Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Survived A Japanese Game Show: Episode 5

Last Week: Drunks know how to walk when dizzy. Winners had noodles, losers had clams. Mary had a good edit by sticking to her word.

We are returned back to the post challenge. Donnell is washed off but still parading around in the chicken head. Meaghan wants Donnell gone. They go home and drink. Tony, the real host, comes in and tells the yellow team to give up one person to the green team. Tony leaves. That’s pretty much it for him. Donnell wants Justin. Like Batman wants Robin, I hope not sexually. Andrew wants to keep Justin. Cathy knows that she sucks so is willing to switch teams and try to bring her game to green.

Hey, we see Tony again. Cathy volunteers herself. Maybe Cathy was their rabbit’s foot. I’m getting nervous as these episodes go by because I keep seeing Justin’s face in High Def. Several message boards have


Cathy is a monkey! Cue animation! Cue game!

Sticky Sticky Bang Bang

Our wonderful animation explains the whole balls to Velcro suit. The other team pulls. Sounds like fun, mostly to chuck it at a person. Judge Bob shows the suits and Melinda and Cathy choose to be in the suits. Wouldn’t you want someone big for the suits, both because the other team has to deal with your weight and you are a bigger target?

The yellow penguins have a little bit of a reverse Oreo team building time. The Penguins go First. I kinda like how Belinda has no neck. Justin lobs balls at her. Meaghan can’t control Belinda’s weight. Due to the green team’s stupid technique she goes left and right. Andrew shoots Belinda a little too close to the head. Hah, I’d do that too. I like how Belinda got a few ass shots. Oooh Japanese counting. I can’t remember how to say any, but Belinda has Balls. And some Big ones too.

Cathy is up. Justin and Andrew I’m sure could rip her in half if they had the opportunity. They are going quite fast. Donnell is throwing strongly but nothing really makes it past the first 20 seconds. The penguins started to use a snap technique and she gets pulled quite violently. It looked like fun when Belinda was up. With Cathy, not so much. Andrew shot a lot, due to law of averages. Meaghan, tried to be accurate. Yeah….no. Cathy pretty much got killed. The Penguins win 24-7… like 24/7. Nevermind.

The prize: Shinto Temple! That’s cool. The Losers: Mochi! Justin jumps on the back of Andrew… in a sporty way. I guess a guy could dream. Donnell did his best, but I guess his best wasn’t good enough. I’m pretty sure that those were the first lines of James Ingram’s Just Once.

The Penguins got cocky. Cathy is trying to save herself. Apparently there is a rule that if there is no choice the Penguins get to pick. At least with annoying personalities, people like Meaghan and Cathy want to stay in Japan and learn more. That’s a good sign.

Cathy is a little sad she jumped ship. What’s losing? I think the Mochi making isn’t bad. It kind of looked like fun. Hammering and grinding. Even if the hammer was heavy.

Ooooh pretty Shinto Temple. That is a one of a kind thing to do. I guess they get blessed to more wins.

The Green team gets to play with gooey rice.

The Yellow team gets to shoot arrows for focus. Donnell gets tricked into eating the wasabi mochi ball. Donnell beings back 3 wasabi balls. Belinda tells us that Karma/Dharma exists in Shinto. Donnell too confident. He tries to play with Justin’s vote.

Meaghan works with Andrew to get Donnell in with any girl. Donnell thinks there’s a “silent alliance” in play with the boys. Reality Rule #12 - Always get people’s word so that you can use it against them later.

What? Tony is back again. The green team is in a chokehold. The penguins get to pick. Justin is “Not here to make friends”. Drink! The three decide to go with Cathy and Donnell. Meaghan pretends to cry and stuff. Donnell is pissed because he got blindsided. Clearly he wouldn’t do well on Survivor.

The green team walks out with their “Mochi”. The audience happily tries it. The two contestants are given silly hats. Although Donnell gets Samurai head, he acts sumo.

You Swing and Hope for the Best

This one clearly looks like a challenge on MXC. Basically, pick the right door. Panda and Gorilla will beat you. Haha. It’s like a bad nightmare.

Cathy is up first. She starts with Orange which is fake and Gorilla attacks and Panda Power puffs her. She goes for blue next and crashes through. She gets the red door and kind of gets stuck. She goes for the green and it stays. Light blue is safe. She goes for Blue and goes right through. She runs for the pink, it clearly stays and runs for the buzzer. Judge Bob announces: 2 minutes 5 seconds.

Go “Dan-elle” I love pronunciation. He’s ready. He starts with the green and goes right through. The Red is good. He gets the light blue. It’s apparently a solid door but he crashes through anyway and loses a shoe. He gets the next two wrong. He finally gets the blue door, slams into it, and stumbles his way to the stopper. He wins with 1:07.

Cathy gets a knock on the door and the Sayonara boys go and grab Donnell, incorrectly. Idiots. The producers go crazy. People will get fired. Cathy is swept away, and everyone says goodbye. Donnell is ready to bring it (again) next week.

Cue sad music. The Boys bring Cathy outside and she still maintains the Staten Island. As they say you can take girl out of Majide, but you can’t stop her from making Staten Island symbols.

Next Week: Crazy dancing. Weddings. Devils? Donnell explodes. Andrew elbows a table. A sexy hotel/apartment.

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