Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Opinion Corner: America’s Best Dance Crew

Can Fanny Pak win?

By: Paz

In a short succinct answer: Yes.

There are a lot of factors that Fanny Pak has. Firstly, any crew that MTV’s producers technically have a chance of winning. They had a one in ten chance from the get go. Now it’s one in three. Here are several factors that need to go in Fanny Pak’s direction.

+ Don’t act like the JabbaWockeeZ. I think sheer difference should play a factor for Fanny Pak. It would seem more likely for MTV to have a tour of these dancers that would be a little more ranged. Especially knowing the two crews that are touring from the first season are Jabba and Break Sk8 MTV would probably like to round that out with Fanny Pak and possibly So Real Cru.

+ Knock out similar acts. With SassX7, Distorted X, and A.S.S.I.D out of the way, I’m sure fans of those crews would probably support the crew most similar. I think Fanny Pak knocking out Distorted X in the first week was one of the best things to happen for them. They broke away from the muddle of dancers early on and probably got any of the voters who voted for Distorted X. So Real Cru is the only group left with similarities and they have never been in the bottom 2. Now would be a good time.

- Have one break team knock out similar acts. With this season I got quite confused on which break team was which. Especially with the mass amount of S’s in crew’s names. Although this is technically a disadvantage in the long run (the rule of sheer difference between…for example Fanny Pak, Super Cr3w, and Boogie Bots would lead to a final two of Fanny Pak and a break team) I think that Super Cr3w taking out Boogie Bots and other break crews have made it easier for Fanny Pak to move a step closer. They, like Fanny Pak, have landed in the bottom 2 twice.

+ Land on the top in the top three. If they get enough votes they automatically move to the top two. Technically. I still think that the producers picks one of the safe crews either voted as top vote getter or second as a way to create drama. Last season there was no way that Status Quo was ranked one. Getting to the point, with a very strong performance in the Missy Elliot challenge, they should be safe.

+ Get a music mix from the producers that actually works. I think this week getting a favorite like Vanilla Ice, I think they’ll be just fine.

+ Break the stigma of “crew”. My problem with the show is that “crew” has a connotation to it. Something more “urban” and “street” like hip-hop is the first thing that pops into my head. Fanny Pak is quite pop, electric pop to be more specific. If they did a dance on So You Think You Can Dance, it would probably fall under the category of Jazz. As long as America keeps voting for them and they gain the acceptance from many hip-hop viewers they can succeed.

+ Have Fun. The best part about this crew is that they are friends. I think they were only there really to showcase their stuff and don’t expect to win. Each week they come out and have fun, something the very stressed out Boogie Bots lacked. Even if they lose, I can guarantee that they had fun.

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