Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dancing With the Stars Week 9 Results Show

There must be a busy show tonight because the results really started at 8:40 (Eastern Time) with the children’s dances.

Kirill & Hanna – The two came back to celebrate at what seemed like their dance studio, but the two got back to practice. Tony came by to check up on the couple. He makes sure that they have hips. He calls them sponges and has faith. The do the Cha-Cha with large smiles the whole time. I’m surprised by the legwork and the splits that Hanna does. Len loved the footwork. Bruno loved the arm placement and the naughtiness. Carrie Ann loved it as well.

Mitchell & Maria
– They had an interesting Paso and they returned to Philly. The ambulances and fire department thank them. Julianne comes in to teach. She emphasizes looking at the partner really intently while having sharp legs. They do the samba this time and cover a lot of ground. They also are very sharp. They are quite entertaining. Bruno thought that there was power and staccato in their performance. Carrie Ann thought that it was poetry in motion. Len calls them better than Julianne and Mark when they were that age.

Craig & Samantha – They returned to Jersey to a high school prep rally. As they practice, Maks shows up and he really makes sure the two are precise; even with their facial expressions. They dance the jive. They definitely capture the speed and energy associated with a Jive. I find it almost unfair that the three couples had three different styles. Craig does a kick that almost kicks his sister in the face. Carrie Ann thought that they were animated. Len is knocked out since he never saw them perform. Bruno called them energetic, active, and light (like birds).

There are no judge votes this week for the kids. It all depends on audience votes.

We have the traditional “Last Night” at 9PM (Eastern) about the whole Lance rising, Brooke struggling storyline.

The first special performer is Aretha Franklin; she is accompanied by Karina, Inna, Dmitriy, and Louis. She performs “Chain of Fools” in a large Muumuu-type dress. Her voice is still shrill. I can’t get past the fact that Dmitriy was dancing in this dance. Starting with Lacey, now with Dimitriy they just keep moving “So You Think You Can Dance” contestants over. He’s a great dancer though, as are all of the performers.

Leona Lewis performs “Bleeding Love” and now I really am having flashbacks of “So You Think You Can Dance” with the Chelsie/Mark performance this summer. This time we have Karina and Maks. I always love Maks’ lines and Karina is so smooth; even when jewelry goes flying around. Leona’s singing is as amazing as Karina’s dive from the judge’s table.

After the points results, the judges talk about qualities. Len thinks that Cody’s strengths are his dedication and cuteness. Bruno thinks that Lance is creative and full of content. Carrie Ann likes Warren’s entertainment. Len likes the technique from Brooke.

Julianne performs “My Halleulah Song.” She’s not exactly the best voice out there, Mark and Derek join her at first and they do a lot of spins. Lacey is next with her footless dancing. I heard a rumor that this performance was previously recorded, possibly a reason why some of the audience doesn’t look the same. Derek and Lacey return and have a fun time. She then switches over to Mark, until they all sit in front of the singer.

Samantha is in the back talking to all the contestants. They all talk about how they were having a good time and have accomplished a lot.

John Legend performs “Green Light” and the camera drunkenly stumbles around in the beginning (the only thing that convinced me that this performance is also live). The women dance around him and the rest all kind of mock a live concert. John then goes into some weird beam stage. The rest of the dancers do some paired synchronized dancers then split into two lines so the camera could get away with doing swoops. They then do soul trains down the line. There is a lot of running in circles in the end until they collapse.

There is a video about the contestants’ loved ones watching the contestants. Warren and Cody’s mom are amazed. Brooke’s husband has the hots for her. Lance’s grandfather is happy as well. Cody’s mother flies from Texas weekly. Lance’s granddad watches and votes twice. They talk a little about the evolution of the contestants.

Aretha comes back in her muumuu performing “Respect” and Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas are back to perform. Although Aretha’s voice is raspy, it’s still better than half of the performers out there today. Kristi starts with some strong lifts and spins. She looks like one of the professionals out there. Kristi schools the rest of the competitors left.

There is a little bit of a clip about how hard the competition is. They all wear some black and put the contestants in some alleyway. There’s also some smoke. Cody says some sort of poem involving the words “Lance,” “Dance,” and “Pants.” I’m reminded that he’s only 18.

We finally got to the results. After a synopsis of each of the contestants the two couples safe are Lance & Lacey and Brooke & Derek. The bottom two are Cody & Julianne and Warren & Kym.

After the commercial break the couple going home is Cody & Julianne. I guess the point disparity did them in. Cody talks about his growth and learning in his life from the show. He thanks everyone. They have a little goodbye clip. You know it’s sappy when you hear the words, “Words can’t describe.” Julianne thanks him and the two go off to their last dance. The two do their final booty-shake.

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