Thursday, November 13, 2008

Survivor Gabon Episode 9 - The Brains Behind Everything

Last Week: There was a fake-out merge meal that threw off a lot of people’s game. Marcus was too pompous and went home.

We return from tribal council and Susie and Crystal hug. Ken points out how aggressive he got during the challenge, saying that he channeled his inner Crystal. Bob is a little disappointed and knows that he’s in the bottom of the totem pole if there is no merge.

Over at Fang Matty is upset that there is no food or fire. The tree mail has a golf flag with a message about the reward. Corrine is a little upset that there is no merge at the moment. She wants to see Marcus, but as they walk into the challenge Charlie and Corrine are in shock when there is no Marcus. Matty grins happily and winks at Ken.

Corrine is upset. Charlie praises Marcus some more. Ken wants to know why he deserves the praise and Corrine counters that he does. She gives one of those childish answers where it really meant, “Just because.”

The challenge is a golf-esque game. The reward is a big one where they get to experience the culture of Gabon by going to a village.

Kota shoots first. It makes about 150 feet. Fang’s shot gets closer by a little bit. Bob’s next launch is a good one. Matty’s next shot goes left, but get’s close. Randy makes a short shot. Ken makes the first point for Kota.

The second shot makes Kota get at the 125 mark. Fang (with Matty at the helm) gets a little further. His next shot is near the hole. Bob’s shot is about 30 feet within; Ken’s shot is too far. Fang’s shot makes it in so the next point goes to Fang.

The next course is uphill. Matty starts off getting a really close shot. Kota’s launch does well. I love how Ken has to hold Susie to keep the weight balanced. Matty’s next shot gets quite close. Bob’s launch gets them close as well; Ken shoots and closely misses. Matty’s shot puts the ball next to the hole. Ken shoots again and overshoots it. Randy tries to over control the shot. Matty complains to Randy and Charlie. Randy causes a lot of drama for nothing. Fang clearly makes the shot and wins. Randy complains after the win as well. They send Bob to the Sugar Shack. Sugar smiles because she knows he’ll never find the hidden idol.

Fang arrives at the local village and the local tribe greets them with bells and leaves. Matty is overly excited knowing his string of failures. They all get a washing ritual receiving some sarongs. They all walk to another ceremony area. Matty talks about how he loved Marcus being voted out. Charlie talks more about how he misses Marcus. It’s sad that they made him such a one-sided character. There is a dancing portion and all of the contestants tried their best to dance. Matty decides that he’s going to have a fun time while he’s still around since he may be eliminated if there is no merge.

Nightfall hits over at Kota and Ken is stuck in a boat because of one reed poking out of the lake. He circles around the reed for a while until he finally gets it. Other than the struggle with the boat, he’s happy to get three fish. He laughs about how he’s the provider at the moment.

Bob shows up at Exile and decides to go for the clues. He gets each clue, but the audience knows that there is nothing. He keeps looking around but doesn’t find anything. Bob decides to make a fake idol. With a mix of resin, beads and a skull it actually looks somewhat realistic.

It’s Day 27 at Fang and they read a tree mail about being a fire starter. Randy talks smack about Crystal. He dislikes Crystal. He uses different code names like Sasquatch and Bigfoot to describe her.

The tribes come to the challenge the idol is taken back and replaced with an individual immunity. The tribes are merged. They hug and put on their new blue buffs. Bob makes his bow-tie with his buff. The challenge is a fire making challenge. All they have to do is burn a rope. It’s a classic challenge used several times before, not only as a challenge but also as a tie-breaker.

Everyone starts with attempting to catch sparks onto the coconut fibers. Randy decides to start over after only getting dust. Susie gets a flame first from the husks. Matty cuts himself. Susie gets a teepee of wood going along with her fire. Sugar gets the flame next. Susie’s fire has a better structure and is higher than Sugar’s messy pile of wood she put together. Matty is upset with himself. Susie easily beats everyone and gets individual immunity.

Jeff tells us that the tribes will return to Fang’s camp but has new supplies. A name will be created later as well. All personal items at Kota will be brought over to Fang.

The group returns back to the old Fang tribe. There was some actual food and everyone was happy. After a can of beans were opened up and people ate everyone started to shuffle and talk about voting. Charlie thinks that Charlie/Corrine/Bob/Randy should vote for Randy. He points out that Crystal/Ken/Susie/Matty are together. Sugar is the swing voter She wants to vote off Randy, but Corrine and Charlie try their best to sway her. Corrine talks about how she has to pretend to like Sugar. She calls Sugar a moron.

The other four complain about the Corrine/Charlie problem. Ken knows that he has to get rid of Charlie. He makes the cutest of rat noises as he convinces the other that Charlie is the new mastermind.

Ken talks to Sugar about voting off Charlie. Sugar smiles about how everyone gets to talk to her. Back at the camp, Sugar is unsure about anyone. Ken suggests creating the tribe name “No Bag” which is Gabon backwards. Sugar is unsure of everything as the contestants all go to tribal.

Jeff welcomes the first jury member, Marcus. Jeff reminds us that no one talks to the jury. Jeff asks Randy about the ball stress during the reward. Charlie talks about the lack of communication from the drama. Crystal pops up and wants to know why Randy doesn’t like her. Randy uses GC as one of his reasons to why he doesn’t like her. He mentions the whole gang/ghetto mentality that old Fang had. Crystal doesn’t regret any of her emotions. Charlie wants people to process their thoughts. Ken talks about how he doesn’t really know Charlie, but he likes Ken. Charlie says the reverse. Randy says that Ken grew up. Jeff asks Sugar about being Exiled; Sugar knows that people would talk behind her back. Susie keeps her immunity.

Randy votes Crystal (C. C.) and calls her a bitch. Ken votes “Charley”. Sugar is in tears while waiting. Charlie votes Crystal. As she votes she cries thinking about the whole thing.

Jeff reads the votes for Crystal, C.C. (who Jeff asks and Randy responds), Crystal, Crystal, Crystal, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, and the last vote is for Charlie. Marcus nods in shame.

Next Week:
Randy wreaks havoc. Ken wants to make sure that his alliance is still tight.

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