Monday, November 17, 2008

Dancing With the Stars: The Semi-finals

Last Week: Maurice went home; I doubt anyone actually was surprised.

There are two dances this week: Each contestant has their last Latin dance remaining and one of those new dances this week. Julianne is back to dance. She looks quite like Christina Aguilera.

Round 1:

Brooke & Derek:
Brooke was technically great last week. They have the Jive and Salsa. Derek is a little unsure of the Salsa because it’s not his forte. Brooke was worried about the wow factor; she wants to be entertaining. They start with the Jive and Derek is energetic off the bat. Brooke, although technical, looks like a horrible actress. The gasp-look in her face looks foolish. I liked the lift too. There’s something stiff about Brooke in this dance. Len thinks it was a disaster and it had a lot of mistakes. Bruno pointed out that the technique was bad, he’s shocked. Carrie Ann points out that she went for a blatant illegal lift. The scores are: 7, 7, and 7. This is Brooke’s lowest score ever.

Cody & Julianne: Cody had an interesting time with Edyta, but managed to survive for the return of Julianne. Cody went to the CMA awards and surprised Julianne. Cody was worried about how stiff he dances. Julianne likes his determination that grew while she wasn’t around. They have the Salsa and Paso Doble. Cody is worried about how manly the Paso has to be. They do an army inspired Paso and Cody maintains a stone face the whole dance, which I’m not sure if it’s great or not. He’s a little stiff, but I think it’s the character. He puts on a jacket and knees across the stage. It’s interesting to say the least. Bruno calls it different, a little robotic. He thinks that there were no Spanish lines and the timing was poor. Carrie Ann likes the determination, but there was tension. Len disliked the whole thing. It was too stiff. The scores are: 8, 7, and 7.

Warren & Kym: Warren had a strong Jive and Tango last week. Kym explains that Warren has to fly back and forth. They do the mambo and fly and do the jitterbug at a TV set. He is stressed out. The mambo starts off in the crowd and then involves a lot of walking. It’s very playful; Warren takes off his jacket while balancing Kym on his knee. I really appreciate Kym in this dance. Carrie Ann wants Warren to up the game a little more. Len points out the performance vs. lack of the technique. Bruno thinks that it was engaging but flat-footed. The scores are: 8, 8, and 8.

Lance & Lacey: Last week the foxtrot and samba actually got into Len’s good graces. They have the Mambo and Jitterbug. He talks about his grandfather who did some army work. His dad and granddad watch them practice the jitterbug. He’s dedicating the Jitterbug to his grandfather. They start the night with the mambo. Lacey looks like a conceptual peacock. After three questionable dances, Lances looks a lot better. I have to applaud Lacey’s technique and choreography. It’s energetic and captures Lance’s spirit. Len thinks that it was Lance’s best dance. Bruno thought that it was semi-final material. Carrie Ann thought that it was a show stopper for the night. The scores are: 10, 9, and 9. That was Lance’s first 10.

Round 2:

Len’s Master Class: Len wakes up from a nice dream of him with Kym and Cheryl and goes to teaches. He starts with Lance. He suffers from pigeon-toe. Len makes sure that Lance’s thigh is in the right place. Cody suffers from hip problems. Len makes sure that he rolls his hips and loosens his shoulders. Brooke doesn’t have the right leg action; she bends funny. He points out exactly where she extends and she fixes it as much as she can. Warren’s problem is his feet. He uses an analogy of having a cast on his ankle. Warren tries to teach him his chicken dance.

For a demo of what the dances are supposed to look like we have two professional Salsa dancers. Paul Barris and Yesenia Adame do a real Salsa; besides being quite intimidating for the celebrities to watch, it flows like water.

Brooke & Derek: They start off with a strong lift and I can’t help but look at the fringe that goes everywhere; I’m sure that’s to help cover up the leg bend. Derek and Brooke are trying to be really outrageous with their lifts and splits. They end with this insane spiral where Brooke’s shoulder could have popped out. Bruno loved it. Carrie Ann points out how she’s a champion for rising to the occasion. Len reminds her to work on her crisp technique. The scores are: 9, 10, and 9.

Cody & Julianne:
The two start on the stairs and work the way into the middle. Cody is still a little stiff, but I am impressed by his extensions and his silly faces. Their steps are a little more basic until Julianne does a flip into a spin. They end with an interesting flip. Carrie Ann thinks that there was a lack of musicality. Len thought that there was rhythm and liked the lifts. Bruno thinks he was a cheeky devil, but was loose technically. The scores are: 8, 8, and 8.

Christian Perry and Annette Nicole have a demo of the jitterbug. They are swing champions and they are so bouncy the whole time. Christian looks like he needs to cut back on the caffeine. The whole dance is fun and technically amazing with al the flips.

Warren & Kym: Warren starts in front of the judges dealing cars, he does a little bit of a chicken dance and then just has a fun time flipping Kym around. He manages to kick very quickly. It was never a question that his lifts were good, but I can definitely see a lack of technique in this dance. Len liked watching the performance, and was sold. Bruno makes some reference to “Starship Troopers” and thinks that his feet were everywhere. Carrie Ann liked the performance. The scores are: 9, 8, and 8.

Lance & Lacey: I find it funny that Lance and Lacey have the World War 2 inspired dance when Lacey cameos in Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman” video. Their dance is what I was expecting for a jitterbug. They are high in kicking. Lance kicks really hard and loses a shoe and does the rest of the dance with one shoe. He completes flips kicks, lifts, and a lot of other moves with only one shoe. Bruno thought it was brilliant, shoe or not. Carrie Ann thought it was perfect and magic. Len salutes Lance and Lacey. The scores are: 10, 9, and 10.

The Scores:

Lance – 57
Brooke – 49
Warren – 49
Cody – 46

Who’s going home? I don’t know. I’m convinced that Brooke has no real fan-base and Cody has more fans. If I went on talent I would say that Cody was going home since Brooke is technically better. If I said it was determined by the people, Brooke would go home.

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