Thursday, December 4, 2008

Survivor Episode 12: Recap

Last Week: Randy used an idol that wasn’t actually an immunity idol. But before that, Marcus threw out an idol.

As the remaining seven return from tribal council, the group discuss the vote off. Bob is upset that everyone, especially Sugar, was laughing so hard. Sugar is not upset because Randy deserved everything that came to him. Corrine has yet another bitch-fest, aimed right at Sugar. Sugar calls her out for actually playing the game. Corrine goes as far as calling the rest of the tribe “mutants” and not being able to stand any of them. The episode must have been jam packed because the opening credits were about five seconds long. It was just the Gabon logo.

Elephants and gorillas have a nice time as day 31 starts. Bob and Kenny are in a boat catching fish. Ken is quite impressed by his outdoors skills. They bring the fish in and everyone is happy. Bob turns a can into a grill by flattening it and while that happens, Ken contemplates getting rid of Bob.

The reward challenge involves two parts. First, there is a two-teamed challenge where there is running through mud, getting puzzle pieces, and raising a flag. Round two has a sliding puzzle. Jeff tells that the prize is a message from their loved ones. He shows snippets of the videos to each contestant. Crystal is first and is in tears after seeing her husband and daughter. Kenny has a sister named Jenny and it brings him to tears as well. I would also be in tears if my parents named the children Kenny and Jenny. Susie’s husband and son greet her. Corrine gets a well produced video with microphones. This makes me think that she doesn’t need the money. Bob gets a video his wife. Matty’s girlfriend Jamie and his pug say hi. Sugar’s sister sends her video greeting her as “Jessica” and reminding her that her father is watching over her. There is an extra prize of some comfort food. They pick stones to choose teams.

Crystal and Susie pick the captain stones and Susie goes first to choose teams. Susie’s team is Susie, Matty, and Kenny. Crystal’s team is Crystal, Sugar, and Bob. Corrine is odd woman out. She is automatically eliminated. As the teams wade through the mud, Crystal drags her team across. Crystal’s team gets the pieces first, but Susie’s team catches up when Sugar and Crystal fall in the mud. Susie’s team gets a big lead over the other team and work the puzzle before Crystal’s team gets there. They get back and both teams try solving the puzzles. Bob and Kenny become the puzzle solvers. Eventually Bob solves it for the three.

The next round pits Crystal, Sugar, and Bob in a slide puzzle challenge. Bob quickly wins the reward. Bob gets to sit on a couch placed outside and watches a video of his wife, Peggy. She tells him that there was something to show him, she walks away from the video. She sneaks up behind him and surprises him. Peggy interviews saying that Bob got attractive with the dirt and beard.

Bob comes back to the Nobag tribe with Peggy to the tribe and gets introduced to the rest of the tribe. Bob whistles and the rest of the loved ones emerge. Everyone is in tears and they rush to their loved ones. It’s a cry-fest. Kenny talks to his sister about the tribe and his strategy; he eventually wants to blindside Matty. Sugar talks to her sister and her sister brought some of her father’s ashes, they thank him, and spread some ash into the water and hope that he likes his trip to Africa. Matty voices-over about growing up. He hugs Jamie and proposes to her in a nice way that didn’t actually say “Will you marry me?” at first. It’s heartfelt, moving, and quite personal. There’s a part of me that wishes I didn’t just watch Matty sob through the whole proposal. He made her a necklace and puts it around her neck. I wonder if Bob made it for him? Although we didn’t see a lot from Susie and Crystal, both are relieved that they got to meet their loved ones. The loved ones leave before sunset.

Day 33 at Nobag and Corrine and Bob go and get the tree-mail. Bob talks to Corrine about considering blindsiding Matty. The five talk about sticking together and consider getting rid of Bob then Corrine. In the forest Bob tells Corrine his amazing plan to create the idol that was supposed to be thrown in the ocean.

The immunity challenge is a Gabon quiz with a ball toss involved. They get a ball for answering the question correctly. Then they all toss into a bull’s-eye. Closest to the bull’s-eye wins.

The questions involve things like gorillas, elephants, snakes, and the like. The first question is true and Sugar and Corrine get the ball. Sugar, Susie, Corrine, Bob get the next right. The third question Susie and Corrine are wrong. The last question involves the trunk of an elephant. In the end Crystal and Susie get one shot, Kenny and Matty get two, Corrine and Bob get three, and Sugar gets four.

Kenny goes first, quickly throws it and makes sixth zone. Matty throws and gets 4th zone. Sugar rolls, but misses. Susie’s only ball doesn’t make it. Corrine’s shot makes 5th zone. Bob’s first shot gets it into the 4th zone. Crystal’s only shot messes up. Kenny’s last shot messes up. Matty falls short as well. Sugar makes 5th zone. Corrine’s next toss is too far out. Bob makes it to the 2nd zone. Sugar messes up. Corrine’s last shot is in the outer layer. Bob doesn’t improve his shot. Sugar’s last shot and the ball makes it into the center but rolls out. Bob wins immunity. As they walk away he talks about his plan of blindsiding Matty.

Corrine talks more about the hidden-sea-idol idea. She brings out Bob to the forest and explains the idea that Bob gave to her a while back making it sound like she thought up of the whole thing. Back in the tribe everyone practices spelling Corrine’s name. Corrine strings out Kenny and tells the idea of the idol. Kenny is nervous about blindsiding Matty. Corrine and Bob talk to Kenny about who they would consider switching. He says Crystal. Where does Bob get all his items? Joanne Fabrics? Did Sugar create a store at her Shack? Bob shows Crystal the fake idol and she’s a little shocked. She likes the idea and shakes hands. Kenny and Crystal realize the whole thing so they try to flush out the idol and blindside Matty in a 4-3 vote. Crystal knows that if this a fake idol, Corrine will go home, but this is a great time to get rid of Matty. The real question is why 4-3? The plan would have been perfect as a 5-2 vote and if Corrine’s idol was real, the only two votes that would count would have been against Matty.

The jury arrives at tribal and Sugar smirks at Randy. Susie talks about how the contestants all have to think ahead. Bob is happy and confident that he is immune. Corrine talks about paranoia and trying to break up the five. Sugar is afraid of people freaking out. Crystal is worried about trust with some. Matty makes funny faces the whole time. Corrine votes first, but her vote is kept a secret. One by one each contestant votes. Kenny votes for Matty. Matty votes for Corrine.

Jeff asks about the hidden immunity idol and Corrine doesn’t play the fake one. It disappoints Kenny. The votes are Matty, Corrine, Corinne, Corrinne, Matty, Matty, and the last vote is Corrine. Although Corrine still went home, I’m sure Matty will be paranoid that he got a vote against him.

In her goodbye, Corrine says that the only people left that she liked were Kenny and Bob. If either make it to the end, they might get her vote for pure friendship.

Next Week: Kenny is pissed off at Bob. Sugar is worried about Crystal and Kenny.

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