Thursday, November 27, 2008

Survivor Episode 11 Recap

This week we got a recap show with unseen footage. Jeff narrates the story of the remaining contestants. After we got a questionable group due to Gillian’s (Susie’s and Crystal’s as well) tribe choices, Fang loses a lot and Jeff is edited saying Kota way too much. Fang complained too much and slowly eliminated Michelle and Gilliam. There is a small shout out to the only Kota who went the wayside before swapping drama: Paloma. She would have been interesting since she would have targeted Ace. We’re reminded that Marcus loves onions but who is Jacquie again? How many people spelled her name Jackie during the tribal? I would have.

Today’s episode focuses on the final seven and how exactly they got there. We get to look at some audition video tape as well. Bob’s looks to be more interesting on his audition tape than anything Bob has done during the show (sans the fake idol).

We start off the night with some audition videos of people but we start first with Bob who sports his tie. He is chased by a bear and calls cafeteria food crap. Crystal has a boring tape. Susie has a normal video as well, who used her oven as a timer. Heh. Ken still has his braces on in his video and looks even younger than he does now. I like his hair longer. Corrine sounds like a bitch where she talks about herself too highly. Sugar sounds and looks like more fun than she was on the show; I’ve seen her MySpace and she’s has a crazy voice (and I don’t mean crazy good. Matty has an HD video and his has a cool edit of him being cool. That’s probably why I wouldn’t vote for him to win; that former trust fund baby.

We’re back at the beginning. Kota wins things and we watch them celebrate early on. Fang attempts to eat some sort of snail things. Ken attempts to eat some ants; Crystal eats a grasshopper. Apparently Randy got attacked by a leech in the water; this scares most of the tribe, but Matty goes in with no problem. Or so he thinks. He comes back and he got leeches on his legs. They squish it and Matty’s blood comes out.

On the other side, Corrine talked to Bob about the Onion Alliance. They exiled Dan but he was too dumb to find the idol. In Kota Marcus flirted with Jacquie and it pisses off Corrine. She bitches to Marcus to stop, she was probably jealous. After one Fang win, Sugar was sent to the Sugar Shack for the first time. Corrine and the rest of the tribe think that Sugar is too useless, but Sugar shows everyone. She tells Ace.

Fang is low on rice and Randy considers eating one meal a day. Matty tries his best to cheer up the group by making his group sing about his girlfriend. What? That’s uplifting? Randy talks to Matty about how his former dog was his life and how everyone else is bad. Fang considered making an alliance of Randy, Matty, Dan, and Susie. There was a tribal switch and it killed Matty’s ideas. Fang made some bad choices again. Sugar is sent to Exile Island again; she chills in her shack.

Randy tried his best to not be an ass around the tribe and he helped win immunity in a very lop-sided game. Crystal, Kenny, and Matty (and GC) considered voting someone out Crystal’s decision of Jacquie went well. Sugar was disappointed. Luckily Corrine had a bitch fest watching her ally never show up. We get a new video of Bob. Bob’s strategy is to be a cool fatherly builder. He makes slingshots, sundials, and other random stuff. Corrine complains about him. Really Corrine?

GC didn’t help the losing Fang cause and everyone let him go. The next day Crystal found Sugar’s hidden immunity idol. Matty tried his best to win challenges, but they lost. Crystal cried in disappointment. Kelly went home.

Sugar broke records by going to exile for the fifth time. We get to watch video of the lunch reward. It turns out that there was a lot of stuff in the picnic. Corrine complains that no one knows what kind of food everything is. There is some wine drama causing food division. Corrine is voming off as a horrible bitch.

Sugar was bored and made clothes, picked fruit, flowers, swam around, tanned, and had food. She started to break down because everyone else didn’t get to eat. Exile was probably the best thing to happen to her. We have a double tribal council and in the immunity challenge Marcus won. He gave Sugar immunity. Kenny decided to try his best to convince Sugar to blindside Ace, it wasn’t a full lie because Ace was trying to get her idol away when they were talking. Ace and Dan went home that night.

There was a tribal feast that wasn’t actually a merge, it was just lunch. Kenny saw the clue for immunity, but Charlie messed it up for him. As an aside, he actually did a good toss to Marcus of a piece of paper. Randy and Marcus threw the idol in the water. The tribes shuffled. Matty told Sugar that she was duped. Matty won Fang immunity. Marcus being an idiot pointed out that he wants to get rid of Kenny. Marcus decides to talk to Susie about the same thing. Crystal and Ken discuss and manage to sway Susie. Marcus gets blindsided. That’s what you get for throwing the immunity into the water.

Corrine bitched some more. Fang won and sent Bob to exile. Fang had fun at the reward. At Exile Bob decided to make his own idol. There was a merge and Susie won a fire making challenge. Unfortunately for Charlie, Matty, Crystal, Ken, and Susie managed to convince Sugar to vote him off.

Sugar talks to Corrine about life. She tells Corrine that she speaks cancer. Amazing. Corrine flips her script about Sugar’s lifestyle. Her eyes start to bulge as she complains to Randy. She speaks really fast to Randy in whisper. Bob tells Sugar about his fake idol.

At the reward, Randy tried his best to make himself look nice in front of the tribe with a cookie plate but Sugar wasn’t taking it. Maybe it was because it wasn’t Sugar cookies. Randy came back complaining. Randy hoped that Bob had the idol and his plan is to be a bastard. He starts with a complaint about Susie yawning. Susie yawning? That’s all you could think up of? When someone tells you in a very surfer accent, “Be nice, Bro” you know it’s a bad decision. Everyone is afraid that he will throw food out or something. Randy may possibly be eating goats that cross bridges. Bob gives Randy the fake idol. Everyone laughed during the tribal especially a scheming Sugar.

What will happen next time? Corrine will bitch. There may be loved ones. Will there be more Sugar cookies?

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