Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America’s Next Top Model Episode 10

Previously: Sheena was too hoochie, even for the Red Light District. She was sent home.

Back in Amsterdam, the girls talk about being the top five. Analeigh is in high hopes. Elina is still stiff and Marjorie points out that she’s a one-note when it comes to facial poses. Marjorie feels uncomfortable under all the pressure.

There is a Tyra Mail telling us that it’s go-see week. There are four points that the girls are being judged. Each girl also gets a boat, a map, and a time limit. If they are past 5PM they are eliminated. The girls get into their boats and go. The boats would go faster if they rowed. Marjorie puts too much pressure on herself. Samantha is first and she tries her best to follow some instructions. She connects, but is too commercial for the first designer.

McKey meets with a designer and Monique is impressed. Marjorie, on the other hand is lost. Samantha gets lost as well; her pronunciation is also bad. Analeigh tries to read signs unsuccessfully. Marjorie tries to ask everyone, but gets nothing.

Analeigh meets with Hans and he seems to have liked her. Elina runs to Mart. He complains to Elina for being sweaty. He doesn’t like her because she’s not a model. Analeigh, Elina, and Samantha all see two designers while Marjorie doesn’t see one. She decides to go to number two.

Marjorie is worried about her lank of bank-ability. She makes it to one designer, but Marlies points out her hunch. Elina is outside waiting and she immediately gets rejected because of her tattoos. McKey has her third go-see and it turns out well. She loses track of time because of the beauty of the place. Elina is at her fourth, Analeigh shows up next for her third. Monique likes Analeigh because she is willing to learn.

Marjorie gets to her second go-see. She cries outside thinking that Hans didn’t like her. She decides to go back to the agency. Time goes by and Analeigh gets back next. Elina struggles with getting out of the boat but makes it back in time. Sam makes it back in time. All the girls are hoping that McKey doesn’t make it in time. She doesn’t. She’s upset with herself and she’s disqualified. She basically would have won.

Samantha gets dinged for being too commercial. Elina gets dinged for the tattoos again. Marjorie was really nervous. Analeigh’s hair was good and she was fresh, she may have tried too hard. The prize is clothes from the designers. Analeigh wins.

There is a Tyra mail and the girls speculate about a nude shoot. Marjorie has that losing mentality. Samantha is still worried about nude shoots. Jay shows up with Christian being over made in makeup. Tyra is the photographer and they are doing two shots, one with no make-up and the other over-done; what Tyra calls “fierce.” The photos will be black and white.

Samantha goes first and she gets the explanation about the Polaroids from go-sees. After the make-over she has to work her bubbly pants. She does better theatrically.

Marjorie still does her Hunchback in her Polaroids. She bounces around and thinks too hard. In her make-over, her hair is shortened even more. Tyra pretends to be a photographer, Marjorie works her profile.

Analeigh gets generic pony-tail for her shots. After the makeover she does okay.

Elina gets criticized for her nails. She does these mannish poses. She gets criticized for being too stiff again. Elina tries her best to breakaway from her stiffness, but fails.

McKey does a little too well. In her make-over Tyra wants some intense “Clockwork Orange” eye. She is quite flexible as she does her shots.

The mail reminds us that the elimination is next. At judging Tyra wears a top that looks like someone threw paint at her. Jay Manuel is our extra judge today. Samantha is first, and she booked two jobs out of four. Apparently the shoot is based off of an old Tyra shot. The plain shot is amazing, very Calvin Klein. Her high end shot is great as well.

Analeigh would have booked all three go-sees. The natural shot is too “casting” to Nigel. Analeigh’s shot is amazing, she sports crazy legs. Marjorie psyches herself out, and would have booked nothing. She has that same broken shot. It actually was her test shot; nothing else was any good. Her makeover shot was fierce.

Elina looks like a bad Angelina Jolie; Jay fixes her by removing her shirt. The tattoos led to her being booked for two out of the four. Elina’s natural shot/profile was okay. Her crazy shot was bad. She tries a crazy attempt and fails. Tyra is shocked that she’s 18. Elina screams, but I still don’t believe it.

McKey got to four go-sees but was too late; she would have booked all four. The natural shot was good, Tyra takes all credit after her teach a few episodes back. The makeover has an intense angle. Boy, can that girl can curve her body.

At judging, Samantha is good. Analeigh has big proportions in her face and that makes her interesting. Nigel doesn’t like Marjorie because how frail she is. McKey’s shot is amazing. Elina is a no; Ms. Jay makes fun of her.

Tyra has eight photos this week. The winner this week is Samantha (I blame Nigel). McKey and Analeigh are next. Marjorie & Elina are our bottom and they get the same criticism that we hear week after week. Elina holds on too much. Marjorie has no nerves, but it’s okay. She’s safe. Elina starts to cry; Tyra wants her to be edgier.

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