Thursday, July 17, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: Results

We start off with a group Bollywood routine. They look like a rainbow. I’m sure that was intentional. They are showing a lot of comfort as well. This routine isn’t as intricate as the Katee/Josh one. Aw we welcome Cat she is sporting a nice dress and pony-tailed hair. She looks pretty with anything. We are told Mandy Moore, Wade Robison, and Shane Sparks got Emmy nominations. Except for the fact that Shane . Haha, Cat said “Jidges” again.

Our recap seems longer than normal. Maybe because I did a blog recap yesterday, but it gave the information.

We now have the girls’ performance. I’m not sure what’s in Mia Michael’s head but it’s quite interesting. I’m a little tired of the use of Celine Dion this year. They kept going to shots of Chelsie and Kherington and I didn’t know who they were because of the extensions in their hair, lighting, and airy makeup.

The girls are up on the chopping block. Chelsie is first and she is safe. Comfort is one of the bottom two. Makes sense. Katee is clearly safe, just due to the way they were lined up. Courtney & Kherington were next and Courtney is called safe. I’m so surprised that they didn’t go to commercial. Does that mean we have content this week?

The guys are up next with a “mystery choreographer” it’s a Broadway routine. I’m not sure why they are wearing sweats and wife beaters. It’s nice to see the camera not cut away too much. That means it took them only one take? Well that’s the illusion. So we at the end find out that the mystery choreographer was actually Nigel. Hmmm, maybe he wanted an Emmy nomination. Maybe he wanted more credibility.

So the guys are up. Starting with Joshua, who has fun with Cat by trying to walk away. There is a shot of his grandfather. He’s safe. I’m reminded with Will that it wasn’t Hot Tamale Train last night, but Love Boat. Boring. Any who, Will is safe. He runs downstairs and hugs Katee. Mark is in the bottom two. Leaving Gev and Twitch. Gev has to stand on his tippy toes to make it to Twitch’s shoulder. Twitch is safe.

We are shown more Snuggle sponsored homemade idiot videos. David R. Wins. Congrats?

Comfort is up, I like how her hair is in the front, she looks like she has a beard. She doesn’t do anything that spectacular. Maybe the audience doesn’t want to give Comfort a second chance. Lil’ C instructs her to keep fighting. Everyone does that dance gang sign.

Mark is next. I’m always interested by is song choices. I kind of don’t get it most of the time though. Especially the odd hoodie-without-arms thing.

Wait… there’s no musical performance? Thank you Cat. Thank you.

Kheringon is up next. Am I going to lose my Teeth? Ugh, I guess I should prep finding another soon. Kherington isn’t that bad. Very flexible.

Gev is last and is dancing to Michael Buble. Quite swanky. He’s flexible too. If I lose Kherington and Gev this week I’m gonna have to pick a new Teeth and a new Hottie. It might just be “Braced-teeth” Joshua. On both accounts.

The girl with the lowest votes is Kherington. Comfort is safe. I think she hit her peak during Twitchington.

The guys are up next. Gev is eliminated. Poor guy. I think it was the height thing. And he gets the All American Reject’s song. I always loved his solos.

Did I mention I got 4 for 4 in the bottom this week? I also got Kherington. I’ve kinda shocked myself.

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