Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dancing With the Stars: Week 2 Results

Last Night: The scores were all a little low, but I guess average for week 2. Some rumbas were smooth, some Pasos were hard hitting and others were disappointing. What is up with the whole “rebel” Lance Bass storyline? I don’t get it, he’s no rebel. He’s too orange to be a rebel.

The encore goes to Warren & Kym’s Paso. I still believe that these dances are better the second time because of less nerves and no one is judging them.

Anywho after recapping the scores, they “randomly” call Toni & Alec and Rocco & Karina as safe. Rocco? It’s because of his looks isn’t it?

Former Reality Star Jessica Simpson croons to us with professional dancers dancing. I love that statistic that it was the #1 country album. That’s because no one big has releaced an album in a while. Jessica’s head bobbles a little insanely. She also seems to be wearing a big Reeces piece wrapper on her. The dancing is good, but can’t save a bad song. I love how the dancers get to do intricate lifts. I think the fringe is a little too long and I know as a partner I’d be afraid of it getting in my eye.

The next two couples safe are Cody & Julianne (those crazy kids) and Brooke & Derrick.

Bruno & Len talk about how they do this show and then switch over to Strictly Come Dancing. Carrie Ann just goes home. They must have a lot of frequent flier miles.

Our Macy’s guest dancers seem interesting. They are a little out of place, but give me a feeling of Lady Gaga. I want clothes that light up. I like the converted sets/ extra sets. The circles and lights. Ooh huge glow sticks, nothing really new there. There us a little bit of red accessory lighting trouble, but I get the whole idea. Ooh, ribbon dancers! I love rhythmic gymnastics. I finally remembered now, their outfits reminds me of My Chemical Romance.

Jessica Simpson is back, yawn. Luckily Cheryl and Maks are here to save the day. Jessica Simpson was never really a good singer live. In this performance she eats the microphone. She’s really squeaky tonight. Cheryl is amazing. Jessica can’t make that high keys and she compensates by bobbling her head and arching forward. Jessica screams incessantly, but Maks & Cheryl are real professionals and keep dancing.

The next couple safe is Susan & Toni.

There is a little bit of a video about the Red Room. Everyone is pumped, people fix bras, and there are nerves. They look about the scores backstage. Everyone acts all silly; Misty-May is one of the guys. Warren has a fan. Cody gets lost backstage, little puppy. Maurice is Mr. Positivity. Rocco texts like crazy. Toni is still hot. Cloris is funny. They worry about eliminations.

More results. Warren & Kym and Maurice & Cheryl are safe. After commercials there’s more: Lance & Lacey, and Misty-May & Maks. Our “bottom” two are Cloris and Kim. The father/son rivalry will end with Kim & Mark being eliminated. Cloris almost dies in the background. Kim tries to booty dance a little bit, but really feels out of place. Now isn’t it mean to play “See you later alligator”?

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