Thursday, July 10, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: The Results 7/10/08

Why is it that Cat Deeley gets better clothes than the contestants? Maybe it’s because she just looks amazing in anything. The group dance is Closer by Ne-Yo. It’s a laser show. Didn’t I see something like this on America’s Best Dance Crew? I love how they have to cut a lot to show that they aren’t fully in sync. I want a jacket like that when I go jogging at night.

Cat reminds us that 10 is the magic number, like Idol this is the group that would go on tour. This is really the last week the judges have any power. So if they want to cut people, they better do it now.

The first two couples are up; Joshua & Katee, and Thayne & Comfort. This seems badly balanced. Thayne & Comfort don’t have connection and are sloppy. Katee & Joshua seemed to get high praise on both performances. I hope to see Bollywood in the future as a group dance. No shock there, Comfort & Thayne are in the bottom. I could see Mia fight for Thayne. They might need Comfort for Gev’s height.

Our next couples are up, Mark & Chelsie, and Jessica & Will. I must say Jessica’s braid to the side was different and pretty. Looking back at those clips, Mark looks like he wants to bite Chelsie. Cat tries a fake out, but clearly Jessica & Will got the Quickstep of death. Though…if we get rid of Will, we could get Debbie Allen back.

Our last three is next. Courtney & Gev and Kherington & Twitch. Ah! Cat used the term “Indiana Jones”! I got the concept! I really am tired of the Twitch-Urkel glasses. Aha! I got three for three once in my life. And it was on post for proof. *Sigh*. I love how Nigel was like, “It’s ok, Comfort & Jessica suck too much to consider you.”

Ooh dance theater, I was gypped last week with the robot dancer that we’ve seen before. These guys are quite tall, Gev. When are the Irish dancers going to be on this show? Or really amazing Tap? How about a thousand piece Bollywood Routine, but they need a fountain in the middle.

Snuggle happy dance time. Op, I got a little bit of Irish jig I was looking for.

Comfort is up. She is definitely bringing it harder this week. She still needs a big trick to save her. No shoulder clicks today.

Thayne – He’s fighting for it. You could see the passion. And his teeth.

Jessica – She contorts a little bit and then a flip. Is that how her voice sounds? She seemed a little chipmunky than normal. Or I just don’t pay attention to her.

Will - He’s bringing contemporary/African fusion. And he jumps off the stage almost slamming into a girl in the audience.
Kherington – She’s getting all smiles again, she is the female Thayne, with more control. This all looks like her Stop & Stare routine to me. I mean it’s good, but OneRepublic is being pimped.

Twitch – I love the choice of music and the penguin jacket. I think he could have brought more, but knew he was safe.

While the judges decide, let’s say hi to Katy Perry. Hello, you remind me of Lily Allen, but not as foul. Katy Perry is new enough to actually sing live. Silly. She’s quite leggy. Oh wait there is the backing on the chorus. I could make that dress, with a little bit of hot glue and scrapbook stars. Bwah! Her hair got stuck in her face and the camera had to switch to the keyboardist.

Decision time – The Girls are up first. Kherington is clearly safe. Comfort stepped it up but it wasn’t her night. Comfort was only dancing for 2 years? Wow, she beat tons of people with 2 years. The Guys – Twitch is safe. Duh. I told you, fear mongering. While looking at Will, you could see Thayne in the background blinking a storm. My Teeth-to-Television ratio will never be the same. Kherington better bring it Teeth wise. You know, they should have gotten rid of two girls. That would be amazing to see a pair of guys dance like when they get to final 2. Cat, like I, will miss Thayne. Aww he’s gonna cry. Quick scroll the credits fast. See you next week Cat.

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