Monday, July 14, 2008

The Mole Take a Closer Look: A recap episode!

Ooh some people deny, some people say they are, others play the clumsy card.

We’re back at the waterfalls. First impression, I guess everyone was wrong since they all picked Marcie as the Mole. Some dove, others got clumsy. Mark claims to be competitive. Sure. I know a few episodes later he quits. What? Marcie picks 4 people to go outside, including Nicole; who will stay black and die. Nicole decides not to sleep. We see a clip of Craig steamrolling everyone. Paul makes an useless coalition. Mark forms one with Bobby. Bobby says his gaydar works wonders on non homosexual based challenges. I wish I had his. Mark forms another coalition between him and Clay.

The Caruso mission. Nicole becomes the whiner. Who claims that she was “Smart” and “Gorgeous”? Bobby, is a weakling, and apparently it’s just true. They only got 3 items, and Nicole got immunity. The rest took the quiz and Marcie was eliminated. Paul decides to play up Yonkers. Yonkers disowns Paul.

Mark and Kristen were off, and the rest jogged to the soccer fields. Everyone got confident that they could beat kids. Reality shows always brings the kids who could kick ass. Like that kid who could play ping pong on the Amazing Race. After the soccer, the old, fat, and thin were too slow. Paul then decides to play the asshole. Paul, it’s less than 500,000 now. You better think.

Yay! The pigs flying challenge, the episode where Bobby gets dragged in a wheelbarrow. Craig follows five minutes later. Mark, Clay and Ali got lost. Paul crushed the Pig for an exemption. Liz missed the chance to “wrassle” him. Alex doesn’t know how to use the slingshot. Craig and Bobby see Alex’s book. Luckily they knew that he didn’t. Little old lady Liz is eliminated. Nicole out of nowhere wants to kill Paul. “Okay, wake up dead.” I love that phrase. That must be from a movie or something. Nicole doesn’t have the talent to say something that funny.

Paul causes drama in the van. I didn’t even remember Ali. Fruit of the Louge. Pear. Pear? Dear Bobby, a pear is not an Avacado. Love, Paz. I don’t even eat avocado and I know what one looks like when it is cut in half with the big pit-seed in the middle. Didn’t you watch any cooking show? Granted I don’t think Yan Can Cook had much avocado in the recipies. Craig & Victoria, and Clay & Bobby talked past the no talking line. Nicole & Alex get thrown off after Nicole says apple twice. Nicole & Alex in a behind the scenes video claim that they sabotaged the game intentionally. Nicole promises Clay & Alex that she isn’t the mole. I hope that she’s

I think Bobby turned into Corbin for a second. Big Apple?

Dress Code! Clay is too big for the country. Victoria is looking hot. Clay & Mark quit. So Mark, what did you say about quitting. The girls get whistled and catholic school boys get boners. Craig miraculously finds the laundry mat. Everyone except for Clay & Mark eat. Paul says “I’m not here to be a friend”. Reminds me of this video. The cliché continues. I wouldn’t want to sit next to Paul, so I praise Victoria for not killing Paul that dinner. After the test, Ali takes the Bribe. Bobby gets eliminated. Victoria cries, Paul is still an ass.

To Argentina! Alex, has a song. Paul dances, very whitely. Mark & Kristen talk coalition, Clay, Alex, and Paul eavesdrops. The next challenge is Gold Rush. The selfish team took a little; the selfless team took a lot. The girls start to have problems. Clay turns into a tomato. The selfish team wins and Clay fights his way for an exemption. Victoria should have fought for the exemption. Craig gets carted away. It would have been poetic if he was wheel barrowed to the hospital.

Craig was instructed to rest so he wasn’t around for the journal burning challenge. Mark is too meticulous. Alex apparently is not, so they burn all the rest of the journals. Mark wants to burn everyone. Victoria gets executed.

All for one and one for all. This challenge had drama for nothing. Mark & Clay have drama. Clay’s coalition broke. Mark takes the money. New Journals and Mendoza. Clay tries to add notes, Paul is an ass. Clay moves vans, to a Paul free one. Damn that Lemon.

Alex’s hair is quite fluffy.

“Travelers” Never happened. Silly. Insulting. Except for Nicole & Paul being the llama. Amazing. After the elimination, one second got rid of Kristen.

I don’t believe anyone. Victoria is still the mole.

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