Monday, December 8, 2008

Scream Queens Episode 8

It’s finally the last episode, there has been a lot of stress but there are only three remaining: Tanedra, who suffers from inexperience, Lindsay, who lacks security, and Michelle, who may lack talent.

Tanedra starts freaking out because she got her first critique on the second to last episode. Lindsay points out that she got chopped all the time. They are all focused on winning at this point, especially Michelle who is excited to see the other two break down.

The girls return to the place that they jumped out the window. Shawnee explains the biggest test: The Gauntlet. It’s one long continuous chase scene. The girl starts off as the hunted and becomes the hunter. The girls go through the whole scene: the girl’s best friend gets killed, she gets chased, there are doors, and shovels. Tanedra attempts a kick in practice and she slips and falls on her bum. She is reminded to slow down and use her energy. She gets frustrated and Lindsay really thinks Tanedra has no chance. Michelle just wants her to get over it.

Lindsay goes through the first run-through and she’s a little worried. In her first take, she knocks down the door completely leaving some awkward time when she didn’t know what to do. She misses the kick. James tells her that she may be over thinking the marks. He wants her to be more intense. Her second time, she mimes opening the window, but the rest is more believable.

Michelle goes second and her heart is pounding. In her first take, she got really over the top. Her adrenaline comes off as weird. James tells her that she is taken over by her emotions. She puts everything together the second time, and although it’s still a little over the top, it’s better.

Tanedra is nervous about her criticism of James. Action is called but Tanedra didn’t know when to start. After the next action call, Tanedra makes it into the bedroom. She then doesn’t react fast enough and the guy gets her. That’s how it would be in real life. She continues to stumble a little bit. She talks to James and he reassures her that it’s all about her and the camera. Her next take was great and they find it believable. They point out that her beginning was rocky.

Shawnee tells the girls that one of them is getting the axe. Each girl interviews about being nervous about the whole thing. James reminds them that they have to kick ass all the way through. Shawnee cuts Lindsay. They say she’s good, but not Scream Queen material. She is disappointed, but she knows that she grew. Michelle is excited and Tanedra is in tears. They have a scream fest in happiness.

It’s the next morning and there is a knock at the door and a chauffeur and a limo and the girls are taken to Lions Gate Studios. They walk past some Saw posters. They walk into a theater and watch a short video. Jigsaw tells them that there is one final scene. They have to redo a scene from the third Saw. Jason Constantine and Mark Burg greet the girls. They want to make sure that the girls stand out and do their best. They get their scripts in the limo.

There is one more class with John. John tells them to make sure that they do the final dig correctly. He tells them that it’s a one-on-one class. Tanedra is first and while she practices, John continuously screams “BANG!” to keep her focused. Tanedra loses her focus and John tries to get the urgency correctly emoted. Michelle, although intimidated, tried her best. She gets really aggressive and he stops her. He sits her down and tells her not to half-ass her performance. She tries again and John pushes her over and over. He breaks her. John tells the two that they have to bring the right emotions and look professional. He wishes them the best and they mysteriously make it to a top of an apartment. The two girls flashback about their evolutions from the past few weeks set to stereotypical VH1 artist of the moment. They do the stereotypical montage of the hard work that they’ve gone through.

It’s the last morning and each girl talks about why they deserve to win. It’s the same thing we’ve heard for weeks. James greets them and tells them that they will be performing mostly by themselves and they speak to a speaker. Tanedra is first and although she’s nervous, she brings everything she has. After the first take, Tanedra absorbs all the criticism. The second take she’s crying and more emotional. James tells her not to be too angry, because Jigsaw would kill her if she was too emotional. She screams, but James tells her to tone it down. After the take, James makes her try a whole scene sitting until the family reveal. James cuts for the day and hugs Tanedra. She is in tears because she is proud of herself.

Michelle talks about proving that she isn’t just a pretty face. James tells her that they will go back and forth between takes. After her first take, James makes her mess up her mascara and hair. James pushes her to maintain her emotions at the first scene. She gets back to the floor and is in tears the whole time. She gets emotional at the right times. James thanks her for her take. After the performance she is in tears because she related the whole experience with her family.

The two girls prepare for the final judging. They arrive and Shawnee greets them. They have decided to go through all their scenes. Mark Burg is the guest judge. It’s final judgment. James thought that she was terrible in the first day, but she has gotten better the whole time. John thinks that at the morgue he saw the potential. Shawnee points out her sexuality and innocence. James likes her emotional core. She is still called out for being inconsistent. Tanedra gets the positive of being real; she was also very comfortable on set. John liked the nuances. James criticizes her about how she separates herself from the criticism. Tanedra cries because she was embarrassed for the criticism. James tells her to note it and move on. Shawnee thinks that she may not be dynamic.

Mark thanks the two girls and tells them that only one person broke out. Shawnee announces the winner is Tanedra. She is in tears and hugs Michelle. Shawnee thanks Michelle and she leaves. Tanedra gets weak in the knees and cries. She gets the power and stands up. She is the Scream Queen.

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