Sunday, September 28, 2008

Amazing Race Episode One Recaplet:

In: Nick & Starr

Out: Anita & Arthur

Funny Notes
I love how the Sister drives the car. If it were me and my sister, she'd be driving too.

In the opening sequence Aja & Ty slide down a children's slide. What? How does a slide represent long distance relationships? I woulda loved a can on a string.

Terrence & Sarah knew the backways to the airport. It really didn't make a difference when the Carpool Lane exists.

There is a new jingle bell to match with the rattlesnake.

Always remember to look for marked flags.

I would totally ride a vending cart. I also want to eat a candy called "Blong".

+ Language Skills are always a plus.

Kenny has a Charla whistle.

Not all crosswalks have buttons.

Round 1 Placement:

1. Nick & Starr
2. Ken & Tina
3. Terence & Sarah
4. Mark & Bill
5. Kelly & Christie
6. Toni & Dallas
7. Andrew & Dan
8. Aja & Ty
9. Anthony & Stephanie
10. Marissa & Brooke
11. Anita & Arthur

Next Week: Charity? Bah, this is a race! Also Mom, Dad and the Kids piss off others.

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