Friday, November 21, 2008

Survivor: Gabon Episode 10

Last Week: Randy caused unnecessary drama at the reward challenge. There was a real merge and Ken & Friends got rid of Charlie. In post interviews, Susie’s fire win took more than an hour. That’s survival skills for you.

Its night 27 at Nobag (I’m still disappointed that it could have been “Kotang” because ity would have sounded like both “Tang” and “Kotex”) and Randy is upset about the shift of power. Corrine is upset about the loss of Charlie but wants to reevaluate when morning hits.

Day hits and Sugar talks to Bob and he shows her the fake idol. She’s really surprised by its authenticity. She doesn’t know exactly what his intentions are but she’s okay with it.

Corrine talks to Randy talk about trying to break up Sugar and Matty away from the five. Randy talks about being “charming” and that’s quickly followed up with a discussion with Corrine saying that he hates everyone. Corrine wants to convince Matty to flop.

There’s a tree-mail with envelopes; the mail basically explains an auction. Corrine’s strategy is to hold until something can help her in the game. The contestants walk in and we are given the rundown: $500 and bids in increments of $20.

The first item is beer and peanuts. Randy decides to go for $180.
The next item is a question mark. Randy decides to go with his remaining $320, but Kenny gets it for $340. It’s a choice to send someone to Exile Island and take their money and Ken decides to send Bob.
The third item is another covered item. Sugar cuts past Randy again with $340 and it turns out that she bought peanut butter and chocolate. Unfortunately there is no milk for her.
The fourth item is a hot bath and a nice new set of clothes. Randy goes with $320, but Susie outbids him with $340. Susie chills in the tub while the fifth item goes up for bids. It’s a burger meal. The bidding is intense but Matty gets it for $400. Susie gets out of the bath upsetting Sugar. Sugar would have stayed in the whole time.
The sixth item is covered and it goes to Randy for $280. It turns out being spaghetti.
The seventh item is a note. Corrine goes with $500. Kenny is the only person to outbid her, but he decides to give it to Corrine. She wins the bottle with the note and is instructed to not open it until the immunity challenge.
The eighth item is for the tribe and Randy buys it for $20. It turns out to be chocolate chip cookies, Sugar denies her cookie at first. Randy hands his last cookie to Sugar and she hands it to Matty. Randy is upset about the whole thing.

The contestants return and Matty thanks Sugar for the extra cookie. Randy flips out on Matty about the cookie because it should have been his cookie or at least Randy’s credit. Matty talks to Sugar about how Randy is fuming. Matty tries to talk to Randy about how Randy is playing the victim; he decides not to talk to anyone. Corrine tries to plant a seed about him being eliminated sixth.

In Exile Island Bob decides to go for the clues again. What? He made a fake idol after not finding the idol and he tries again? He reads a clue and realizes it’s the same clues as before. Bob decides to go on a high definition safari walk. CBS always has to have the shameless swooping of the camera.

Back at the council the five talk about getting rid of Randy. Matty wants to make sure that Bob goes next. This surprises Sugar because she knows that having an ass around in finals so you would win is a smart strategy. Randy shows up at the hut and then wanders away. There is yet another visual of small ants eating a bug.

Randy talks to Corrine that he wants to “crash and burn” and make life miserable for everyone. He considers that Bob should give the (fake) idol to Randy and he plays it. The three would then get rid of Susie and more time. He talks to Matty complaining about Susie. He then turns on Matty. Matty decides to try getting rid of Randy. Randy upsets conversations and it pisses off Crystal and Susie.

The contestants go to the immunity challenge and Bob returns from exile. The challenge is two part: a balance beam first and puzzle challenge second. The puzzle involves dominos and trip wires. Corrine reveals the clue in the bottle that she automatically gets to the second (puzzle) round.

The rest go through the competition and Matty and Ken do well. Susie seems to be in a distant third. Matty moves into the final first followed by Ken. The final round goes and the three untie their satchels. Matty and Corinne work to the front and Kenny decides to go in the end. The tripwires are annoying and Kenny shakes most of his pieces off. Matty looks like a snake while he goes through the tripwires. Matty and Ken finish around the same time. Ken tries and it messes up. Matty, Corrine and a recovering Ken all try. Corrine’s stops short, Matty’s stops next and Ken wins.

Back at Nobag Kenny is congratulated and Randy is ready to talk to Bob about the hidden idol. He talks to Corrine about the whole idol thing. Sugar talks to Bob about him buying time in the game. Sugar decides to convince Bob to give the fake to Randy. Bob realizes that the move is the best thing. Corrine talks to Bob like he was five with all her talking. Bob decides to give the fake idol to Randy. Randy feel surprised about the whole thing. Sugar thanks Bob. She runs to the huts and tells the rest of the tribe that the competition will get funky.

The competitors enter tribal council and the jury enters. Jeff asks about the cookies at the reward. Sugar mentions how she gave it to Matty. Randy thinks that everything is overplayed and Sugar thinks that he’s a kid. Susie wonders if Randy is actually the character that he portrays in Survivor. Corrine mentions that Randy told Susie to shut the (beep) up. Crystal hopes that Randy is just playing part of the game. Randy plays the happy to be here part. Kenny decides not to give the immunity idol away. Matty starts the voting process.

Corrine’s vote is for Susie, Sugar is for Randy (she has a great speech), Randy calls his vote personal, Crystal screams into the camera Randy’s vote and everyone could hear it. She’s great for TV. Sugar can’t stop laughing. Jeff comes back with the pot and Randy plays the idol. Jeff points out that it isn’t a hidden immunity idol and Sugar and Crystal can’t stop laughing. Jeff reads the votes: Randy, Randy, Susie, Susie, Susie, Randy, Randy, and Randy. Randy’s torch is snuffed and he storms off. Marcus and Charlie giggle at the Jury bench.

Next Week: Bob convinces Corrine that Marcus may not have fully thrown the other idol. Or he’s just trying to convince Corrine that she’s going home in the same way. I thought that there was a clause that the idol was a one time thing.

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