Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So You think You Can Dance: The Top 6 Perform

Hello top 6. Mark wears a lot of neon doesn’t he? Hello Cat you’re looking quite shiny this week. We got another 2 dances per couple plus solos.

Lets say hi to our “jidges”. Adam Shankman is our third judge tonight. I fear already. Mary’s hair isn’t as wild this week. But her clothes reflect off the cameras.

Courtney and Mark – Viennese waltz

Mark touches Courtney’s boob. That’s the highlight of the clip. Oh No! David Cook playing. I guess one expected this since Archuletta was played weeks ago. It looks kind of sequenced prom performance. Their dancing is smooth and mostly on point. I do like what both are wearing, it reminds me of the last dance of the night and the last chance. Adam calls the top 6 “strong” and this definitely is a strong performance. He points out the final lift was weak, I really didn’t see it. Mary loved the floatiness. It was quite effortless. Nigel describes the routine as “romantic”. And uses the term “American Idol”. It’s like a reference drinking game.

Solo – Chelsie

Chelsie decides to work the stairs. I have no clue what she’s wearing but it does emphasize her long legs. She ends with a spin into a split. That looked painful.

Solo – Twitch

Twitch starts in the middle this week and is sporting fake gold grills in his teeth. I think he wasted time putting on the glasses and teeth. It went by too fast. What made it better is that Cat put on the Glasses and Teeth. Gross! Clearly she should have been nominated for an outstanding reality host.

Katee and Joshua – Contemporary

We have gotten another “Romeo/Juliet” performance. Thanks Tyce. Oh no! Another Celine Dion song? No! Eric Carmen is crying somewhere by himself. The performance is clearly smooth and Josh/Katee trust in each other as she leaps into him and he tosses her around. It’s quite sexy in a tasteful way of course. Adam & Tyce met each other in the 90s. And Paula Abdul is to blame. Thanks. Adam loves the two. Mary loves the passion. I agree, Ms. Shiny. Mary believes the two are in the finale. I hope so. She lets out a scream. Nigel points out another choreographer: Gilian Linde. Seems like the place to be if you’re a choreographer and you want a shout-out.

Chelsie and Twitch – Mambo

Twitch is confused by counting. Twitch’s crotch to Chelsie’s face. On to the dance! Chelsie is really in her element, but Twitch is putting his all in this dance. Chelsie looses a frilly-thing from her foot. They spin, they use legwork, and Twitch falls on Chelsie in the end. Adam describes Chelsie as an “Animal” and “Tomato”. He thought Twitch could have given more. Mary points out how this Mambo had to be done on the second count. Twitch is good on count but Chelsie is amazing in her Latin/ballroom background. Nigel made it seem like Twitch was bad by pointing out the constipated worry face he made.

Solo - Katee

She goes with the Maroon 5 and pumps out her performances. I equate her performances with some Bond-girl trying to seduce James Bond. I don’t know why. She does well though.

Solo – Joshua

He hops around a little then gets into really bouncy pop and lock. Then he pops the booty. Then he gets this massive amount of air in a split jump. Woah!

Courtney and Mark – Jazz

Sonya! Burlesque! I’m really liking her. Very artsy/raw/dark. Courtney is bringing a lot of booty. And she kicks Mark in the booty. It’s a lot of grabbing and thrusting. I think this song is the one to download tonight. Mark really does have evil looks sometimes. I'm not sure what exactly the cummerbund thing is. I also like how he looks like he likes the kinky. Adam called the performance “sick”. Mary called it “weird” and loved it. I love how no one can describe Sonya’s work. It’s crazy. I love it. Courtney made it work. Nigel, wrong show.

Katee and Joshua – Paso Doble

Australian choreographer! His accent reminds me of Strictly Ballroom! Their outfits are crazy looking. Kind of a tango meets S&M. I see the intensity in their faces. As the music makes a tempo change, I actually don’t like the middle part when they aren’t together. When they get back together in the end it was awesome again. Josh drags Katee to the results section. Adam is shocked by Joshua’s skills. He’s like the happy gay uncle. Mary has to set up for her saying “True Magic” and then letting out her patented scream. I should record that and use that as my ringtone. Nigel mentions So You Think You Can Dance Australia. I’ve seen some performances to compare against the Nappy/Tabs and their Bollywood; they weren't as good. Nigel is amazed by everything. Mary gets up and claps and screams. Thanks for cutting off Nigel.

Solo – Courtney

Ooh, Courtney is bringing the slow passion. I don’t get the shirt, but the performance is great.

Solo – Mark

Mark is still sporting the awkward shirt with huge armholes where you can basically see everything underneath at good angles. Come on Mark! Josh totally was shirtless. People like Will sported fishnet tanks. Gev showed nipple. Any who, he penguins his way in, and then starts stripping the shirt. Yay! There’s a girl in the audience that has a sign that says “Mark, you make me Bark”.

Chelsie and Twitch – Hip-Hop

NappyTabs. Wizard sticks? I’m getting a lot of double entendre. I love how they practiced with what seems like a chop stick. Yay! Not a love story from NappyTabs! This performance is weird. Isn’t the song Janet Jackson? On Violin? Weird. Like most of the performance. “I want the glow stick!” “No I want the glow stick!” Kind of kiddy. Adam thanks NappyTabs. Mary calls Twitch outstanding. Chelsie’s hair is as unbelievable as her performance. Nigel likes the entertainment. I wonder if NappyTabs date. Nigel calls the 6 fantastic.

Who’s going home? I don’t know. I hear Chelsie has a strong fan base. Katee is a strong competitor. So I’m going to say Courtney. And there are two contemporary girls, sorry Courtney, it’s overlap.

For the boys? It’s harder. Clearly Mark had enough votes to survive one more week. I kinda think he’s gonna make it over Twitch. It could be the confidence factor. It could be the overlap with the hip-hoppers.

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