Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dancing With The Stars: S7 Week 1 Results

Abridged due to Top Model

Hey a group dance to Queen. I thank Thayne & Mark on So You Think You Can Dance for resurrecting my love for Queen. Lacey really does pimp herself for the screen. Maks is still hot, lucky Inna. I wonder which guy’s hand that was snapping.

The first two couples safe were: Brooke & Derrick & Kim & Mark. Really? Kim safe second? I’d scare her by keeping her around the whole episode next to say….Rocco.

Jesse McCartney performs and there was some alumni: Ashly. Adam Corolla talks to people on Hollywood and he swoons over Rocco and talks smack about Lance. Really? Boy Band Jokes? Any who, I caught parts of the Jonas Brother’s performance and it always makes me laugh that that one Jonas plays the tambourine, I would play that too. Or Autoharp. They also talk about the show being “bigger than ever”. They give some number statistics, and talk about eyeliner. Geez I forgot how much fluffer was on these results shows. I can’t believe that I’m agreeing with Nashville Star and America’s Best Dance Crew’s results process.

Somewhere when I was watching top model, Misty-May, Cloris, Warren, & Maurice were safe: Susan & Rocco were next safe. Followed by Lance & Cody Our bottom two are Toni & Ted. Damn you Cody. The couple leaving are Ted & Inna. There goes the new blood of dancers storyline...well, part of it.

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