Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Cho Show: Episode 1 – Korean of The Year

At first I was gonna write a synopsis about The Cho Show but I realized several things. This show has so much snark to begin with that you don’t need to read a recap about it. The show is only 30 minutes long and apparently will only last 7 episodes for this season. If this episode is a taste of what will happen in the future I am on board.

This episode we’re basically introduced to her parents, assistant, and gay squad. Her family. It’s equal parts of messed up and loving/concerned. The parents trying to throw hints of a Baby get counterbalanced with Gays fighting over what Margaret should wear. One would think it wouldn’t work, but it does perfectly.

Margaret is awarded the Korean of The Year award, introduced by Mad TV’s Bobby Lee. Bobby points out that he was influenced from the now 39-year old Cho. She finally wins over the Korean community.

There are a few things I was surprised about. I was afraid this show is going to become Margaret Cho: My Life On The C-List and I am happy to see that Margaret is a little more comfortable in the position that she is in, compared to Kathy Griffin. Both are funny, and both shows are different. I am also happy to know that Margaret has connections, whether it is through her Gay Squad or just the support of other Comedians. I would never have expected seeing the winner of season 3 of Project Runway, Jeffrey and I didn’t expect Margaret to rock a very similar dress to one in his line.

I’m probably not going to review the rest of the episodes, but I strongly urge you to watch. This show will get silly and go in such odd directions that you have to.

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