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The Mole: Episode 7

Last Week On The Mole: People are lonely, make some money, fell like bricks and Alex went home.

Nicole is getting lucky enough to guess her way through this show. That’s not a great strategy, but I guess she now knows it’s not Victoria, Bobby, or Alex.

We get another Smart/Dumb game. Oddly enough both were smart last week. “Go Figure” involves numbers, puzzle solving, running, lack of pens, and the dumb team has to remember 5 sets of numbers. There are a lot of plazas in this town. Dumb team does some math involving teats. The smart team has big numbers. Apparently they can’t do math. Oh well. Clay is apparently a math genius. Don’t trust lawyers. The poor playground looked boring. But I guess as a kid it would be a lot of fun. Craig doesn’t think that a very Catholic society doesn’t use the Gregorian calendar. Paul gets the team lost. They are off by Ocho blocks. Ocho! Mark’s veins pop out of his head.

Did they have to do their puzzles in order? I guess so. The smart team has to run and do math. They make it in 7 minutes. The dumb team messes up their last number, it’s not 228. They send out Nicole, most likely that she could actually run. Nicole says that they were off by 1. Clay thinks he’s gotten a pattern. The group says its 233, Nicole says its 227. Everyone screams awkwardly, 233. I guess I’ll say that Clay is a math genius. Or like Dorothy, damn lucky.

Mark has gone crazy. Mark apparently went “Nicole” the whole test. I feel as though some questions can be tossed towards someone else. I know in celebrity mole Kathy Griffin survived getting only one or two questions and being quite fast. Clay talks to Nicole and they think its Craig. Nicole plays the black card. I guess it could be Nicole if some of the questions also tossed towards Craig. Knowing she only played the black card, either Clay or Nicole will be gone quite soon. Looking back at last weeks test, Numbers 2, 3, 4, and 8 are all toss ups between Nicole and Craig. Even if Clay & Mark got 4 questions right, and if Nicole isn’t the mole, she would have gotten questions 1 and 3 if she answered every question as Alex. One would assume that if Alex put Nicole straight through, he only would have gotten 1 question right. That or only got either 4 (was slow/Nicole tossed 2 questions somewhere else) or less But I guess I’m just doing statistics.

People are missing family. Nicole is looking quite pretty for no reason. The next game is a Trust game. The votes are split between Mark & Clay, with one vote going to Nicole. Black power. Wait, did people actually pick one trustworthy person? The host tells us that family and friends are here. We are put in the train station. Craig & Clay are up first. It’s a memory/time game. It’s a little sad because family vs friends are a totally different thing. That’s a little unfair. Paul or Mark would clearly know their wives better than Craig who knows a girl for 9 months. Craig’s friend is named Brendi. Who names their children Brendi? I really hope there’s some familial basis. I guess I’m a fan of the classics. Like “Paz”. Ha.

Clay must have gotten only 3 right since “movies” isn’t a favorite memory and “The Crow” is an amazing movie, not a band. Nicole on the other hand, was quite accurate & fast on her questioning skills. Maybe she is a good OBGYN. Nicole, I could almost guess that she had all 5 questions right. Mark is going slow and is pissing off Nicole. Nicole slips one question, but fixes it in time. The door opens for Nicole’s Mom. I think Mark’s stress lines have increased since the beginning of the show. Clay is doing the nervous blank, but only had time to ask 4 of the 5 questions. Mark’s wife was crying before the door opened. Fortunately the door opens for her. Paul is last and uber-nervous. Actually he looks like a New Yorker. As a true New Yorker, he doesn’t know *mole* about his wife. Okay maybe a little. The train pulls up, and his very New York-looking family awkwardly waits during the commercials.

The commercials have finally finished and the doors finally open. What? I really thought Paul messed it up. Paul’s daughter is amazing with her witch-door-opening powers. A Yonkers daughter. I hope she doesn’t go to Sacred Heart.

Everyone is spending special time. Nicole is sad that she’s being isolated. Paul picks on her. Nicole totally answers a question with a two-sided answer. If there was a Bribe soon, Nicole would probably take the money. Nicole is ready for Self-Destruction by tossing questions either everywhere or towards herself.

I really think Paul is a good dad. I hope the show is stressing him out. Nicole’s mother would totally play the game similarly to Nicole. To a T. Her mother would even kill a contestant. Hah.

This test at least is a little more specific than the last test. One could probably get the first 4 right guessing. Clay has apparently picked the eliminated players as the mole, similarly to Nicole’s strategy.

There’s a quick shot of a Tiki torch and I don’t know if that’s a clue or a nod to Survivor. There’s a tie tonight, and knowing Nicole’s strategy, she probably went really fast. Paul, who happily wasn’t in this episode much, is in the Green. Nicole’s plan to self-destruct backfires. Clay, with his slight Lazy eye is eliminated. Nicole apparently just did the test. Her mother calls her Omarosa. Hah!

Now with my main suspicion is gone, I guess I’ll throw it to who my sister thought it was, Craig. I have a feeling Mark and Clay tied.

Next Week – Another trust game! One of those puzzles where you have to change the word Cell to Mole by changing one letter at a time! Paintball! Red screen of death for one!

Before I Go Let’s play with some statistics:

Question 1: Is the Mole?

Male - 75%
Female - 25%

Question 2: During the mission "Go Figure," was the Mole wearing a hat?

Yes – Craig – 25%
No - Mark, Paul, Nicole - 75%

Question 3: During the mission "Go Figure," did the Mole return to the park to recalculate one of the answers?

Yes – Nicole – 25%
No - Craig, Mark, Paul – 75%

Question 4: In "Go Figure," which team was the Mole a part of?

Dumb players - Craig, Nicole – 50%
Smart players - Mark, Paul – 50%

Question 5: In the "Ticket to Ride" mission, who did the Mole pick as their most trusted player?

Clay - Mark, Craig - 50%
Mark - Nicole, Paul – 50%
Nicole – Clay – 0%

Question 6: In "Ticket to Ride," how many people chose the Mole as their most trusted player?

Zero - Craig, Paul – 50%
One – Nicole – 25%
Two - Clay, Mark – 25%

Question 7: In "Ticket to Ride," who was the Mole's loved one(s)?

Brenda – Mark - 25%
Brendi – Craig – 25%
Kim – Clay - 0%
Ledora – Nicole – 25%
Tori and Alexa – Paul – 25%

Question 8: During "Ticket to Ride," in what order did the Mole see their loved one(s)?

First – Craig – 25%
Second – Clay – 0%
Third – Nicole – 25%
Fourth – Mark – 25%
Fifth – Paul – 25%

Question 9: During drinks before the "Ticket to Ride" mission, from Jon's perpsective, where was the Mole sitting (from r to l)?

First – Nicole - 25%
Second – Clay – 0%
Third – Craig – 25%
Fourth – Paul – 25%
Fifth – Mark – 25%

Question 10: Who is the Mole?

Clay - 0%
Craig - 25%
Mark - 25%
Nicole – 25%
Paul – 25%

See It’s a total coin toss with these tests. You know, although it's all pure luck, it'd be funny for Craig to be eliminated next week if you look at their names alphabetically, Craig is the only one by himself.

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