Thursday, July 24, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 8 The Results Show

We start off tonight with a swirl. And red dots. I guess it’s another futuristic hip hop. They all look like rejects from American Gladiators. Apparently though they are supposed to be superheroes. Out of everyone I like Marks outfit the best. Maybe because he’s the only one wearing red. I’m not really impressed overall. They really mis-balance who gets the most camera time.

Cat welcomes us in a very Greek-muse inspired get-up. She reminds us to blame Chuck Maldonado. Toni Basil is still wearing her hair up. Nigel looks like he is going through a mid-life crisis. We are treated with a snippet of Toni Basil’s videos. Love the fact that she learned things from Boogaloo. Toni just equated Dancing to Drugs. Like the heavy sweating and breathing. And the touching yourself when you’re on Ecstasy. Or that’s what Peter Griffin taught me on Family Guy.

Nigel reminds the audience that American Idol is more popular. But the point actually is that Nigel wants us to vote… but not for the show. For the President. I see now what the shirt is for. I guess the PSA works. . Neither Cat nor Nigel can vote here in the US though. Don’t worry, I’m registered.

Everyone is in the back waiting for Cat to call them. Cat starts with Katee. There is a clip montage of Katee’s performances. She did her chicken flap dance before she started her solo. That’s a good nerve breaker. I truly think she has become a Dark Horse. Especially with the horrible edit she got earlier. Cat tells her she’s safe and Katee skips away.

Cat calls Will next. More clips. I didn’t note last night how I thought that shirt he wore was a little “I’m too sexy” 90s. James Brown. Will as a ghost. Cat reveals that he is in the bottom 2. Debbie Allen I’m sure is shocked.

Comfort is next. Looking at the clips, I notice that Comfort always pulls her pants up during her solo performances. Comfort goes in and out of wearing that eyebrow piercing. There must be a “classy” eyebrow piercing somewhere. Cat reveals she is also in the bottom 2. She skips away.

Mark, still with that two shirts getup is still annoying me. I actually kind of grew on Mark when he had his family pictures. I will also admit that he looked better with the hat on his head. Cat reads from the card and opens, Mark is safe and totally shocked. I guess there are Mark fans out there. I’m crossing my fingers for Mark and Katee paired up next week.

Cat calls out Chelsie. The leggy girl with the blue tassels. She still looks like she needs a partner in her solos. Chelsie points out that she came from a Candyland board game. Reminds me of the Pink-Marshmallow dress in Project Runway. Cat says she’s safe. Courtney is left in the back with the boys.

Twitch is next. Mia Michaels’ choreography is crazy. Twitch’s solo is crazy. Twitch’s Broadway is okay. I’m over Tyce choreography. Cat opens up and he’s in the bottom 2. There’s a quick clip of Josh shocked. Twitch is stunned and he crouches down. Cat is such a comforting person.

Joshua is next. We are reminded of the huge booty. Joshua, like comfort with her piercing, has to slick back his hair for the professional routines. He kept it for the solo. Josh is probably the strongest guy left physically. A little bit of a footballer build. He’s safe without having to read the card.

Poor Courtney. Sitting by her lonesome. She already knows the bad news. This is so weird the way they decided to do the eliminations. Courtney did well last night. She had the passion in the hip-hop and her solo. She’s going to dance later along with the other dancers.

Guest Time! LA Ballet! Pas de deux! These professional dancers… well I mean they are professional for a reason. The girl is insane in her turns so pretty and so easy looking. The lifts and turns have such grace. And she has such command of her body, her splits. Woah! I’d pay to watch that. Geez, I feel as though the solos are going to look like crap in comparison.

Crazy Snuggle dancers! That’s right; mug for the camera my little lemmings.

Comfort’s solo is first. She’s actually going harder and I think listened to Nigel about incorporating a little bit of choreography into it.

Will is bringing a lighter contemporary dance, he rolls around and is smoother. He channels a little bit of African when his time runs out. Cat decides to go to Nigel and ask what went wrong. I like how Cat didn’t do that to Comfort. Nigel says the whole confidence/too good to vote lack of voting.

Courtney is up and tries to bring it in a weird pink/black getup. Like a short foxtrot dress. She doesn’t do that badly.

The Stunned Twitch emerges out from the crowd. Hollywood! He’s showing us the old school breaking. I love his stuff because it’s so playful and colorful.

Our musical guest today is LL Cool J. He must be 40 by now. I remember him in the 90s. He still looks good for 40-ish. And he still licks his lips. I’m not sure how I feel about the song. The dancers are also a little boring behind him. Did he just say “John Travolta” and “Pulp Fiction”? Yeah, he’s trying to relive the 90s. Did he run out of money? It’s like seeing Coolio on that Wendy Williams show. It’s not 1993. Sorry. Now waving L’s in the air is a little dumb; theoretically you’re calling LL an Loser. This chorus is way too repetitive for its own good. Your baby. Your baby. Your baby…

Your baby. Okay I’ll stop. The girls are up first. I didn’t notice that Courtney was shorter. It’s finally Comfort’s time. A second time. They set up another goodbye clip. Okay. They showed the success the second time around this time. It actually was a lot of dances for 2 weeks. Fight on Comfort, Fight On. Maybe someone else will get injured. Or she hires someone to.

Will & Twitch are up. Cat reveals that Will is leaving us. That means Twitch is safe. Better yet, Debbie Allen can come back! I think I’m better with that result. Also, I like his nutrition facts shirt. He thanks America, and reminds all the dancers to keep dancing. Dance On Will, Dance On.

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