Monday, April 19, 2010

Settle Back With Some Popcorn, It's Movie Night!

LIVE!!! From Hollywood! It’s Movie Night with Dancing With the Stars! And what is with Brooke’s dress? She a zebra from Lion King? And of course, Kate does her “I love you” thing - if anything, let’s get rid of her so we can lose that, okay? Please? Pleeeeaaaasssseeeee??????

First up, Niecy & Louis will dance a Jive - she gets to shake what her momma gave her! She’s going to shake things she didn’t even know she had. Louis is telling her to slide through his legs, and she tells him he’s crazy, she won’t fit. Niecy says the Jive is the fastest she’s ever moved ... “well, while dancing. This is a family show!” She’s wearing the requisite fringe, but she’s not very bouncy. She’s definitely shaking her jiggly parts! At the end of the dance she plants a huge kiss on Len’s head and leaves a big lipstick imprint. Len begins by saying she got her personality into the dance, but she didn’t bounce much in her feet (although “there was plenty of bounce in your bazookas.”) It’s really hard to take him seriously with the red lips on his head. Bruno says there was a lot going on and it lacked the necessary sharpness. He pointed out a mistake, which Louis quickly admitted to as being his mistake, not Niecy’s. Niecy asks about the jiggly parts and Bruno agrees that they were wonderful. Carrie Ann calls her the “shimmy queen.” She said there was looseness in her bottom half, but loved to see Niecy having fun. In the Celebraquarium, Niecy says on behalf of “all thick girls everywhere, ya’ll need to vote for me. I’m hungry and I’m tired.” She thanks Louis for taking responsibility for messing up and Louis says “yeah, thanks for reminding everyone.” Their scores: 6-6-6=18.

Chad & Cheryl are up next. Backstage, Chad is holding a sign that says “Chris Henry I love you. 85+15=100 ways to be great!” (Chris Henry was a fellow receiver with Chad on the Cincinnati Bengals, and wore #15 on his jersey. He died after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend - he fell off the back of the pickup truck she was driving away.) Cheryl is being a slave driver in the practice rooms, and Chad decides that there’s something wrong with Cheryl. He says they spend more time together than a normal married couple, and he knows something is wrong. She finally tells him she’s under a lot of pressure, and wants him to improve. Chad tells us that he’s glad they had a chat today, “I don’t think we accomplished anything, but it was pretty cool.” They are dancing a Quickstep, and it looks to be giving Chad a little trouble - his elbow is dropping and his feet are getting tangled. Bruno begins by saying their Quickstep seemed to lose control. His hold and frame were terrible. Carrie Ann said it was extreme - parts were great and improved, and then it was bad. She wasn’t impressed with the hold. Chad tells Carrie Ann “we have plenty of contact” and Carrie Ann comes back with “not that kind of contact, this is a dance competition.” Tom quips “not to him, it’s not!” Len thought Chad’s posture was better and it was lively. He tried to be complimentary and said overall it was very nice. Brooke asks Chad about the marriage reference and “what’s going on with you two?” Chad says “everything is professional,” just whatever he did to make Cheryl laugh, didnt' make her laugh so he knew something was wrong. Their scores aren’t all that: 6-6-6=18.

Before the commercial, we get to see Jake come into rehearsal “trying to channel Tom Cruise” and Tony telling Kate “you put in zero, that’s what you’re gonna get out of it.” Erin is driving Maks crazy trying to get him to explain things, and he has a temper tantrum (stomping his feet and everything!) trying to tell her to stop thinking and just do it!

Erin & Maks will be dancing a “Pulp Fiction-inspired Jive.” This oughta be interesting! Maks is telling Erin that he’s the boss, and Erin has to do exactly what he says. “The entire week is going to be according to Maks. Cause that’s how Maks likes it.” Erin tries a Maks accent and says he told her that “the Jive is like what you cheerleaders do.” Erin says they’re like a science experiment - some days the chemicals mix, and some days they explode. We see them arguing over shoes, steps, everything. Maks says every day they argue, and “put it into the book that Erin and Maks disagreed on this, turn the page....” The dance starts out slow, and Maks reads a menu throughout out the first part of it, and then it perks up and looks pretty good! Her kicks and flicks aren’t bad! Tom says “you two are so cute when you fight!” and Maks protests “don’t tell her that!” Carrie Ann really liked it. It’s been a hard night, and Erin's ankles were just ahead of Maks and the beat. Len hated the beginning but he started to enjoy it, and it got a little hectic but overall “I thought you did a really good job.” (Did they let the nice Len out of the home tonight? Or did Len have a big hot toddy before the show?) Bruno said she got the magic all the way through, and this was her best timing ever. “You didn’t go off beat once.” Of course, Maks has to get behind Tom and grab his butt before they head off to the Celebraquarium. Their scores: 7-7-8=22, the best scores of the night so far! Brooke says whatever they did this week, worked, and again Maks said “don’t tell her that!” Brooke called it a cute “lover’s quarrel” and Erin said she was actually quiet, and Maks protests yet again. Brooke tries to stir it up by saying “is love in the air?” and Erin snaps back with “not until he buys me a ring like Chad got Cheryl. Are you joking?” The look on Maks’ face says otherwise!

Next on the floor are Jake and Chelsie with a song from Risky Business ("Old Time Rock & Roll" of course!) to the Cha Cha. Jake keeps asking Chelsie questions about what she’s doing and Chelsie tells him that he has to stop thinking about it and feel what he’s dancing. The next time he comes in, Jake is shirtless (mmmm) and tells Chelsie “I’m just trying to channel Tom Cruise” even though he does have the wrong movie. The dance begins with Jake in a shirt and dark socks (and no pants!) with a wooden spoon for a microphone, skidding across the stage! Does he have tighty whities or boxers? Chelsie comes out and he throws his pants on. Wha-a-a? Isn’t that a little backwards? He’s doing a lot of holding Chelsie while she moves her booty, and when he is dancing, it looks pretty good but not too Cha-Cha-ey. Listen to me, the dancing afficionado! Len likes that Jake comes out 100%. He loved the feeling of the dance and thought it was fun, but then Jake messed up. Bruno called him a “cheeky buggar” and asked “why did you put your pants on?” (Exactly!) Tom drops his microphone. Bruno thought it was one of the best performances and says “there’s going to be a day when you stop going wrong because everything else is just so exciting.” Carrie Ann conjures up an old saying and tells Jake “you’ve got the guts so you’d better enjoy the glory.” She loved the whole package of the dance. Brooke asks Jake if he ever thought he’d be dancing in his underwear in front of 12 million people and Jake comes back with “I just didn’t want a wardrobe malfunction tonight.” Their scores: 8-7-8=23. They are very happy! Jake says it’s worth the skinned knee after sliding across the dance floor.

Pam & Damien will dance to “9 to 5" and “channel her inner Dolly Parton.” I think her Dolly Partons are outside, thank you very much! They’ll be doing a Quickstep, and she’d better have a good bra on so she doesn’t knock herself out! Pam says she’s worried about the movie they’re going to give her, she’s more of a Fellini girl, “breaking things while naked,” but she’s happy with the 9 to 5. Damien is pushing Pam hard this week, and she’s getting a huge cardio workout. Uh oh, they begin with “messin’ about” that Len won’t like. This song just isn’t quick enough for the Quickstep - they’re doing a good one, albeit at a lower tempo. She’s really surprising me, actually, dancing a lot better than I expected. They do a pretty nice thing where they dance on a chair, onto the table, and back onto a chair and don’t even fall over! (I would have, for sure). Bruno loves her characterization of the dances, and the dancing was good as well. “Pamela, you’re doing a great job.” Carrie Ann agrees with Bruno, that her posture is good, and thinks Pam could be on Broadway. Len thinks she got the movie mixed up, and says “knowing how I am about props and such, you went for the death wish.” He complains that they spent 24 bars of “messin’ around.” But the bit of dancing she did, he liked. Tom says “that was Len from ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Their scores: 7-6-8=21. After Brooke asks what they both like the most about doing the show, Pam says she likes to do another dance every week, and Damien says “I get to dance with Pam.” (Duh).

(OOOOHHHH! LOST commercial! “The long-awaited reunion is here.” Sun & Jin finally get together? Will it actually happen? Sorry. I got a little off track there.)

Kate & Tony will come up and we get to see how Kate pisses Tony off this week. They’ll be dancing the Fox Trot with a song from The Breakfast Club. He shows her a move and Kate bursts the bubble with her wonderful (gah) attitude, asking “are we swimming or dancing?” Tony looks defeated, telling Kate it’s a dance move, and it’s from the movie. He’s trying to add a little humor to the dance, and Kate is devoid of humor. Tony says she has no motivation and no energy and it’s getting tiring pushing her every week. Kate gets something right, and asks “isn’t it fun when you tell me to do something and I actually do it?” Tony says “you have no idea!!!” The dance begins with a blackboard that says “Detention” and “Tony (heart) Carrie Ann” on it. The poor guy has to resort to schmoozing the judges for any kind of score, he ain’t getting it from his partner! Ack! This woman cannot dance. There is NO emotion in her whatsoever except for depressed whining. It’s a Fox Trot? Carrie Ann says “there’s some sort of grace that’s developing.” She tells Kate that when she watches her dance, it’s like the Charlie Brown adults talk (and does a great impression). There’s no formed move. Len calls it “neat and precise” but says it wasn’t a dance, it was a stroll. He liked the absence of props, but “I thought Bruno was the cranky one, now I’ve got Carrie Ann wa-wa-waaing.” Bruno: “Darling. I think Tony could have had more life with a frock on a coat hanger.” (The look on Tony’s face is one of embarrassed agreement.) He called her catatonic and is upset because last week “I thought something happened” and now it’s back to bad. “It needs a post mortem, not a critique. When you see that something can happen, and then you retreat everything, well, what’s the bloody point?” He begs Kate to “give us something.” (Forget it Bruno, she’s dead inside, it shows outside.) Poor Tony! Brooke says she understands exhaustion, being a mother, and Kate explains that she had “8 little friends” visit this week and used all her energy on them. Their scores: 5-5-5=15. Tony says Kate gave him everything he asked this week (he sure knows how to lower his expectations, huh?) Tom quips that “8 little friends just stripped Bruno’s car.”

Next on the floor are Nicole & Derek to dance a Tango to “Pretty Woman.” She was upset with herself for screwing up last week, and she has to remember to enjoy the dancing. Derek takes her to Beverly Hills to “get into character” - he’s gonna teach her to be a hooker? He says “we’re going to be spending an obscene amount of money” and she tries on all kinds of dresses, but when the bill is over $27,000, they run out of the store. (Ha ha!) They do some great acting during their dance, and Nicole is remembering to have fun - and her dancing shows it. It’s great! Kind of a weird move at the end but all in all I loved it, and see 10's coming! Len gets to begin and he tells Nicole that it was her best dance, and the best dance of the season so far. Bruno raises out of his seat, screaming about them dancing the “fine line between love and hate, bursting with sexual tension!!!!” (He grabs Len as he says this and Len looks horrified, and then shakes his head in his hands). Tom tells Carrie Ann “I dare you to follow that!” She says they are “superstars” complete with shaking hands. She calls it “art” because their lines were beautiful. In the Celebraquarium, Derek keeps wiping his cheek but doesn’t get a chance to explain it because they go to the scores: 10-9-10=29.

Evan & Anna will dance the Rumba to a hit from Armaggedon. They’re traveling every Wednesday through Sunday for Evan to join the Stars on Ice show, and will be practicing as they can. Anna shows Evan that he has to move his hips and she laughs as she watches him make the attempt. She’s concerned that he won’t be able to segue from skating to dancing. He’s thinking if he can get his hips moving and connect with Anna, they should be okay. Ooooh! Anna is wearing an Edyta outfit tonight! Evan’s hips look pretty good, actually...he’s dancing great, but I’m not sure about his “connection” with Anna. He does get a little peck after the dance, though. Bruno loves Evan’s lines and says there is a lyricism about it, like a ballet dancer. Bruno calls his spins “spot on” and says he’s “superb.” Carrie Ann thinks there was something beautiful going on, but it wasn’t his connection with Anna as much as the movements. She loves his strength and lyricism too. Len says it had “artistry, musicality, fluidity in your arms, you’ve got the hip action going.....” He liked it. Sounds good, will they score as well as Nicole & Derek? Brooke asks Evan about transitioning between skating and dancing, and Evan says he did a Rumba step in his skating routine, but he thinks no one noticed. Evan isn’t as competitive dancing as he is skating, because they’re all a family, and he just wants to make Anna proud. (Awwwww!) Their scores: 9-9-9=27. I think they could have squeaked a 10 out of that!

So, here’s the leaderboard after the judges’ scores”

29 - Nicole & Derek
27 - Evan & Anna
23 - Jake & Chelsie
22 - Erin & Maks
21 - Pam & Damien
18 - Niecy & Louis
18 - Chad & Cheryl
15 - Kate & Tony

Okay, folks, remember, you have to vote! Get on the internet - voting is open until noon. If you want your favorite to stay (and Kate to finally give Tony a break and GO HOME to her freaking kids already) then vote!

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