Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Down to Couples We All Like, But One Has to Go

Tonight only the strong will survive! One couple will be eliminated ... LIVE!!!!

Brooke is wearing a dress that looks like it has a big zipper running down the front. I like her hair in a “Jeannie” style though...

We get our announcement of their first safe couple, and it’s Erin & Maks!

Len gives his commentary on last night’s dances. He thinks there were great performances and some great technique, but no couple pulled off both. Nicole had “all sizzle, no sausage.” Evan has fallen from heaven, plummeting down in the standings. He wants to learn all the dances and doesn’t want to leave yet. Len doesn’t think that Jake’s stumble was his fault. He loved Pam’s intensity, but said her footwork wasn’t there. In the confessional, she says she wants to refine her dancing so she can stick around. Niecy comes up to Len backstage and asks how she did, and Len tells her he thoroughly enjoyed it. Niecy would be disappointed to go home now - “especially because I don’t have the Mirrorball Trophy in my hand.” Len thinks Chad & Cheryl was the breakthrough couple, and Chad thinks they’re peaking at the right time. Len complained again that Maks was a distraction to Erin’s great dance, and I again wholeheartedly disagree!!!! Backstage, Erin tells Maks to stop taking off his shirt so Len will like them, and Maks says “if we get two 9s and a 7 every time, maybe I won’t.” (Fine by me!)

Tom and Brooke ask Len who the judges want to see again, and he says they want the couple who pulled out “their breakthrough dance of the season,” Chad & Cheryl. It looks even better this time around. I think one of these times the producers should just tape the dress rehearsal and surprise the stars, and let the judges judge THAT instead. Bet the dances are much better without the extra stress!

Melissa Etheridge will sing the title song from her new album. I’ve always liked her a lot, and she still sounds great! Maks, Anna, Tony and Chelsie are dancing and it makes for a great number all around. (And Maks has his shirt open - a protest to Len, maybe?) They all get a standing ovation from the audience.

We go through the standings and see Niecy in the Confessional asking Louie “I eat a rose, you eat a cookie. Now, is that fair?” Chad says “I don’t wanna go. Because if I go, I’ve got nowhere to go. Literally.” Tom and Brooke will tell us the next couple that is safe, and it’s Chad & Cheryl. Chad tries to plant a kiss on Cheryl and she dodges it, leaving poor Chad’s lips hanging out there.

We are treated to a Salsa guitarist (sounds like “Fenessay”) and his dancers, and he’s pretty darn good. I’m sure Len likes all the female dancers on the desk. Bruno is probably wishing some of the guys were up there!

Sports Science comes up - they are going to analyze the athleticism of Edyta and Dmitry. First, it’s strength. They’re wired up and we find out that Dmitry does the splits using 1800 pounds of force and leaps 38 inches vertically. For balance, we see Edyta doing a backbend. 53% of her body weight is distributed outside of her base of support, but her abdominal muscles keep her up. (I’d love to have half of that tone in my abdominal muscles!) Her spins peak at 800 degrees per second, a spin rate faster than the pedals on Lance Armstrong’s bike at top speed! Now it’s precision. We see Edyta and Dmitry staying in sync of each other within 2 milliseconds, and their legs and body angles are off less than 1 degree. Now, this is a filler that I really liked! Very interesting!

After the commercial Melissa Etheridge is back, singing “Come to My Window,” and we’re treated to Edyta and Alec dancing. During the dance, Alec pulls Edyta to him and Edyta’s hair covers Alec’s head...where’d he go? (Heehee)

Brooke interviews the safe couples backstage and asks Maks if he’s going to dodge Len’s wrath by staying covered from now on. Maks deadpans “I will be fully covered.” (If that’s true, they’ll lose at least a quarter of the female audience!) Chad thinks it’s very refreshing to get some love from the judges, and saying it’s nice to hear that their hard work is paying off.

Tom calls Nicole & Derek and Jake & Chelsie down to announce who is safe, and it’s Nicole & Derek. He tells Jake & Chelsie that they will hear their fate ... later. Before we go to break, Tom says they are “in jeopardy.” That’s not what he said - and after the commercial, it’s switched to “one of the four celebrities whose fate still hangs in the balance.” Brooke says she can feels the nervous energy. Niecy says “we love each other not to tell each other the truth.” If anyone has a bad performance, they get cheered as if they were perfect. (I hope everyone used some votes for Niecy, I just love her!)

Another filler segment, listening to the stars talk about what being on the show so far means. Jake says it’s mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging. Nicole is getting hooked and says “it’s all or nothing.” Erin can see the finish line. Chad realizes how absolutely hard it is, and “big time” humbling. Pam says it’s nerve-wracking, but it’s okay to do stuff that you’re not comfortable with. Evan has to try to remember a “game face” isn’t conducive to some of the dances. Niecy thinks elimination nights are the time “when you throw up in your mouth a little bit.” Under the intense pressure, she might bend, “but I’m not gonna break.” No one wants to go home.

Another safe couple is announced. Pamela & Damien! And Damien gets a kiss on the lips from Pamela! There are three couples left - Jake & Chelsie, Evan & Anna, and Niecy & Louie. I don’t want any of them to go home! We’re shown clips of their dances from last night. Oh, c’mon, get it over with already! I feel sorry for the couples standing there, waiting.....Tom says the first couple in the bottom two is Jake & Chelsie. Definitely safe are Evan & Anna - hooray! That leaves Niecy & Louie in the bottom two. Len will miss Niecy’s bubbly personality and her sassy hip action, and Jake’s enthusiasm and will to win. Okay, I’ll sacrifice Jake for Niecy, I like her better! And the voters are with me, it’s Jake & Chelsie. Jake really looks bummed. The ugly girl he picked on the Bachelor looks really bummed too. He thanks everyone who tweeted, Facebooked, voted and kept them as long as they did. He says it’s harder than it looks “up here” and gets blubbery when Tom asks what he wants to say to Chelsie, as he thanks her and calls her a best friend. They show the clip package, and it looks like Brooke is tearing up a bit.

Okay, kids, next week we get the Group Dances and individual dances too. I’m changing the channel to watch the Wings hopefully defeat the Phoenix Coyotes (and that’s LIVE too!)

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