to be in place by 6:30 for an 8:00 show - but they get entertained. A comedian comes out to warm up the audience (and there was a shot of a really large man “shaking his tail feathers” which was not appetizing at all!) She interviews Cameron Matheson, who says he is still nervous, but now for Aiden rather than himself. They both agree that it’s much easier to be in the audience. (Duh).

We find out about two more couples - safe are Evan & Anna and Chad & Cheryl.

Backstage, Brooke interviews Nicole & Derek (who say they’re sorry for breaking the Len commandments, but they’ll be back next week and they’re going to repent), Evan & Anna talk about the challenge of learning a new dance and staying on top, and Chad & Cheryl talk about the Rumba being the dance of love, and Chad says “so why not make love on the dance floor?” Brooke is pretty klunky with the interviews - I’m actually starting to miss Samantha? Tom tells us that next week will be pay-per-view because of the “making love on the dance floor.”

We hear from the stars about the relationships they’ve made with each other. Niecy says she’s the mother of the group, who tries to encourage all “my thin children to eat!” She’s going to train them, one doughnut at a time. They’re all getting along well. Edyta tells Aiden that if he could move like Nicole, they would win the competition. Chad doesn’t want anyone to go home - “especially me.”

Another safe couple is announced: Pamela & Damien. The three remaining couples will have to sweat it out through the commercials to find out their fates. Coming back, we hear the first couple in the bottom two is Buzz & Ashly; joining them are Jake & Chelsie. (Keep making cracks to Chelsie about being disrespectful and see how far you get with the audience votes, Bubba!) Kate & Tony are safe? Tony’s fans must be keeping Kate around! Cue the icky music - who’s going home? Buzz & Ashly. Buzz said he did the show for the military, fighter pilots, and elder geezers like him. He also wanted to promote the space program of the future. He didn’t think he’d walk on the moon, but he really didn’t think he’d dance on TV. I like the guy a lot, he is an American icon, but he really, really looked pathetic attempting to dance.

So next week, we’ll see how the new challenges go - our couples will either sink or swim (er, - trip or dance?) But best of all, we’ll see it LIVE!

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