Sunday, December 14, 2008

Survivor Gabon: Finale Part 2/2

It’s day 38 at Nobag and we get butterflies and discussions. Matty talks to Susie about being nervous. She’s worried about the immunity challenge and losing. If she wins, she’d get rid of Bob. She’s upset that Bob and Sugar are so confident. Sugar and Bob come back and Matty reads the mail, it’s the fallen comrades walk. They instead of burning the torches, burn the masks. That’s probably the torches are on eBay. We continue to wonder who Michelle, Gillian, Paloma, or Jacquie are. GC was that quitter guy. Kelly was another Fang casualty. Ace planned too much and that’s why he went home. Dan was too paranoid about the game. Then there were the onions: Marcus, Charlie, Corrine, and Randy. They each get edits that made them look nice, but they were asses in the edits and exit-interviews. Crystal is humbled. Ken was a sweet kid who grew up. There is a tribe who play for the contestants as they arrive. The contestants slowly burn each of the masks. They all hold hands and Sugar cries.

The contestants arrive at the final immunity challenge. This challenge is a house of cards challenge. They have to have a tower that is ten feet tall. What happened to the endurance challenges? After thirty minutes, if no one makes it to the ten foot marker, then the person with the highest tower wins. Matty attempts triangles as well as Sugar. As Sugar gets to the top, Susie’s house collapses. Sugar’s whole thing topples. Bob can’t seem to get the numbers right. Sugar attempts another thin house and it topples. Susie topples again. Bob loses everything as well. Bob can’t make it up three feet. Physics teachers. Sugar’s tower wobbles as Susie speeds up. Matty is behind Susie. Sugar can’t get any higher. Susie decides to stop at eight feet. With thirty seconds Susie waits for Matty and Sugar. Bob loses his tower. Sugar loses her tower. Matty is too slow and Susie wins the final immunity. She wins the first and last immunity challenges. Sugar feels blindsided by the fact that she underestimated Susie.

Everyone returns and Susie talks about how she was going to go home. Everyone seems emotional about the whole thing. Sugar cries that they have to get rid of Bob. Matty knows that he has to get rid of Bob as well. Susie’s so excited and can’t stop talking about it. She asks Bob if he would get jury votes. Bob tells her that there is no reason. Susie tries to talk to the rest about the whole thing. Bob snaps at her and she’s ready to get rid of him. Sugar and Matty tell her to shut up. Sugar thinks of forcing a tie, trying to give Bob a second shot because he’s become a father to her. Bob goes out into the woods and decides to practice making a fire in hopes that the tie-breaker is a fire building challenge.

The four arrive at tribal and the jury show up. Ken looks so much younger without a beard. Susie is pleased and proud. Bob feels vulnerable and uncomfortable. People like Bob. Bob is worried about scrambling with three contestants. Matty scrambled in his head instead of talking to everyone. Matty was happy for Sugar saving him, but is worried about stabbing someone he trusts. Crystal is emotional. Sugar gets emotional equating Matty as her brother and Bob as her father. Bob and Matty are proud to be mentioned in that way. Bob chokes exclaiming how he’s a good father because his father was a good father.

Matty is up to vote and he votes for “Runaround Bob.” Susie’s vote is kept a mystery. Bob votes for Matty. Sugar is also a mystery. Jeff reads the votes: Bob, Bob, Matty, and Matty. Sugar forced a tie. Jeff announces a fire making challenge. Ironically, Susie’s original individual immunity win.

Jeff gives the go and Bob starts first with the flint. Matty has a husk with the magnesium. There are a lot of sparks from Matty, but Bob gets the fire first. There is a lot of wind hindering Bob. Bob loses his flame. Bob continues to blow the fire back and succeeds. Matty gets nothing as Bob gets a good fire going and burns through the rope. Matty cries about the whole situation, he grew up and loved it.

It’s finally Day 39 at Nobag and we get every animal shot possible. They finally notch down the 39th notch. The three go to the mail and there’s food. They had a nice brunch. Sugar is nervous because she voted off everyone except for Marcus.

Bob and Susie fill up one hut with everything flammable. He grabs his torch and each contestant holds on to the torch and starts burning everything. The thing burned down faster than the three expected. They grab their torches and head to tribal council.

Kenny wants the truth and sounds a little sour from the Bob situation. Randy hates all three. Corrine decides to be a bitch tonight. I’m a little disappointed that we don’t get to hear the rest of the jury thoughts.

The three arrive and the full jury show up. Again, Matty looks years younger than ever without a beard. The power shifts and the three start with opening remarks. Susie starts off explaining how it was to try and she wants to succeed in trying. She’s learned to stand up for herself. Bob played with his heart and personality. He knows that he outlasted the three, but unsure of whether he outwitted or outplayed. Sugar talks about how she played a great social game. She thanks her immunity necklace. She points out how she was a free agent and her only alliance was with Bob (stunning Matty).

Charlie goes first and asks the girls about the ranking back in the day. They were the worst on the poles. He wants to know why everyone should vote for her. Susie thinks she was underestimated. Sugar thinks that Charlie shouldn’t vote for him. He asks Bob whether or not his cuddling with Charlie was better. Bob liked it and Charlie smiles.

Crystal commends Susie from coattail riding. Bob was controlled by Sugar and Bob admits to riding coattails. Crystal wants to know why Sugar voted her out. She talked about bullying Matty and she shouldn’t have been mean.

Kenny asks Susie why she deserved the vote. Susie plays the underdog card. Ken asks Sugar why he backstabbed her. Sugar thought that Ken was a bigger threat. Ken asks Bob about the whole immunity necklace fiasco. Bob tells him that Ken was going to vote him out. And he responds by saying that Bob’s answer was the wrong answer.

Corrine asks Susie if she will get her vocal chords removed. She asks Bob to be nasty. Bob talks about how Sugar laughed at Randy. Sugar is called unemployed, maybe she needed antidepressants and bashes her dead father. (What a bitch. You can call people names and everything, but when you start to bash dead people that you don’t even know? That’s just disrespectful and in bad taste. You don’t know the man Corrine)

Marcus mentions his health problems. He calls Susie not a positive role model. He mentions how they both lose their loved ones, if Sugar won she would give some money for lung cancer. Marcus asks Bob for one example to be responsible. Bob doesn’t think that there needed to be a time to be responsible for the whole season.

Randy wanted Susie to elaborate on why he’s sad. Susie wanted to just understand her better. Sugar laughed at Randy, he wants to know why. She calls him a jerk the whole time. Bob is called out for his idol. Bob tries to call it strategic and Bob was pissed off at Sugar for laughing.

Matty is last. He asks Susie why the other two are less deserving. Susie was disgusted by Sugars laughing at Randy. Susie was angry at Bob for snapping at her win. Matty asks Sugar to reveal something evil. She points out breaking Kenny’s heart. She starts to tear up. He asks Bob why the other two contestants are more deserving. Bob says that neither are deserving and this gives Matty an eyebrow raise.

It’s time to vote and Marcus is first and his vote is a mystery. Matty voted for Susie because they are friends. Corrine voted for Bob. Randy tells the three to kiss his ass. Nice. Ken is confused and paces. Jeff gets the votes. Of course we get the wonderful information that they have to wait for the reading. This season Jeff gets the weird TV-transition where he walks around a hut and he’s in the auditorium to read the votes.

The three contestants all look great. Bob like a real teacher, Susie like a nice mother, and Sugar like a 40s star. Jeff reads the votes: Bob, Susie, Susie, Sue, Bob, Bob, and the final vote is Bob. He runs to his wife and family and they embrace. In the background Randy says kiss my ass. There is five seconds of "too late" silence. The rest applaud and the other contestants rush out.

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