Thursday, December 11, 2008

Survivor Gabon: Episode 13 Recap

Last Week: Bob and Corrine thought of getting rid of Matty with a fake idol. Kenny got cornered after giving a vote to Matty, but Corrine went home anyway.

The tribe comes back and Matty corners Kenny. Kenny knew that he needed some votes from the jury. Sugar reminds Kenny and Crystal that she would vote for Matty. Crystal regrets voting off Corrine now. If they voted off Matty, the drama that ensued would have never happened. Kenny corners Bob about the fake idol and Bob feels guilty. Bob then offers to give the immunity necklace if he wins immunity. He wants to be a man of his word.

At the reward challenge, the tribe walks into an obstacle course race, there is a little bit of basketball involved as well. The reward is a trip to a gorilla sanctuary with a good meal, shower, and bed. As the contestants run, Matty gets a lot of lead but Kenny gets through first. Matty unknots the ball, followed by Kenny and Bob. Most struggle with getting the ball into the net; Matty, Kenny, and Bob get through in the same order that they get in. All the girls struggle making a basket. Bob takes his time as Matty gets his in. Bob gets his second one in, quickly followed by Bob. Matty gets back first and tries to make baskets. Bob and Kenny get back and attempt shots as well. After a lot of missed baskets, Bob wins. None of the girls ever made a basket. Crystal attempts a slam dunk and misses. Hah. Bob gets to choose one person to go with him and he picks Crystal and Kenny. Bob decides to send Susie to exile. Matty decides to use this one on one time with Sugar to try to sway her. If he was smart, he would have sent Sugar to exile.

Bob, Crystal, and Kenny get a wonderful helicopter ride and arrive to some drinks, fruit, and some deli meats and cheeses. Bob thanks the two and they cheer. They discuss getting rid of Matty. Bob may have won Crystal and Kenny because he has integrity. Kenny tries to weasel his way into getting the idol whenever he feels vulnerable. The three walk into the showers and emerge in some African outfits. The three talk about the gorilla project “Africa’s Eden” and discuss about how the gorillas get poached and the babies are alone. Cross-promotion talk. Yeah, it’s cool and all, but a little annoying that it was placed during the show. The three walk around so that the gorillas could get comfortable. The biggest gorilla connected with Bob and their souls connected for a moment.

Over at the Sugar Shack, Susie quickly went to the shack and had some food. She quickly consumes cantaloupe and gets some time to lie around and not play the game. She contemplates calling it the “Susie Shack.”

Matty is upset about Kenny and Crystal and voices his concern towards Sugar. He starts to flip-out and tries to convince Sugar to swap her alliances. Sugar is more concerned for Matty being the physical threat. Matty wants to get Sugar to give the hidden idol to Sugar. She reminds the audience that it only lasts for one more council.

The three return from their challenges and Sugar wants to know everything. Matty is upset about Kenny and Crystal. Kenny talks to Matty about getting a vote from him. Crystal chimes in that she’s gotten eight votes; Kenny has gotten seven votes. (Edit: I looked it up afterwards and Crystal [not counting this episode] had seven votes; Ken had three) Crystal talks to Matty about trying to getting to the final four, she talks about how he changed his vote by aligning with Susie. Sugar is confused by how Matty is being confronted by Crystal and Kenny. She cries in interview. Sugar talks to Matty about how they don’t have integrity. She decides to give the idea that Susie, Bob, Matty, and Sugar will vote off Crystal and then Kenny.

At the immunity challenge, the tribe reunites with Susie. The immunity challenge is a puzzle/obstacle course. The twist? The contestants are blindfolded. As the game starts Crystal didn’t even reach the table. Matty is out first, followed by Kenny, Sugar, and Bob. Matty goes back to try getting all of his pieces. The rest try to get the pieces first. Crystal goes out of bounds and stays in the wrong lane. Matty gets all of his pieces and starts to work. Bob gets his second bag and Crystal finally arrives in the post. Bob goes back for his third bag, and Susie walks off the course. Matty goes back to check his mask. Bob tries his solution and it’s wrong. Kenny and Bob continue trying. Susie isn’t even on course. Kenny is wrong and decides to go back to try. Bob solves the puzzle and wins his fourth immunity. He smiles that he’s old and still an immunity winner.

The tribe returns to Nobag and Kenny and Crystal quickly discuss possibly getting rid of Bob. He’s becoming too much of a threat for her tastes. Crystal is a little upset but okay with losing. He tries to get the idol but Bob decides to have a group meeting sooner or later. Crystal tries to talk to the other members about the Bob/idol decision. Sugar is a little upset. She decides to talk to Bob about the whole situation; she mentions how Bob would be blindsided. He’s confused and asks what Susie is looking at. No one knows. Bob is still confused and Sugar attempts to cry in front of him. She mentions how “good guys” should win in the end. Sugar comes back with branches and tries to convince the rest that he will give the idol. She talks to Matty to continue to play the idol. This is Sugar’s last day to use the idol so she will use it. I still hope that Susie votes randomly for Matty to get rid of him.

The tribe arrives back at tribal and Randy arrives in a Mohawk. Jeff starts off by confronting Bob by being a physical threat. Kenny is amazed by the smarts and strength of Bob. Matty is happier that Bob is the winner. Susie coming back from exile is confused a little bit. Kenny decides to try telling the truth about Bob’s promise. Bob agrees about the situation and the onions over by jury cock their heads. Sugar makes funny faces in response. Crystal talks about how she’s such a loser at challenges and is happy that Bob picked her. Jeff probes Matty about the Kenny/Crystal alliance talking to Bob. Kenny tries using his flopping as leverage somewhat successfully. Tonight is the last night for the hidden immunity idol. Sugar wears it around her neck. Bob laughs about not making it. Bob decides not to give the idol. Crystal votes first and she votes Matty. Matty votes Crystal. Sugar votes for Crystal.

Jeff asks about the hidden immunity idol and Sugar decides to give the idol to Matty. The onions smirk in glee. This is the real idol and all of Matty’s votes get negated. The votes are: Matty, Matty, Crystal, Crystal, and Crystal. Corrine fist-pumps that Crystal is going home. Why? Now she will have to annoy the onions.

Crystal talks about how she tried to be honorable and good in her confessional. She roots for Kenny. Well, if he makes it to the final, then he’s got 2 votes from Corrine and Crystal.

Next Sunday: The final five make it to the final episode. Who will win?

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