Sunday, December 14, 2008

Survivor Gabon: Finale Part 1/2

Throughout the whole season we had a lot of hot air. Marcus thought he and his onion friends could win. Ace thought he could manipulate Sugar. Kenny thought he was the mastermind of the whole show. Even Corrine, Marcus, and Charlie were asses to Crystal while she was at Ponderosa for no reason. It’s a game. Corrine slams doors. Charlie admitted to only following his “friends” so that he wouldn’t be outcasted if he talked to Crystal.

And we have our final five: Kenny, Matty, Susie, Bob, and Sugar. Three original Fang members plus one that came along after the first swap have made it through the ending through a lot of luck and an small percentage of skills. At one point or another each of them made a dumb mistake. I don’t think any contestants were aware of Matty’s trust fund, but if he didn’t squander it he wouldn’t be here. Sugar is too emotional at points and sways like the wind. Susie pissed off Corrine and then mysteriously disappeared for the rest of the season. Bob made fake idols and faked out his onion friends. And Kenny? Well, his downfall was when he thought he was a good player.

The contestants return and Sugar pats herself on the back. Kenny is now by himself and Sugar is the happiest for how everything turned out. Bob tells Kenny to get his own idol. Sugar talks to Bob about playing dumb with the two. Sugar is convinced that she needs to sway Ken back. As they walk to tree mail, they talk about who will win immunity and who will be out. Ken somehow is swayed, even though he knows that there may be a chance to blindside. The contestants all get a unique color and they get to decorate themselves. Susie actually gets a sort of edit this episode.

The contestants arrive each representing their colors. Matty in yellow is a little embarrassed for looking like he is. Jeff calls Bob a village person. The immunity challenge is a wall, planks, a maze with puzzle pieces, and a platform to solve the puzzle. As the contestants start, Susie is out first, quickly followed by Bob and Ken. Each contestant runs around the platform, and Matty falls off. Sugar follows Susie, Ken follows Sugar. There is a gate with knots. Sugar and Susie unknot, followed by Bob, Ken and Matty. In the maze everyone grabs pieces and runs. Matty is first with a bag, but everyone else also has some pieces. Bob looks winded after hauling his bags. Sugar gets her last bag of puzzle pieces before everyone. Bob is next, followed by Matty and Ken. Bob quickly catches up to Sugar and eventually beats her. Susie is still lost in the maze. Susie acting like a zombie last week, followed by this? Amazing, Susie. She contemplates how anyone could beat ultimate-mega-wizard Bob. Almost a third place edit right there.

Ken lays around, confident that Susie will be going first. Matty tells Kenny that Susie may still scramble. He doesn’t know. Susie is worried because Matty hasn’t said anything. Matty dodges questions and tells her to go with her gut. Matty and Sugar discuss the final two. Sugar and Matty agree to get rid of Susie. Bob and Sugar discuss getting rid of who.

The jury welcomes the five remaining contestants. Bob talks about how he has tied for consecutive wins, he makes sure that he has to win. Matty is jealous. Ken talks about how he’s not like Bob. Susie is very concerned that she’ll go home because she flies under the radar. The onions laugh at her at the sidelines. Ken admits that he did some tribal healing. Ken didn’t realize that Bob wanted trust. Ken tries his best to weave a tale of trust. Bob keeps his idol.

Susie votes Ken in fear that she’ll be blindsided. Ken votes Susie. Jeff reads the votes: Kenny, Susie, Kenny, Kenny. Somehow the onions applaud. Hah, he’ll still make more money. He sounds gracious for playing the game and not as sour grapes as the onion alliance.

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