Monday, July 28, 2008

The Mole: Episode 8

Previously: Nicole & Paul quarrel. Craig didn’t know math. Clay’s plan of deception backfired and he was sent home.

Okay, so we are left with a lot of crazies. Even Craig is a little crazy, but the most sane out the bunch. We’re still in Argentina and Buenos Aires looks like a fun place to visit. The group is starting with $331,000.

How’s the view? No that’s the title. John asks for two people that are young at heart. Paul steps forward and Craig goes. They each get paired up and Nicole/Craig are paired up again. They have to pass an obstacle course. With awkward goggle/video camera things. And no talking. Paul is suited up. And told that we’re doing an IQ test. A kiddy test. With the shape in a box. In a minute.

This looks so awkwardly fun. I want to do this challenge. I can put shapes into boxes. Paul complains about feedback.

Craig is up next. Nicole awkwardly holds the camera, but knows how to do reverse imaging due to her doctor-ship. Nicole started to talk when Craig asked. I blame Craig, but oh well. Next is a ball kick. Paul wasn’t close. Craig misses the first by just a little. He is nowhere near the second one.

The next game, Tea Party! Pour without spilling. Paul actually was kind of good with the teacups. Mark, on the other hand tried to get all Ang Lee on Paul. Craig doesn’t really have the ability to pour correctly. Craig’s fat also didn’t help. He gets one and Paul got two.

The last game places the contestants on the building. Paul is placed on the board and given a crane’s eye view. There’s apparently a piece of chalk in the middle. Now, that’s hard. Paul tries to get Mark to keep on his feet. Paul almost dies before getting to the chalk. He gets the chalk and the time goes down. He shimmies his way over. He makes it over and prints “mole was here” without the “The” but with a second of panic, he gets the last “The” in.

Craig’s vertigo is given as an example by a slow panning crane. Craig aims for the chalk and he’s nowhere near it. You know it’s bad when the host makes a bad face. Craig decides to go past the chalk and gets the chalk. Now the minute timer is there and Craig doesn’t make it. Nicole totally said “Dawg”. Last week channeling Omarosa, this week Randy Jackson.

Craig and Mark go to pee and Nicole and Paul decided to talk. They actually make it sound that they had a decent discussion. I guess that’s what happens when there are only four people left. After the meal Craig and Mark talk a little, Mark being all Clay-less.

The next game (with an exemption) is called Cell Out. They have to do a doublet. I played those. The next step is an obstacle course. The first person out becomes a sniper and has to snipe the rest. Something involving an exemption and shooting. Which player has the target? I don’t know.

Each contestant screams out random numbers and they are assigned. They all have to get the word “Cell” to “Mole”. Mark got it right by going “Call Mall Male Mole” he did it in 53 seconds. Nicole’s first guess is wrong, and Craig makes it out before her. Paul 7 minutes later still hasn’t gotten it. The two wait for Paul. Paul eventually uses the same combo as Mark. Paul tries to get Nicole to go first. The three were hell-bent on running the course clean.

Nicole and Paul work together well. Odd. Mark shoots and it looks like the paintball kind of was a dud. Paul wasn’t phased. Nicole tried to run and got shot. Paul guns (heh) for it and makes it through. Craig runs and being the only target left gets shot. Paul adds $15,000.

Each Cell had the pre-determination of who had the excemption. Nicole didn’t have it. Craig had the exemption. Mark gets to the finals. The total tonight is 368,500. Paul is pissy, but he’s okay with it. He’s quite nervous as dinner rolls around. Again, Nicole and Paul finally appreciate each other because they work similarly to each other. Craig says that him and Mark are “good” and Paul and Nicole are “bad”. Paul admits to the table that Nicole isn’t the mole and he’s been voting similarly since day one or so.

Quiz time. Question 1 is still the same. Nicole decided to go for one person. Paul thinks it’s Craig. Craig is also going for one person. Mark being safe, we don’t see, but I hope he took the test anyway.

Paul is first. After a long wait. Nicole psyching herself out. Paul is eliminated. Paul apparently as learned something on this trip. That’s good. Nicole actually misses him because he was quite motivational. The three remaining contestants deny being the mole.

Next Week: A Bomb! Running around! A quiz!

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