Monday, August 11, 2008

The Mole Finale

Tonight we find out who is the mole as I resist trying to watch the amazing Michael Phelps at the Olympics. We are treated with a clip show of challenges. Remember that time they went from point A to point B in a set amount of time? Or how about that time they had to go to point A to point B, but had to bring an item within a set amount of time? I’m happy they gave this series a second chance, but I really wished they did more espionage-like games. The last episode was light-years better and I’m not sure whether it was because Paul was gone or that the challenges were better.

Hello Jon Kelly. Yay the closets return! 12 Weeks have passed and I guess it must be tough to take a test and have months pass to find out the results.

We take a look at the mole-ish behavior. Nicole with her green apples; she can’t count! Craig talks; Llama suits! Mark gets exemptions; lack of clothing! The contestants wait in their closets as we go in commercial. Is there any way we can keep them there?

We get to take a look at Bobby. He’s apparently a big fan. Like Kathy Griffin. His audition video showed his running abilities. Bobby then dies on the show. I wonder if his ribs hurt him when he sleeps on his side. In his interviews he got medications and continues to complain a little.

Okay here’s the meat of the show. $420,000. We’re opening the winner’s door first. As Jon slides the little card keys through the slots. The door opens and Mark is the winner. He is happy and his family will be as well. Mark gets the mole’s card key and puts it in the mole’s door. I miss the traditional keys and the hand scanners. The door swings open and reveals a commercial.

It’s Craig. Ah, can we keep Nicole in the closet through the whole time? Oh well, Jon opens the door for her. We watch a video of her being a bitch. Paul & Nicole argue and play the same game. They argue some more. Paul tries throwing suspicion towards Nicole. We get another shot of Bobby in the wheelbarrow. Bobby thought Paul was the mole. Nicole moved to Victoria and got past. She then played the split decisions game. Luckily she landed to Craig. Her mother calling her Omarosa. Nicole tied Paul and beat him by 4 seconds. Poor girl. I kind of liked her in the long run. Paul is hurt learning about the 4 seconds. Ali gets a few seconds to say something to the camera.

We’re going to take a look how Mark won. He’s a family man and is expecting another kid. Mark decided to trust Clay. They thought Victoria was the mole. Victoria, Alex, and Mark tied and lucked out after Victoria slipped a question, damn. I liked her too. Mark goes crazy. He then calms down, calling himself a putz. Mark and Clay targeted Kristen and tied with her. Alex targeting Nicole saved them an episode. Clay got executed after he picked Nicole. Mark got re-energized from his wife and got an exemption at the end. Luckily, he trusted Clay. I don’t see why they don’t mention the briefcase. They talk about the final quiz and Nicole talks about how there wasn’t information. The dossier actually only had one answer, interesting. Nicole got 13/20 and Mark got 17/20. Craig let him believe that he was friends with Mark so he didn’t expect it. Victoria was gut-punched and she could have tied and four people picked Victoria that night too.

Craig sabotages video. He wanted to be the loveable teddy bear. The unsuccessful mole try-er. Craig covered up sand and stuff. Craig scores for his team. And Ali thought it was okay. Craig was the reason why Bobby was in the wheelbarrow. Craig talked to Victoria and the other contestants thought it was Victoria. Craig totally put people on the funny outfits in the sabotage; they thought it was Mark with his complaining. Craig got Nicole to talk in the odd camera challenge. Craig got shot. He guided the people to win in the last challenge. It’s said that he sabotaged apparently $100,000. Craig is happy being the mole. Mark talks about how Craig had a good time and that was a good way of covering the mole. Jon talks to Victoria again. What? She applauds him. Craig really kind of died on the Midas Rush mission. Jon asked Marcie what she thought and it really was too early to make a decision.

We get to take a look at hidden clues. Week 1: Craig held the mole clues. Week 2: Not ALI. Week 3: Told the final three’s area codes. Week 4: Audio Clues, school bell, baby cry, and Craig’s laugh. Week 5: Craig clue: CRG. Week 6: All clues mentioned before, along with the latitude/longitude of Craig. Week 6: Clay’s clue with I’s. Craig wears Glasses. Week 7: Red Tie. Week 8: Craig’s name was never called. Week 9: That damned garbled noise.

There is one more surprise. They bring out Mark’s wife and he tells her that he won and he wants her to become a housewife. I know that that is a good thing, but it almost comes off as a chauvinistic pig. Congrats Mark.

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