Monday, December 1, 2008

Scream Queens – Episode 7 Recap

Tanedra and Michelle find that Jessica is gone. Michelle was excited for being leading lady and Angela is pissed that Michelle won. Lindsay is in tears about her criticism and cries by herself by the hot tub.

Another day goes by and the girls get a skills test. Shawnee Smith gives them their challenge. It’s a Blair Witch competition about having the ability to be a leading lady. Each of the girls get a scenario. Michelle is under the bed in tears because mutants have killed her family. Angela is in a forest and aliens are following her. Lindsay gets the scenario that she was kidnapped and locked in a cabin. Out of the three, I find her performance to be the most convincing. Tanedra is about to die from a virus. After the challenge, the girls get to watch their own performances and they are all impressed about their own work. Shawnee is impressed by the four, but the winner is Lindsay.

Back in the house Angela is upset that she’s not appreciated by the judges. The next teach with John continues the solo theme by having a creepy ventriloquist dummy. He apparently kidnapped their family. John wants to make sure that they don’t act, but be real in the camera. He wants to do this as a lightning round, like a casting call where each girl only gets 15 seconds. Lindsay messes up. John calls out Michelle for screaming. Angela is not realistic. Tanedra is not believable. John tells the girls to make the dummy a real person. Tanedra channels her family members. Lindsay is next and John tells her to use her eyes. Michelle goes next, and she curses up a storm and cries; John congratulates her for doing better. I still think that she overacts sometimes. John keeps telling Angela that she keeps acting; when she cries it gets more connecting. John tries to talk to the girls, but Angela starts breaking down. She asks John why she wasn’t last week’s leading lady. John tells her that she should suck it up; actors should learn rejection.

Back at the house, Angela is in tears under the covers. Michelle tells her that it’s all about bringing it every time there is a camera in front of the contestants. Tanedra walks past a mirror with a message on it. As they look at the items in front of a mirror, the girls are shocked by a monster who pops up on the other side of the mirror. He gives them a message that there are scripts in the bedroom. Lindsay and Michelle talk in the hot tub. Lindsay wants her to be more humble, but Michelle isn’t having any of it.

The director’s challenge is a mirror challenge. There is a good vs. evil situation using a green screen. Lindsay’s heads up is to choose to go first or last and she picks last. Tanedra is first and is excited to work with green screen. James tells her after the first take to be more connecting. Michelle watched Tanedra’s work in the back and is disappointed. James tells her to try differentiating the two characters. After her last take, she is disappointed. Michelle starts off a little meek, but easily picks up and creates two different characters. She is confident about her work. Angela doesn’t really connect as the good character; James gives her some tips. They try again and she still is holding something back. James keeps telling her to be more convincing and vulnerable. Michelle was laughing in the back. Lindsay is last. James tells her to connect with the scenario more and James is impressed after her last take. James tells the four girls that there will be no list this week because all the girls are going to judging.

Michelle and Angela talk to each other about the judgment. They are both nervous because the next step if they make it past this week is to go to meet the Saw producers. Tanedra knows she has what it takes. The clock strikes and the girls are at judgment. Lindsay goes first and is praised by James. She wasn’t scared and she actually had fun. Shawnee is also impressed. Michelle is complimented for her choices that she made, but then she goes too far. John tells her that she was good at the teach, but not great. Angela was not the strongest to James because her good side was not strong enough. She needs to trust more in her vulnerable. John brings up the whole leading lady situation. The three tell her that rejection is commonplace in the acting career. Tanedra is told that her performance flat lined during the challenge. James is worried that she might be getting boring. John thinks maybe that she’s given all she has and there’s nothing left.

Shawnee tells Lindsay that she is this weeks leading lady. Angela and Tanedra are the bottom two: Tanedra because she was boring, but Angela gets the axe really for not being able to handle rejection. Shawnee tells the remaining girls that there is a “Scream Queen Gauntlet” that culminates the whole season of teaching.

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my favourite series has been 7, it just gets better and better

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