Thursday, November 6, 2008

Survivor Gabon Episode 8

Previously on Survivor: Jeff dropped the bomb that both tribes had to vote off a member. Marcus wins immunity and gives an extra immunity to Sugar. Fang decides to blindside Ace, while Kota votes off a paranoid Dan even though Susie pissed off Corrine.

The Kota tribe returns from tribal council and Randy points out how tough the vote was at Kota; he snaps at Susie laughing. Marcus wants a little group meeting; Randy wants to make sure that the six will get rid of four. The rest of the group pins Susie, mostly Corrine who’s pissed off at the remarks Susie made about her.

Fang returns from their council. Sugar was so happy to get rid of Ace. Matty was worried about the whole thing and was happy about the whole promise thing left. Sugar trusts Ken more. Crystal wants to make sure that they go open. They decide to try to go for a plan made by Ken if they go to merge.

The next day at Kota, Corrine is still complaining about the whole thing as they get the tree mail. It has a spoon. They want personal possessions and something about going to a beach.

Both tribes arrive to food and all reintroduce themselves to each other. There is a box with a mystery in it. Everyone passes food around and speculates about the box. Matty and Ken notice the clue. Ken grabs for it and Charlie makes him read the immunity idol clue. Marcus suggests that no one wants the immunity idol. Randy wants to send it adrift. He finds it and places it on the table. Everyone wants the idol, but taking it would look bad. Everyone heads over to the beach and Randy tosses the idol to the ocean. Marcus pats himself in the back. They get back and open the box. The first note points that each person grabs a numbered stone. The second explains that there are two new tribes of five.

New Kota: Crystal, Ken, Marcus, Susie, and Bob
New Fang: Charlie, Corrine, Randy, Matty, and Sugar

Susie thinks that she has all the power. Crystal is nervous. Marcus has way too much hot air and convinces himself that he’s amazing.

Ken and Crystal are amazed and happy about their new camp. Ken is nervous about being in the minority again. Marcus apparently knows Crystal’s cousin. Marcus almost wants to help Crystal because of past friendships. The have some time to talk and Crystal decides to try using Marcus as much as possible.

Over at New Fang, Charlie is trying to be positive by making the Kota Six into the temporary Kota Three. Corrine and Charlie think of getting rid of Matty, but possibly flusing out Sugar. Matty talks to Randy and is uneasy about the whole thing. Matty and Sugar discuss Kenny’s plans. She starts to crumble a little on the inside.

Over at Kota, Susie is a worker bee. Marcus and Bob keep talking about voting off Susie. Susie talks to Marcus about having the power. She wants to use the power right now to get rid of Marcus.

Fang gets some mail; Randy suggests throwing a challenge getting rid of Matty. Sugar and Matty come back with a clue talking about immunity and holding on to something.

Matty explains that Fang=Ghetto to him. Jeff explains the challenge. They have to hold two poles to a board for as long as possible. The first tribe to lose their players, lose the challenge. All the heights have been adjusted for fairness.

Almost immediately, Crystal and Sugar drop out. Susie loses her concentration and is out. In the same time Randy and Corrine are out. Ken drops the pole. Marcus’ arms shake immensely and he is out. Charlie drops out and the last two remaining are Matty and Bob. Matty starts making noises to throw Bob off. Matty’s poles are on the edge, but Bob drops the pole. Matty keeps the tribe safe.

Personally, I’m impressed by Susie’s game play. She has gone under the radar so long that she finally emerges as a power player. She really has all the power and unless the other four realize it, she’s deciding who goes home.

Kota returns in some dismay and Marcus was disappointed. He does want Ken out though. Marcus tries to convince Crystal that he wants to replace Susie with her. Marcus calls out the fact that Crystal sucks at challenges. She does some intense neck-work to the audience. Marcus and Susie talk about who should be voted off. Susie decides to put trust in Marcus. Crystal decides to tell Ken that everyone else is voting Ken. Crystal decides to get Susie on her side. She explains that Randy and Corrine don’t like Susie. If I were her, I’d tell Crystal/Ken to vote Marcus and hope Marcus/Bob votes Ken and vote Bob.

At tribal, Crystal explains that it is a battle of suits vs. the ghetto. Bob points out that he regrets voting out Dan last week. Susie makes a face. Ken decides to call out Marcus and tries his best. Marcus decides to act very corporate in response. At the vote Marcus votes with a swirly after Ken’s name. Crystal votes Marcus, Bob votes Ken, and Ken votes “Marc-Ace” which is quite funny to me. Susie’s vote is left shrouded in mystery.

Jeff reads the votes. Marcus. Ken. Ken. Marcus. Susie’s vote was for Marcus. It turns out that he will be the first juror. Crystal has the biggest grin for the blindside.

Next Week: There’s a party! Fang complains more. Ken is happy to still be around.

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