Wednesday, October 1, 2008

America’s Next Top Model – Episode 6

Last Week: Girls walked with blindfolds, Sam showed a little panty. They used their eyes in the water. Both Isis & Hannah went home.

Clark talks about being all amazing and crap. I still don’t like her. Samantha is all nervous about the last panel but is thinking positive. The two of them are still acting like the cool kid in high school. A little too “Mean Girl” but not funny. Analeigh is also positive, but Marjorie is badly negative to herself. It’s not too bad if you’re in the real world, but as models? Nope. I’d hope there’s a little confidence in my catalogues that I read.

Mail! It’s a clothing teach. The girls all think about the use of the word “fit” as their challenge. Joslyn gets some phone time for re-energizing from loved ones. The girls all get bussed to a warehouse looking place and Paulina walks out looking like she emerged from the 80s when she modeled. Paulina talks about Catalogue modeling. She has some random bag of things like shoulder pads. The girls get hard hats and belts with the crap in Paulina’s bag. There is a challenge of self styling. She wants to know how well they can make clothes “work” as Tim Gunn would say. A lot of girls place large gator clips in the back of their shirts. Paulina pokes a little at Marjorie’s pants and she almost cries. Paulina points out that they now can’t do back shots now with all the clips. The first two girls are fine. Clark is a little too loose. Joslyn is okay. Lauren (Brie) is okay. Sheena was un-sexy. Elina messes up her shirt. Samantha hiked up her shorts too much and changed the top design. Marjorie didn’t stuff her pants somehow and she wants to die now. Ouch. We go into commercial with Marjorie mopey on a post.

We return from the commercials and random shots of LA. Marjorie’s just nervous and starts balling. She talks about self-esteem and rejection. Paulina says that it’s a European mentality. Marjorie reminds us that she’s French. Our prize is the 50 extra frames. Paulina points out the big failure as Samantha. The winner is McKey. She waddles to hug Paulina as her clips wiggle around.

It’s night and there’s more mail. What is up with Tyra’s mail pose this week? The mail mentions natural disasters. Joslyn wants to be a Tornado. Marjorie is already nervous about how to emote a disaster. She talks to the girls and they all tell her that she’s too negative. Analeigh is trying to tell her that it’s all in her head. Marjorie mentions that her parents are French and they are realistic. Samantha sounds like high school kid and tries talking to Marjorie. She flips out a little, curses being muted.

MLAACV: Whitney bakes cup cakes and eats them as she looks as a magazine. Bah! That’s a nice future Whitney. Remember my Seventeen Spread? Oh you guys want more baked goods? I have a lot of time on my hands.

The girls get bussed over to a Studio set. They walk in and some monster comes in and rushes the girls. I wished it would go and eat Samantha. Until I realized that it was Mr. Jay. That’s not in his diet. Jay mentions that the girls have to make an impact no matter how much crap is on you. Our photographer Brian Edwards has an interesting portfolio.

Our theme this week also has a mod feeling. Elina is first, and she has earthquake. Jay wants her to break the mold and it’s okay. Sheena has Sandstorm, and it’s not too bad because she was quite varied. Clark now has hot air puffed into her, she has blackout. Unfortunately, her shots aren’t that “bright”. Lauren (Brie!) is okay, except for her interaction with the snow. Joslyn has rockslide and she really doesn’t do anything interactive with the set. She holds a rock. Jay wants her to be more creative. Analeigh’s poses are quite good. I love how she has a hair drier. McKey wiggles her bum in the back as she gets ready. She has heat wave, and she was quite interactive with the shots. She doesn’t need the extra frames. Samantha has tidal-wave. She kicks the water around and I’m sure as a frame it would look great, but she looks silly by herself. Marjorie gets “traffic jam” and her contortions are awkward. Jay moves her around for her. She looks dead in the eyes, and Jay complains that he had to manipulate her too much. She walks back all mopey.

An Alarm Clock buzzes and Lauren (Brie) and Clark wake up in bed together. Somewhere Elina is nervous. Clark is a little too positive. Joslyn is quite nervous. Samantha is too confident for her own good.

Tyra’s shot is death? Or the death of Disco. I really don’t know. Tyra warbles out the judges and prizes. Marjorie is first and the shot is well. Paulina talks with her and Majrorie talks about being in a new environment. Tyra wants more. Lauren (Brie) needs to work harder and she’s stiff. Sam’s shot is good, but I still think that the face is constipated. Clark’s blackout is stupid and Tyra doesn’t like it at all. Elina’s mean face is the definition of ugly-pretty. Sheena looks like a farmer today. Her sandstorm is amazing though. Analeigh is wind, and it’s okay but she wants more face. Joslyn is next and her rockslide is meh. They repeat about going back to week 1 or 2. McKey’s heat wave shot creates a mixed panel, Tyra likes it & Nigel hates it. Tyra talks about being fiercer with the posing.

Top Models In Action: Eugena as a good career both walking and photos. She wasn’t that bad.

The judges deliberate. Marjorie has improved. Time is good. Paulina defends. Lauren (Brie) “cheese on ice”. Sam is a ham. Clarke… ouch she lost her sparkle. Elina needs to let go (we know that storyline). Sheena has something that’s keeping her around. Analeigh’s shot is okay. Her face is odd still. Joslyn lost her “energy”. McKey didn’t melt enough, even though Mr. Jay loved the versatility. Oh how I hate editing.

Tyra calls out our photo-tv-winner as Samantha. Analeigh. McKey. Elina. Marjorie. Lauren (Brie). Sheena (who needs to work on her look at panel). Joslyn and Clark are our bottom two. Joslyn “lost her spark” and Clark is mediocre. Joslyn survives another week. Yay, that’s right Clark. Go practice your ugly-pretty. She hugs her bedmate Lauren (Brie) and leaves. Looking at the montage, all of her shots were meh.

Next Week: Tyra teaches signature poses. Elina struggles with emotion.

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