Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Week 7 Results

Last Monday: Some dances were bad, some group dances were worse.

We’re live and all the groups are in their group dance clothing. After the recap of Monday, which seems like forever, the groups do the encore. We find out that Susan picked Lance/Lacey first.

Lionel Richie also performs "Good Morning", danced to by professional dancers Edyta and Alec. The song really isn’t that good. The whole thing is quite generic actually. Edyta is quite pretty and angular in her moves. Alec is very masculine in his movements.

Dance Center is back with another hilarious segment, starring Season Two competitors Kenny Mayne and Jerry Rice, with head judge Len Goodman. They call Michael Flatley better than Len. Warren got Jerry in the football games, Warren winks too much. They make dings on Susan being light, Maurice being fast, Brooke having too much leg, Cody having oddly attractive eyebrows, and Lass being a Bass .

Dave Scott created some original dance for “us.” When things start with magicians, I question how good this thing can get. They use some smoke machines, but overall I don’t like it. Too much smoke. Knife swallowing? When did that become a dance move?

Up next is a performance from Lionel Richie with his classic "Dancing on the Ceiling.” He is accompanied by professional dancers Cheryl, Maks, Kym and Tony. Kym seems most out of place, though Maks’ hair is the important part of the performance.

The whole Paso Doble team is announced safe before any Cha-Cha member. There was a big disparity between the two of them.

The contestants talk about what is easy and what is difficult. Cody mentions that Edyta is his trouble.

Team Cha-Cha is on the bottom and Lance & Lacey are the first safe team. The couple that is leaving is Susan & Tony. She thanks everyone and dances off to “Hit the Road Jack” which I find tasteless.

Apparently next week we will have solos. This show is slowly turning into “So You Think You Can Dance” one week at a time.

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