Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Week 8 Results

Last Night: There were two dances from each couple and solo time. No one really did badly.

Our five remaining couples wait in the middle. We’re reminded that Dr. Drew, Brad Paisley and Benji are here. There was only a seven point difference between the contestants. The judges talk a little about the contestants post-episode.

Len announces that the encore is Warren & Kym’s Tango. Again, without the stress of the competition, both Warren and Kym have fun with the dance. They receive a standing ovation.

Julianne gets interviewed in the back. Cody is lucky to be sandwiched between Julianne and Edyta.

Brad Paisley performs his song “Ticks.” Benji and Lacey emerge in the middle in a country garb. I often forget how much of a camera hog Benji is. He masters lifts while staring at the camera. The two are really playful dancing. They do an interesting flip sequence into a dizzying spin sequence.

There’s a video recap from the audience last night. They all say positives about everybody. They called Cody a “White boy dancing.” We’re given the score results and they reveal two couples that are safe: Warren & Kym and Lance & Lacey.

Dr. Drew gets a chance to talk to the contestants. Lance and Lacey reeled from a fight the last week. Lance degrades himself. Dr. Drew thinks maybe Lacey needs to emote better to Lance. With Warren and Kym, pressure is increasing, but Dr. Drew worries about coping. Maurice and Cheryl discuss about competitiveness. There is a lack of communication between the two. Maurice needs to bring the technique out.

Our Stars of Dance performance is the Jive to “Great Balls of Fire” with Derek and Julianne. She emerges from the piano. She seems like she’s in fine shape from her surgury. The two are high energy and look like they are having a lot of fun. They interact with the winners, Derek sits on Julianne, and they dive on the piano at the end.

Dr. Drew is back and next is Brooke & Derek. They discuss about how she wants to do the best but they fight. Derek sometimes considers her a professional. They have a lot of tough love, but Brooke is offended by the disrespect. Dr. Drew makes sure that Derek isn’t condescending. Cody and Julianne talk about frustration of the competition. He gets emotional about the whole surgery thing. He cries and compliments Julianne about how much of a friend she has become. The two hug in comfort.

Brad Paisley is back with the dancers from the tour. He performs “Let the Good Times Roll.” The three couples do some synchronized dancing in between Brad’s solo shots. Why does it seem like all the dances with the professionals end at the stairs? After the dance, Tom interviews Maks about the hair, the tour and we also find out that Toni Braxton is singing and dancing.

We have another video about the Anatomy of Dancers. They put two professional dancers (I believe Alec and Edyta) into suits and analyze. They have to be fast, spin quickly, and be strong. They mention having strong core muscles. They also talk about strength for lifts. Performance causes the dancers to emote with their faces. Meaning they use all their muscles.

We have one more team safe: Brooke & Derek. Our two teams in jeopardy are Cody & Edyta and Maurice & Cheryl. After the commercial we find out that the team with the lowest score and is going home is Maurice & Cheryl. He says that he had the best time. Cheryl calls him the hardest working partner that she’s ever had. I guess Drew Lachey never had to work that hard to win.

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