Wednesday, November 19, 2008

America’s Next Top Model: Episode 13

Throughout the season there was a mix of good and weird. Last week Marjorie got drunk and had a great time, but was sent home.

The girls come back from panel and there is already a Tyra Mail. It’s a note about the upcoming Cover Girl commercial. There are 3 scripts that have some Dutch in the first sentence that the girls study for the rest of the night.

The girls arrive to their commercial and photo shoot. The photo will become a national ad and be in Wal-mart (clearly a model’s haven). Jay introduces last season’s winner Whitney, who explains that the product of the night is some sort of lipstick/lip-gloss. Apparently there is some mouthwash in it so that even though the gloss never reaches your tongue it refreshes ir.

Analeigh practices in front of Sutan but she loses all her lines almost immediately. The girls get on the boat to shoot. The commercial is a basic girls-meet-boy commercial. Samantha goes first and she looks around confused as she tells her lines. After some tips from Jay she focuses a little more on the camera. She kisses the boy and worries about catching Herpes.

In her first take McKey starts to channel Caridee (Season 7 winner) and looks crazy in the eyes, she does the look up to the side in that very blond fashion. McKey sounds good, but she was disjointed. Analeigh’s first take happens and nothing comes out. Jay has to feed her each line. It turns out pretty good. At the kiss with the boy she laughs and is nervous, he gives her a peck and she wasn’t prepared for it.

Jim De Yonker is doing the photo. Jay tells the girls that he won’t be there so there are no training wheels. Samantha was awkward to Jim. Analeigh was great with her posing. McKey’s smile doesn’t look too natural; Jim calls her cuckoo.

There is a Tyra Mail about the elimination. Samantha is nervous. Analeigh knows that she has a chance of winning; she’s just worried that everything can end so quickly. That sounds like tragic foreshadowing.

Tyra welcomes the girls and they show the commercial. It’s quite hokey, but every Cover Girl Top Model Commercial is. Samantha is evaluated first. She struggles with the Dutch part and she is a little too bouncy in her commercial. Nigel didn’t like it. The judges don’t think that she was convincing. The photo looks forced and her neck looks broken. The smile looks really fake as well. It’s almost as if Tyra picked that photo to kill any chances of Samantha winning or if Tyra photoshopped Sam’s head too far. Analeigh is next and it was butchered and horrible since all the lines were fed. Tyra is disappointed. The photo was a little actress-y. Analeigh complains about looking too sexy and showing teeth to counteract it.

McKey’s commercial is decent. Tyra thinks that memorization was better than her teleprompter. Her photo looks nice without teeth (Whitney) and she looks modern. Tyra warns her that she suffers from a crazy look in her eye.

My Life As A Cover Girl – It’s a montage of Whitney’s work. She doesn’t say too much and that’s the way it should have been. It’s sad that her life as a Cover Girl consisted of biking around and baking cupcakes.

The judges deliberate. To Paulina, Samantha was decent overall. Nigel thought she was catalogue, but the photo showed that she wasn’t. Paulina doesn’t think that Analeigh has the face. McKey was great overall. There is a little bit of a bad walker in McKey that worries Tyra. Tyra calls McKey first. The bottom two are Analeigh and Samantha. She tells Analeigh that she is great with poses but suffers from a commercial face. Samantha is told that she’s really commercial, but she lacks the commercial in the advertisement. Tyra calls Samantha; she is warned about go-sees and the look she evokes. Tyra hugs Analeigh and mentions that Paulina thinks that she’s a great actress as well. Analeigh is upset, but has no regrets. They do the photo montage and she fades away.

Ann Shoket welcomes the girls to the Seventeen shot. Samantha looks a girl who wants to be part of Seventeen with her clothing options. McKey looks like a model that can be booked for Seventeen. Ann doesn’t know what the challenge is.

Sam and McKey see the runway and are worried about the Dr. Seuss-like pink hills. Jay tells the girls that the paint was mixed with sand so there is some traction for the hill. The girls get make-up and fittings. Whitney is placed in an ugly dress that makes her look fat. Tyra goes to the back and talks to the two girls and tells them that nervousness isn’t a bad thing. She reminds them to make “black mama proud.”

The show begins with Tyra, Nigel, and Paulina walking in. Ms. Jay walks with a guy with a big bubble and he pops it. Whitney started the runway first and was underwhelming. McKey does this run to make it up the big hill. She looks a little dead with the eyeliner. Samantha walks and worries about running up the hill. She has a little bit of the weird pout that she does. The two girls are in the back changing. Samantha struggles with putting her shoes on. McKey has to run with her skirt scrunched to even get up the first hill. Samantha meets up with her and the two walk together. There is the finale walk and the two voiceover about wanting to win. Tyra goes to the back and talks to the two about standing out.

Back at judging, Tyra welcomes the judges again. There is no guest judge. She reminds the two what the prizes are. They go through the runway walk. McKey’s first and Ms. Jay liked the walk. Nigel thinks that she needs a little bit more practice. Samantha’s walk was good for Ms. Jay and loves the way she worked the dress. Tyra points out the downturned lip and how she thought too hard while walking.

They go through the photos. The first shoot, Election, shows potential, but wasn’t great. The swim wear shoot was great for both. Nigel loves Samantha’s shot. Tyra points out the hair change that she likes. Tyra likes McKey’s muscle. We fast forward to the Clipper ship shot. Nigel loves McKey’s shot with the legs. With Samantha’s shot, it was passionate but a little fat looking actually. Tyra’s shots are next. The normal Tyra shot is the best for Samantha. The editorial shot is perfect for McKey, Tyra likes her movement in the shot. Samantha’s shot is great because of the usage of limbs. I’m not surprised they ignored the Cover Girl shot.

Top Model’s in Action – It’s Anya! She looks equally as pretty as a brunette, instead of that pee-blond look. It’s a little intimidating for Whitney that they decided to use Anya.

The judges deliberate between the two. Nigel starts and dislikes the fact that Sam is not Commercial but isn’t that High fashion. Jay likes the contortion, but dislikes that it’s too model 101. Nigel recants his words in the beginning about not being a star; he likes the glimmer. Jay likes the body movement of McKey and she’s great with high fashion and still has a great commercial look. The judges made their decision.

Tyra announces that the model is McKey. She is happy and hugs Samantha. Tyra runs to McKey and she hugs her, McKey lifts her. Tyra gives a big squeal. Tyra thanks Samantha and she leaves. McKey thanks the judges and has a fun posing time. They do a photomontage of some of her shots. They do the post-winning shot right afterwards. Tyra screams to end the season.

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