Thursday, July 31, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 6 Elimination.

We open tonight with a group routine using Bette Midler’s “The Rose”. Chelsie dances first, albeit a little awkwardly. The other two girls join in and look better. Yay, Mark with open shirt! It’s a very pretty dance, I’m not sure if there is supposed to be a deeper meaning to the performance, just a lot of lifting and turns.

Wow Cat still looks pretty wearing anything, I can’t stop staring at the little danglies. She also has a fan on her this week, for a little bit. Hello judges, again. Mary looking a little more normal this week.

Let’s keep pressuring America to vote. Yeah. Do that. We’re adding a dance role in a movie to the big prize. Thanks Adam. I don’t even know what exactly the big prize is anyway. I assume that it’s money, clearly a “dancing contract” doesn’t really exist in the way American Idol can do.

We get a little bit of Judge talk with the 6. Nigel reminds the dancers that they are going to face rejection one time or another, probably harder than actor cattle calls. Nigel tells the 6 and America that each of the contestants got at least 1 million votes. Hopefully Katee got a Bajillion, that’s got to be a number with inflation these days. Mary was moved by the Mandy Moore choreographed opening; she’s the proud mamma and started to welt at the end. Adam tells America that the contestants are genuine good people. He used the words “David Cook” and “Time of Your Life”. I stopped listening after that. He welts a little in the eyes too.

Cat tells us that all six will perform solos. Courtney is up first, with one of my favorite songs. It’s a little bit of a swan song though. She puts her passion and spins. I think she thinks it’s over for her.

Mark brings us my favorite Gwen Stefani song “Wind it up” (On A side note, I liked the Fanny Pak routine to that song as well even with the “lame” windmill) and does a suspenders dance at first. I actually have grown to like the quirky solos. I will forgive the bird-like hair and nose.

Katee starts off on the floor. She’s bringing a little more spins tonight and extensions. She bows and Cat tells her she was born to “do that”. I hope she meant “dance”. I love Katee, but I mean a stripper can spin and do extensions as well.

Joshua comes back from the break doing some really robotic lock, very Michael Jackson. As Michael Jackson as a pop-lock routine can be. I liked it as well. Josh finally lost his braces and sounds better as well.

Chelsie is next with a country song, she brings a very honky-tonk swing. She kicks up a store. And looks like an old school saloon girl. Cat finally points out that she dances sans partners each week.

Twitch is dancing to 80s favorite “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. It’s a little odd, I think he also chose a swan song to dance to. Don’t Worry America, Twitch will make you smile.

Our guest is Lil’ Demon. I think I saw him on YouTube or College Humor actually. Under the title of “Youngest Breaker” ha-ha they should do that children’s competition that Dancing with the Stars did. This kid is good, and I wish I could do that at that age; unfortunately I was the fat kid who wrote. I guess our futures are just different. Cat towers over this kid. She lifts up the 6 year old. He’s been dancing for 2 years. Geez. I’m really jealous now.

Snuggle dance time. The 6 gets to watch the YouTube-esque videos. One guy jumps into the pool. Martha S. wins doing the Charleston, something she did when she was in her teens.

The girls are first. Courtney is looking quite pretty tonight, I guess the dehydration and the sprains have done good to these people. She wants to Rock Our Souls, did she do it? I don’t know, we’re up to Katee first. I think her dances worked well because of trust. I really want to see a Katee vs. Josuha. Chelsie H, is reviewed last with the hot mambo, hot solo, and a NappyTabs hip-hop. Who is safe? Cat will call one person (who not necessarily is in the lead) and that person is Katee, who probably was actually the top girl.

The Guys are up next. Mark is first. He’s grown on me even with the weird faces and the dumbo ears… and the face where he looks like he’s biting his partner. Joshua is next and in the back “Have you ever seen The Notebook?” Yeah I did, and I teared up a little. Twitch is last, he made awkward face in the mambo, wore the gold grills, and fought for a glowstick. Cat reveals one safe person: Joshua. Woo-hoo! Joshua V. Katee. He does a “snuggle” happy dance as he walks to safety.

Lady Gaga. Now that’s cool and weird. I saw her perform this during the Miss Universe competition and I got to say it was different, but quite good for model walking. I love the glasses. I need TV glasses. She brings a squad of dancers. Now this is a good choice for this show. Actually, she only had the two women in front at Miss Universe. I like it a lot more with a whole squad. That does the mash potato. Lets take a second a point out the neon/black light reacting shoes. Great for a drunk not to get hit by a car. She likes this rock candy stick of hers. The girls in the front of the screen are weirded out but clap along. She has hair stuck in her mouth. It’s a pet peeve.

Cat reveals the safe girl is Courtney. I’m a little shocked. I guess it will be a Contemporary vs Contemporary. I thought her sheer legs could get her through. That’s a shame. She’s crying, but the best thing is that her eyeliner isn’t running. No raccoons tonight. Good Job.

Mark & Twitch are up. Cat reveals that Twitch is safe. We watch Marks video, damn. I grew to accept his craziness as good dancing and they get rid of him. Bye Mark & Chelsie.
This is our final four America
Next Week: The Final Four. I hope the two girls get a contemporary, and the two boys get a krump.

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