Monday, August 4, 2008

The Mole Episode 9: Take a Left at Jesus

Last Week: Cameras throw off balance, Words are confusing, Mark shoots people, Paul goes home.

We’re finally down to the final three Nicole, Craig, and Mark. I didn’t expect Nicole to make it this far (if she’s the mole my hat to her, but I really don’t think it’s her) and either she must have been lucky or quite fast on the quizzes.

We’re still in Argentina and the three have a little bit of breakfast. Mark is worried, but really Craig and Nicole have done a lot of missions together. They finish their meal and head to their first game.

“Tick Tock Boom” is the name of the game. There’s money and a bomb. They have to diffuse the bomb. The room is filled with letters, places and times. And the Jon walks away. The game starts with confusion. They find a group of colored wires and a cutter. There are a lot of letters and then blanks. There are an ass load of times and letters. I would go crazy in the room. Craig looks up at some column and they pull the hidden item, a time zone map. This is similar to the Celebrity Mole challenge where they ran around the house and two had to lay on the bed. You know a Cooker. That was amazing. Nicole figured out a few time zones and switched to Mark. He checks a few Nicole did and eventually finish up. They contemplate the letters. Mark says “You know how stupid we’re looking” and truthfully if they don’t solve it, I really hope Jon does. There was also a weird gurgle noise before the commercial hit. I have no clue if that’s a hint or Gollem is going to jump out of my TV. Or the old “Pizza Pizza” mascot-guy. I’m sure it’s an awkward hint, like that baby crying the other week.

We’re back from the commercials and the contestants still have 29 minutes. And apparently they have to solve two more puzzles. They realize that the big clock in the middle points to the letter. Oh okay. They get U I E E. They decide to keep going with the letters and figure it’s more like a Scrabble scramble. Several of the letters are wrong because Nicole misses a few time zones. They think it’s “Clue: Cut _____ ____ Red + Blue. Mark over thinks and tries to get the rest of the letters to make sense. Nicole just calls purple since that’s what red and blue make up. Craig decides to cut the purple one. Nicole confuses her colors a little bit as we go into commercial.

Craig clips the purple wire and nothing happens. Meaning that it didn’t explode. Jon tells the contestants they had 21 seconds left. The contestants all hang out in the hotel and talk about how this last mission was really the only real “espionage” mission.

The contestants are in the Peak House. The last mission is called three to tango. They have to pick a different envelope with different clues and a cell phone is given to them. Like the second season, if they make it to the final destination they could forgo the money and get. Nicole has a clue about raising a flag in Argentina. Mark has to get to “Libertad”. Craig has to find a street named after the sunshine state. He realizes it’s Florida street. He has to find a leather store and wear a jacket. Apparently they have jackets in his size. That’s good to hear; it’s always great to find that perfect jacket.

Mark decides to play the game and talk to locals. He has to go to Plaza Libertad, and take a picture of him as well.

Nicole studies her map and realizes the answer is “Oblisquo”. She has to find a flag and hold it and take a picture with the obelisk.

Craig thinks that he has to find a theater. He calls up Jon and gets his first few guesses rejected. Nicole sent a picture of her with the flag that’s connected to the obelisk. She doesn’t realize that she has to hold the flag.

Mark’s veins look like they will pop as he runs. He’s still lost asking the locals. Learning from The Amazing Race, you really have to use both, or possibly show the map to the local. You can never really rely on one source. (But don’t be like the Cho brothers and stop and ask every five minutes).

Nicole finally realizes that she has to get the Argentina flag. Her second clue involves Dulce de Leche. She sweet talks Jon and he tells her that she has to convince someone to .

Craig lucked out to go to the Tango Porteno Theater. Mark gets a picture with the statue and he has to buy an empanada and take a picture with them. He convinces young teens.

Nicole dances around and tries to convince Jon that a fudge sundae is dulce de leche.

Mark has to find the congress building and take a picture of him a woman.

Nicole lucks out and gets a picture with an old man. Craig lucks out and finds the theatre from a tip from a visitor. “La Boca” is Nicole’s team she has to find the Boca junior stadium and take a picture of her with a team jersey on. Craig has to find Evita’s grave (that was in the Amazing Race) and take a picture of the family name on the grave. I hope he gets the little golf cart. While all the chaos is happening, Mark finds the government building and takes a picture with a woman.

Jon sends a picture of the Bridge to Craig and Mark around the same time. Craig wanted to go to that bridge since they got there. Both Craig and Mark run to the bridge.

Nicole is still lost as the two men run to the bridge. Mark jogs the whole way almost getting hit by cars and motorbikes the whole time. He makes it there and Jon walks him to the case. He is first. Mark is deeply contemplating but Jon gives time for the two contestants. Craig shows up and Jon sends a car for Nicole who probably was still going to get a tan.

Mark comes to a decision and decides to take the dossier. Craig and Nicole walk away as Mark reads the information. Craig looks warily and Nicole chit-chats with Jon. I could have sworn I saw a reflection of paper that said “Craig” on the top.

Jon rounds the prize number to $420,000. 420. Sicko. They have dinner and they talk about their experiences and how it’s changed them. You know, killer fatigue, conquering fears, and missing family. Jon tells the group that the quiz is now 20 questions. Nicole points out that she clicks fast. Mark has to use accuracy and talks about how he has to pick the right person. Wait a second…Doesn’t he know who mole is? What was in the dossier?

We come out of the commercials and the three are talking about the quiz. Nicole calls herself a “renaissance woman”. Okay…

We’re at the quiz, which covers the whole trip. We have some standard questions, some old questions, and some current ones. Nicole and Craig helped with the slingshot with the pig. Craig added no money to the luge. I think all three sat in the back in the luge too. There a few Midas Rush questions as well. A lot of “where was the mole standing”. Grapes of Cache questions. Swing Out questions. Ah, some current questions. Ah! Not another “where were they standing” questions! And in the three to tango there was another “where were they standing” question. Note to self, remember positioning. We end with the classic question of “Who is the mole?” My opinion? I just hope that Mark loses.

Next week: The reunion. We look at hidden clues. And who is the mole?

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