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So You Think You Can Dance Season 4 Finale – “This is worse than a New York Subway!”

The Logo It’s the big night. Already. Wow. We re-welcome the top 20. And they are all paired up how they originally were. Suzie does her spin thingy. Oh Thayne I’ve missed your teeth. I forgot Courtney and Matt existed. Our top four walk out and they don’t really get to do any big dance. Cat wears another fringe obsessive dress. We are going to revisit routines and have random things like the Jonas Brothers. Let’s welcome our “Jidges”.

Mia. Adam. Debbie Allen. Nigel. Mary. Lil C. And the others in the audience. Debbie Allen? She wasn’t a judge this year because of Will. Adam is adding more information about the dance role. He is offering the dance role in the first ever 3D Dance movie. Then I was disappointed to find out that they are going to be in Step It Up 3D. Oh well, a start is a start.

Speaking of start we are given a montage of competitions. People like the brothers, Comfort, the midget guy, Sexy Italians. Then we get to Vegas and show people falling, almost-dying, Comfort Crying. Twitch not wanting to go to the Navy. (That’s an Anti-Army Commercial if I’ve ever seen one) David Cook plays as they show the top 20. There’s a lot of crying. Then we actually get to the show. Amazing dancing, Nigel dancing. Bollywood. This whole thing is giving me ADHD.

We come back with Cat introducing our top 20 dance. Shane Sparks choreographed this one. It’s a Hip-Hop with a little bit of Matrix influences. There’s a handful of pimp shots here and there. Chelsie smiling. Kherington with the smile. Ironically not a lot of Thayne. Jamie being in the front of the guys. What? Gev gets to do a little break. Comfort is in front of the girls and you can catch some bad editing as they go from a close up of Comfort to a wide shot and Comfort is nowhere near her last step. The top four get a little pimping at the end.

We are now at the point where the Judges talk about their favorite routines. Nigel picks Bollywood first. Yay! Katee & Joshua jingle on a little less nervous this time around. It’s still amazing and Josh and Katee are more united this time around. I’m still amazed watching the performance over again. I heart those two.

Mary has chosen the Courtney/Gev Rhumba. Sexy. Mary is a proud mama when it comes to ballroom. I think I would have overlooked this performance because I really wasn’t a believer on Courtney in the beginning. She’s quite stunning dancing and Gev, well he always looks like that. This one is quite beautiful when it comes to the turns and lifts. And Gev splitting into Courtney at the end.

We get the last group of snuggle dances. The silly dances are mixed in with some from the contestants. There was a cute looking puggle too. The happy dance winners get a second of fame.

We’re now at the Robert vs Philip popper battle. Quitting Vs Pneumonia. Okay… I wonder what they had to edit to put this in the finale. I give points automatically for Robert wearing the pac-man shirt. I have a feeling that most of this was choreographed in the background. I really think it’s based on opinions. If you like pterodactyls and pigeons you like Robert. If you like Elongated Man and watching Slinkies walk down the stairs you like Philip. They make fun of each other a little before we got to the judges. Mia is first and she votes for Philip. Adam likes the freaks and voted for Robert. He also beeps himself; freak. Debbie thinks its musicality vs. theatrics and she votes for Robert for his theatrics.Coo
Nigel votes for Robert because he can make fun of Philip. What? Mary votes for Robert and Screams insanely. Lil C finally understands Mary screaming sitting to her right. He says “buck” Mary in the background says it was “Bucker”. Bucker. Now that should be beeped. Rob gets the final vote. Robert thanks everybody, I’m sure that involves God as well.

Adam says his favorite number was from Dave Scott (Pimping out Step It Up Here). The Comfort/Twitch Futuristic one. It’s nice to see they changed Twitch’s outfit to look more like an arrow pointing down. I wonder what happened to the old shirt. There was some awkward camera-ing when it went to a shot of the ledge. The dancing is still good.

Lil C gets to pick a routine. His “favorite piece of art” is the Bleeding Love routine from NappyTabs. Chelsie & Mark are back. Lil C says something actually thought provoking but it went over my head. It’s a little disappointing that they didn’t change Chelsie’s outfit. This one is gut wrenching to me because I feel this performance. I get it! Yay, I love when I understand art. I love the part when Mark rips her heart out.

We go to Mar….she’s not there. That’s because she’s on stage doing a samba. She’s quite leggy. It’s a little disappointing that we won’t see the Katee/Joshua performance, but this actually pretty good. I heard Mary sprained her foot during the performance. I guess Mary has the goods to back up her opinions. Thanks Dmitry. Thanks Fringe.

Mia is up next to pick a routine. She picked the Pas de Deux. Luckily she didn’t pick her own performance. I still wish they would pick better costumes. Katee nails the leg spin tonight. That’s great to see. The whole thing is so much better than the original. Debbie is a proud mother.

Adam has to pick another routine? Okay… Debbie wasn’t really a judge this week. He is picking Sonya and The Garden. I immediately downloaded this song. Courtney & Mark. I get the Mark quirkyness and I like this performance even more now.Courtney's Hands
I love that awkard walk Courtney does over Mark while doing the Zoidberg to her mouth. Wow, I wish they just put all the good performances in one swoop.

Cat has to cut a person already. People shout. Cat announces that Courtney is eliminated. I think we expected that. Courtney isn’t sad, she’s honored. She was a good dancer, it was just a shame that she came from Long Island. We get to watch a clip video and she did really good to maintain talent with humanity. Some random person hands her the huge set of flowers. Courtney thanks everyone and appreciates being a sponge. I love how they call her “Jersey”.

We’re back with Cat and she introduces the Top 5 Guys performing the Nigel Broadway. Luckliy no one is being judged because I think the guys were a little off. But I thank the cameramen for staying on one long shot pretty much the whole time. I love how they all get into the final pose and they are all breathing heavy but they still have to hold their pose.

We introduce the Cirque De Soleil performance that Wade choreographed. Criss Angel: Believe. I’m weirded out already. Homage to the Rabbits. This is freaky. I like all the representation of bunnies on the stage. Especially the French maid. One looks like they came right out of Final Fantasy 9 (Or Tactics Advance). Don’t get me wrong this dance is good and it makes me want to watch Donnie Darko again. Then they do a bunny Thriller. Wow. Wade, your head is more messed up than Mia’s.

We bring back the 3 dancers remaining. Cat reveals the next dancer eliminated is Katee. But even if she had the second amount of votes the producers wanted a Breaker/Hip-hop battle in the end. They go to a shot of the judges and they are all standing. Mia is shocked. My girl! Noooo! It’s okay. She got a lot of great dances. It could have been luck of the draw or that they wanted Joshua to do well in the beginning. After the clip, she’s already in tears. Cat tries to ask her a question and she tries to make something coherent but her tears are really controlling what she said. Cat reveals a surprise. There is a prize for the top girl. She gets $50,000 for being the last lady standing. She is shocked and in tears. She’s so shocked/happy/sad/everything that Cat can’t get a good reaction off of her. She gets even prettier flowers. Mary is cheering on in the judges panel and Nigel turns to her and whispers something to her. Probably about how this was the greatest idea he ever had.

Cat is sitting at the judges panel and loves the power. Debbie explains the whole Will situation and she got to vote. I can imagine her screaming at the TV. Debbie is quite eloquent. Debbie mentions having heart. She has brought people from the Debbie Allen Dance Academy. They dance some tap to Boogie Wonderland. I get it! It’s a scene from Happy Feet! Nigel comes out and dances with the kids. I guess it’s a good thing to prove that he can back up his words as well. They all waddle to the back of the stage. Adam wouldn’t make him pass to Vegas.

Mary picks out her next dance. She calls out the messed up relationships that Mia has been in to get the Twitch/Katee Mercy performance. Ketee doesn’t have much of a beehive this week. It basically fell off that week anyway. I love the door. Door for best inanimate object 2008!

Here’s our final musical guest. The Jonas Brothers. Yawn. I hear one has diabetes.

Some Big guy tries to rap as well. Yep. You still don’t have street cred.

Debbie gets to pick a performance. She calls another boy/girl performance. It’s a Twitchington performance. She channels Lil C a little bit. It’s the Celine Dion performance. Thank God it wasn’t that awful bed performance. I love Kherington’s smile in this performance. I also like how they decided to stay on a very far shot for the lift; it was actually more moving that way. It was like little spirits on an icy stage.

Nigel gets to pick the last routine. Tabitha and Napoleon. They are married? That’s interesting to know. I always thought he was the gay best friend. Heehee. Katee and Joshua perform. I wonder if this is after she was told she lost. I’m sure she’s supporting Joshua though. The crowd cheers as Katee pulls Joshua back up. This performance was better than Bleeding Love because I believe those two. Joshua is all smiles at the end. They hug and you know they are going to stay close friends through the end.

Ooh Flashback from past seasons. Blake is now a judge. People are part of tours. Allison had a baby. Cedric is part of the Debbie Allen Academy.Hot! Donyelle gained a little weight. Neil is still hot. Lacey isn’t as spunky as before. There’s a quick shot of Travis. (PS thanks JustJared for hot pictures of Neil )

There’s a special performance of the alumni. I can’t even remember names and we just saw them. Benji starts off the solos. Where’s Sabra? Dude, she won. Where’s Snow? (Answer: In the little commercial scene thing) I can’t recall anyone else. Then again, next year I’m not going to remember Courtney. Neil is still hot. And I like Dmitry’s hair. The breakers break a little. I remember Hok because of his hair. They bring out the top 20 and they do a little bit of stuff. Until they all pose at the end. Cat says it was “great to see some old faces”. Dear Cat, you weren’t there Season 1. You should have been.

We’re down to Joshua and Twitch. Cat points out that two Street dancers have made it. Twitch is hyperventilating. Cat announces that Joshua wins. Yay! Katee/Joshua for the win! Silver confetti fills the stage. Josh’s dad cries in the audience. Mia cries a little as well. Joshua cries on Cat’s shoulder. Joshua reminds us that God is amazing. Thank you God.

We will be back next year, hopefully I’ll be here with you. Goodnight Cat. As the credits roll Comfort gets a little extra time on screen. And Thayne’s Teeth! Yay! Teeth. Goodnight folks.

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