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So You Think You Can Dance: The Final 4 Perform

There are four contestants left, and Cat is looking stunning with straightened hair. Let’s say hi to our final four. I heard this week that Twitch and Joshua suffered from dehydration this weekend. Cat seems to stretch their names a little bit. Heeeeeeeereeeeee’s Kateeeeeee. Annnnnnnnd Joshua. I guess they have the same amount of time as when they had eight contestants. Cat walks out and wishes the four good luck.

This week everyone will dance with everyone this week. Everyone screams for the Joshua X Twitch combo. Insert the slash fan-fiction here. Mandy Moore is our third guest, unfortunately not the singer but the one nominated for an Emmy. Mary is looking quite good in her sparkles, and no tie for Nigel tonight, just a jacket hanky.

Courtney & Twitch – Hip-Hop

NappyTabs has a “hard” hip-hop. NappyTabs creates a boy vs girl routine. Sounds stereotypical. Courtney storms out as an angry girl. She seems like the type who could take on a guido. The dancing doesn’t seem as clean as I’d like it to be. Instead of being really hard, they slip on parts. It looks like a bad dance you see in a club, although Courtney would never make it in wearing that. Mandy calls it awesome. I want whatever she’s drinking. She compliments their “acting” and she felt the angry girlfriend from Jersey. Mary looks like she could take on a squire with her outfit. She calls it a “knock-out” and “tough”. I must not be seeing the same thing. She lets out an Amazon scream. Nigel probably went deaf. He makes a hit on Mary’s dancing. He attempts to bite her. Nigel points out Twitch’s bad taste in women (see Amy Winehouse inspired Katee), but points a little pit of losing energy.

Solo – Courtney

Cat this week has one on one time with everyone. Courtney describes a stereotypical Long Island girl. I’m not a fan. She had her grandmother with her, pushing herself. She tells herself that “she’s not a great dancer” and it’s nice to see humility. Her boyfriend is around but still maintains chemistry with Gev. Her favorite routine was the Sonja Jazz. I downloaded that song right afterwards. She comes out dancing solo in a shiny yellow dress. She is quite graceful. It is just disappointing that they only have like 30 seconds. Tell the producers to cut out the interview and add more solo. Mandy points out how far she’s gone and reminds her to train further. Mary clearly points out that she is the actual dark horse in the final four. Courtney is brought to tears from the compliments. Nigel is delighted (and a little shocked I’m sure) that she made the top four. Nigel thinks that her future occupation should be a Teacher. She cries even more.

Katee & Joshua – Contemporary

Wade Robson! I’ve missed you! His hair looks normal. What happened to the Guido hair of the early 2000s? Joshua & Katee are quite grateful. Wade describes their performance as love, open and honest. Let’s hope the chemistry is good. John Mayer sets the mood for us. Katee actually looks sad/angry in the first shot. I like the intensity in their dancing, I get it, I see it! They do the weirdest head broom move. It’s funny; I can see a red X marker in tape on the floor. Any who, their dancing shows good emotion and they “forgive” each other in the end. They both look like they are going to cry. Mandy (as always) thanks Wade. She compliments the actual characters and story. I realize that this week the compliments will be the same. Mandy thinks that Katee could have been more technical. What? It looked similar to the preview. Mary also calls the performance “beautiful” and points out that they made it through the fight. Nigel talks about Wade more, pimping Wade’s Vegas show. The performance was “real” to him and so magical. Nigel says Joshua has uncontrollable control. Nigel says the two are the two best dancers he’s seen on the show. It probably is because they were the same couple the whole season and you can see the growth better that way.

Katee & Courtney – Broadway

Tyce… go away already. I’m tired of his choreography and they definitely tapped all his resources. Katee breaks her umbrella in the practice. Katee comes out from the stairs wearing this pink thing, Courtney comes out with a yellow version. As they dance to the front of the stage Tyce and his boyfriend hand him their umbrellas. They aren’t used as much as I thought. They flail around a little and dance in a very saccharine way. They grab their umbrellas and walk to the back. Mandy calls it very “old Hollywood”. I get that. Mary says there was good chemistry. She points out that they were synchronized with the umbrellas. Thinking about it now, they are parasols. Nigel likes girls dancing like girls. Nigel points out that Katee has a little bit more “umph” against Courtney.

Solo – Twitch

Twitch’s name comes out from several inappropriate dancing. Twitch is from Alabama and talks about being picked on. There is a shot of his audition and he had more hair. If he wasn’t there he would be in the military. He discusses Twitchington for a little bit; he was caught off guard loosing Kherington. His favorite dance is the Viennese waltz; the one that made Mary cry. Twitch’s solo is a lot more intense and he’s using a Wade Robson song. Extra points! He uses the little ledge thingy in the front. Overall it was good. Mandy calls him “The Little Engine That Could” and points out his “sparkly eyes”. Mary is speechless. Nigel points out that he left his mark on the show. He is happy watching Twitch’s solos. Nigel loves his humor.

Twitch & Joshua – Russian Trepak

Rivalry? Secretly they have been setting this up just like a David V David. And they do a Trepak. They hype the fighting. Josh’s shoe breaks. Twitch calls responsibility. And they dance to the nutcracker routine. It’s kind of a one on one dance off. I’m not sure about the choreography but I get the Russian-ness. I think Joshua won really. He spins and does high split kick jumps. Everyone is up clapping. Mandy Moore calls it insane and I’m sure this shadows the girls. Twitch got all the floor work. Joshua can jump higher. Maybe they compare *ahem* sizes backstage. Mary is happy to see two hip-hoppers make the finale. She screams. Nigel calls the dance Russian Street Dancing. He’s happy. Twitch points out that his thighs fell off.

Solo – Katee

Katee was one of those types who just pushed slowly, just being happy with making it. Katee’s edit was horrible about quitting. Katee points out that it was hard to go up against a friend. Katee’s favorite routine was her first routine, which was the one that sold me. Cat points out the two sided silly/serious. She’s the type who will enjoy the moment (like Fanny Pak). Katee performs to a personal favorite, Imogen Heap. She brings the speed this week. I like it, she’s spinning and giving emotion; she knows it’s her last performance. Mandy tells her to keep dancing. Mary points out how lucky Katee is getting so many good dances. Nigel points out her character and how she listens to choreographers. Katee is so nervous that she doesn’t know the difference between the numbers one and three. She makes a silly face and fixes her fingers.

Twitch & Katee – Foxtrot

Twitch & Josh fight over Katee. It seems like the foxtrot is a little too intense for twitch. They are expecting elegance and grace. Katee finally gets the man this dance. They dance under the spotlight, and I think Katee’s dress will help cover up any flaws. Katee does a cartwheel in the tress. Whoa. The lift sequence is amazing as well. Quite entertaining. Mandy says it’s romantic. She points out facial expression and sheer lifiting strength. Nigel wants Twitch to say the James Bond phrase. He does it well but with a funny face. Mary points out how gentleman-ly Twitch was in the performance. Mary is blown away yet again. Mary tells Katee “bravo”. Nigel tells Katee that she can do anything. It’s true. Nigel says that in the beginning Twitch was “British”. What? Nigel compliments his strength.

Joshua - Solo

Joshua growing up didn’t have much. He talks about the split in the road between football/track and dance. Looking at the flashback he’s quite a crier. And was paired up with Comfort in the beginning. Cat makes fun of him. He likes the Samba with Katee. I still can’t find that song anywhere. Josh brings us old school from Funkadelic. He does a little bit on the main stage then pimps himself out on the judge’s ledge. Cat laughs after he calls his phone. Mandy points out his “hitting” ability. Mary is happy. Nigel points out how he’s a lack of training dancer and is amazing. He’s the new marker for the untrained.

Courtney & Joshua – Jive

The Jive is a stamina test. Mostly for Courtney because Josh showed a lot of stamina with the Russian one. This one looks intense. I cringed a little when Josh almost kicks Courtney. I don’t get what she’s wearing. The dancing is okay, but because of the speed it just looks a little unpracticed to me. They both seem a little off, or one misses a step at one point. The lifts seem good and the ending was good. Mandy liked the legs and weird lift/turns. Mary points out the fastness. Mary points out the difficulty. She’s thankful. Nigel thanks Jason and points out that they didn’t breathe at the right points. He points out the bounce missing in the steps. Yes, it was tough, but these dancers need to learn.

All Four – Contemporary

This is the final performance of the night and Mia Michaels is choreographing. She’s making them do everything. It’s about everyone having fun. Mia = Crazy. Ooh velvet sheet. This performance is weird as they all dance around making weird shapes and lifts. The boys lift the girls. They spin around and their heads look like they are going to fall off. That’s fun. Mandy is at a loss for words. She points out the “group”-ness of the whole thing. Mary gives Mia a funny face. She thanks Mia. Mary calls Twitch as the star dancer. Courtney didn’t match the lifts. Mary loves Katee. She skips Joshua, but you know what she would say. Nigel goes through all the dancers. The two guys don’t have real training and they are amazing. Nigel says they both deserve to be there. Nigel points out Katee who may have given up, and Courtney who wasn’t supposed to be there. Nigel didn’t get the routine, but congratulates the top four.

So who’s going to win? I don’t know. I think Courtney is going to lose. We’ll find out tomorrow.

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