Wednesday, November 12, 2008

America’s Next Top Model: Episode 13 Recap

Last Week: Although Marjorie was nervous at go-sees, it was a stiff Elina who went home.

Samantha returns and is quite happy to have been number one last week. She applauds her picture on the TV. They mention that McKey has never been in the bottom two.

There is a mail about knowing how to sell. Analeigh and Marjorie have a moment to discuss Marjorie’s nervousness and personality. Analeigh tells her that there is a bit of acting to the whole thing.

The girls are bused to a building with Paulina greeting them. There are some tables with random items. The teach is how to sell with other senses other than using their voices. Analeigh has to smell a fish. McKey and Marjorie do decently smelling the fish. Samantha is a little disgusted. Next is toilet paper they play with how soft it is. Samantha can’t really do high fashion with the toilet paper. The next is a cell phone and Samantha and Marjorie don’t do that well emoting. Analeigh and McKey do a good set of emotions. After analysis, the girls go back to another mail. They worry that they have use their teachings in the next challenge. Before the next challenge, McKey and Samantha have some time to talk about making it to the final three.

Marjorie is still nervous as the girls go to Amsterdam Worldwide, an ad agency. The challenge is an audition for a commercial. It’s for a sneaker and there are cute storyboards to describe the situation. Mark Vanderloo (a male supermodel) is their partner for the challenge. The prize is a $10,000 shopping spree for a denim company.

Samantha is first and she has to reenact the commercial in the boardroom. She is on a treadmill and she goes for it. She gets professional about the whole situation after some breathing. Analeigh is next and she does an interesting take as well; after she finished she talks to the other girls about liking her kiss. McKey is worried about being in the bottom two so she tries her best. She doesn’t make the biggest of kisses, but Paulina likes the interaction before it. Marjorie tries her best to have fun with everything. She looks like a deer caught in headlights in some of her expressions. She then she lunges at Mark; it was unexpected but interesting. Paulina thanks everyone. She critiques the girls: Samantha was a little overdone, Analeigh was sweet, McKey’s flirtation was good but her kiss was awkward, and Marjorie was original/honest but a little scary. Paulina announces the winner is Marjorie. She gets to pick a friend and picks Analeigh. She decides to split the win 50/50. It’s funny that they only walked away with three bags.

There is a Tyra Mail about going Dutch. They don’t remember the concept about “Going Dutch.” Somehow Marjorie has the guts to invite some boys over on the phone. They were the boat drivers seen several episodes ago. The girls get gussied up and the boys arrive with pizza and alcohol. Truly guys, I guess. The other three except for Marjorie don’t drink so she pours herself a drink. Marjorie gets too loose. The group decides to play some charades. The groups separate and Sam plays cards; McKey wrestles a guy; and then somewhere along the line Marjorie is kissing one of the men.

My Life As A Cover Girl: Whitney model walks down the street. Then she puts eyeliner on. I guess she hasn’t booked anything today.

Marjorie and the guys are a little too drunk. Somehow Marjorie is in the bathtub with all her clothes with one of the guys only in his underwear. Analeigh is concerned talking to the boys; the boys don’t know why she is looking out for the boys. I guess they are real guys. Samantha and McKey also get a little upset and the boys finally leave. They all go to bed. As the day passed, Marjorie was happy that she was the only one drinking because she knew that the girls would take care of her.

The girls are bussed over to the Dutch countryside. The shoot is an extreme makeup/hair shoot. Barrie is the photographer and he has a good portfolio.

Analeigh is first and Jay is giving good criticism to her. She gives a lot of different shots and attempts some jumping shots. Marjorie, on the other hand is a little awkward; Jay calls her drunk. Her latter shots aren’t too bad. Jay reminds her to step it up in the judging panel. Samantha loves her crazy outfit. She is a little silly and laughs the whole way through. At the shoot Jay mentions that her legs are a little too straight. She struggles with posing; it may be due to the shoes causing her pain. The last few frames were better. Jay warns her that she doesn’t have the time to dilly-dally. She cries in the back and Sutan (the make-up artist) cheers her up. McKey has some really crazy hair and some strong eyeliner. Her poses are interesting with the chain and her climbing.

Back at the house McKey and Samantha talk about the shoot. Samantha is angry at herself for how she messed up. Marjorie sips a glass of wine and talks about not being nervous on the photoshoot.

Tyra introduces the judges and prizes. Ann Shoket of “Seventeen” is the guest judge. McKey is applauded for her clothing and her shoot. She gets her constant compliment about the endless legs. Marjorie is thanked for winning the challenge, but her shot looks like an alien is beaming her up. The judges call her flat instead of nervous. Samantha’s sweater disturbs Tyra; she immediately takes it off. Samantha’s shot isn’t bad. Tyra compliments her lips, but points out the photo was one of the last shots on the roll. Analeigh’s shot is the jumping shot she attempted. She almost copies the windmill behind her. Ann loves it.

Top Models in Action: Kim made it pretty far in Cycle 5. She does some modeling now, but is mostly known for being a reporter for MTV News.

At Judging the judges compliment Analeigh, but Ms. Jay doesn’t think her portfolio is the best. Paulina calls Samantha great, but Tyra is a little upset about her presence. Marjorie’s editorial shot was interesting, but Nigel talks about the lack of charm. Ann calls her condescending. There are no negatives about McKey’s photo.

Tyra calls the winner this week is Analeigh. The next name called is McKey. Our bottom two is Samantha and Marjorie. Tyra mentions that Marjorie’s photos are high fashion, but she’s become boring. Samantha on the other hand doesn’t get being a model. The girl that is safe is Samantha. That means Marjorie is going home, she thanks the judges and Tyra and hugs the other contestants. Analeigh is in tears, but Marjorie comforts her.

Next Week: The finale. There is a Dr. Seuss runway.

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