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SYTYCD: The Top 8 Perform

Cat introduces everyone. Katee sporting the beehive (We find out why soon). Courtney & Chelsie wearing interchangeable strapless summer dresses. Cat walks in doing a quick turn showing that her black dress has a quite a low back. There are what seems like mirrors around the edge of her collar that trace the line of her back. I guess the mirrors on Twitch & Comfort’s futuristic hip-hop were glued on to the dress..

We say hello to the judges. Including Toni Basil. Of Mickey Fame. She looks good. And she works with other older women. Interesting.

The boys are pulling from the hat this week, but the girls are pulling the dances. Two on a sheet. Aka. Rigged.

1) Will & Courtney – Samba

I think that these little pre-clips got longer. I guess with less people, more filler. Jean scares me a little. He’s screaming “Because I’m French!”… “Because I’m French” is the best excuse ever. The couple is dancing to “I Fell in Love with a DJ” and I loved the song last year. I wonder what happened to Che’nelle. They dance quite sexy, I’m a little mesmerized by the one tassel that’s longer than the rest. I just want to bring scissors and cut the one string. I think their holds were a little awkward. There was a point in the middle where the two were a little off beat but overall it was good. Nigel is happy when they didn’t think. I guess that was the middle when they were thinking. He makes a reference to 300. Nigel is jealous. Mary is apparently using the analogy of “Punk’d” to fake her out. I don’t think that Punking her would be that fun, she’d probably pop a vein. She lets out the patented scream. The mic crew knows her levels, kudos sound team. Toni is a good judge. She likes the idea, but gives good criticism for the actual technique. Kick better.

Solo – Comfort

There’s a little bit of back-story for everyone this week. Comfort got training from her brothers, but she got in Performance school and was the “bad kid”. She has something there in the background and yet she never really shows it. She really brings nothing to the table this week. I think she is just adding a few things here and there each week, but not really changing it up. Fight on Comfort. Fight On.

2) Twitch & Katee – Contemporary

The audience now learns that Twitch & Katee knew each other before the competition. Katee gets to play psycho-bitch ex-girlfriend this week to Mia Michael’s amusement. Katee did Tae Kwon Do and can kick your ass. She’s channeling her anger for this dance. As we start we notice that there’s a door on stage. Leading to nowhere. But you know, performances. Katee as Amy Winehouse walks out, she goes batshit crazy on Twitch. Kind of like Amy Winehouse when she’s not cracked out. Twitch gets to play it cool this week, he’s just toying with her. There is a lot more emphasis on Katee this week, but clearly Twitch works well with her. And he slams the door on her face. Katee’s hair didn’t survive the dance though. There was one whole tuft that came off during the dance. Nigel loves the performance… and then alludes to boning Mary. I agree that it was quite entertaining. Mary is amazed and clearly has better sexual tension with Nigel than Paula does with Simon on Idol. That was a good use of prop. I mean no one condones abuse, but it’s so pretty to watch. Mary strangles Nigel. Toni flatters Mia Michaels’ routine. She notes the nice mix of Twitch’s hip-hop style in his character. This week clearly shows that Katee is the partner to have because she has made all her partners look good for the girls.

Solo – Will

Will tells us that he started dancing from Dirty Dancing. Hah. That’s kind of funny and kinda gay.We’re reminded that Debbie Allen liked him. I miss her and her earthy opinions this year. Will is dressed as James Brown this week complete with wig that I kinda hoped would fall off. He’s doing well channeling James Brown actually, I just wished the performance was longer. Will kind of looks like Dave Chapelle when he plays the white anchorman.

3) Mark & Comfort – Hip-Hop

NappyTabs is teaching the two contestants this week. Comfort gets a lot of Hip-Hop. She was lucky last week walking into Jessica’s position. We’re at detention as the dance starts. Mark seems a little less comfortable this week than Comfort. I’m not sure about Mark’s stank face. I do like how he bounces a lot and you can catch glimmers of his abs. Overall not bad. I just have one question, if they go to the same High School, why do they have different colors/letters. Mark tells us that he was positive and writing that he.

Nigel says that Comfort is better doing choreographed moves. Mark is quite good in Nigel’s eyes, scaring Mark a little. He still is looking quite bird-y this week. Mary reminds it that Comfort hits it hard. Toni says that she takes NappyTabs classes. She likes the ear of the piece.

Solo – Katee

Katee started with Tap, badly, but she’s gotten better and then focused on Contemporary. Katee’s performance is similar to last weeks, but unlike Comfort you want to watch her. She brings the expressionfull fingers again. We have a quick glance of Katee’s family. So her mother is the Asian one.

4) Joshua & Chelsie – Argentine Tango

Now this is the kind of Tango I like. Argentine is more passionate and wild. I think they both are silly practicing and then bring it during the performances. We are started with Chelsie in a similar getup to Courtney and a chair/table for props. They get quite slinky and start to speed up. I like the intensity of Tangos. I’m happier that her dress is blue and not red. The lifts are great. The music slows down and the passion shows. The music speeds up and they are spinning until they pose at the end. Nigel approves of Chelsie’s legs but tells Josh that he has a big ass. Ouch. Mary got it. She liked the seriousness and chemistry. Mary screams “Hot Tamale Train”. This is the show. Toni Basil says that the Argentine Tango is street, but also “spontaneous” and “torrid”. She enjoyed it as well.

Solo – Mark

Mark got into dancing when he saw Phantom in Hawaii. They show a picture of Mark as a superhero, you know the ones with the kids with the blanket wrapped around the neck… except for the fact that he looked 16 in it. Getting to the dancing, Why does Mark always wear those odd ripped shirts on top? He acts like a crazy gorilla/bird for the performances and slides off at the end. I’m not sure how intentional. Mark makes that shocked face. The only thing that turns me off from him is the weird shocked face.

5) Will & Courtney – Hip-Hop

NappyTabs are back for a “Lyrical” Hip-Hop. Oh no. Another story from NappyTabs. Can Courtney channel her inner Demi Moore? We’ll see. Wasn’t there already a ghost story a few weeks ago where Katee was striving for someone dead? The hourglass tells us that there is time involved, because the audience is dumb and they haven’t ingrained it into our heads. The dance involves a lot of smooth hits. It really is self explanatory to the song. NappyTabs, you’re too literal sometimes. I mean, I like their choreography but I don’t like their obviousness. Cat points out the pictures used in the books. She was robbed of a nomination for an Emmy. Nigel points out the emotional performance and he wanted to be a Voyeur. A fly on the wall. Clay Aiken? Mary’s expectations were met. She tried to fake out the team. She uses the term “Funny Farm” and I get it. I want to visit a funny farm especially if they had a feed the Murphy section. Toni started off as a Locker and explains the evolution to art and appreciates what the two brought.

Solo - Chelsie

Chelsie started at the age of 9. She looks familiar with her hair down, a stereotypical blond reality contestant. She dances around looking like she needs a partner, but she’s warming up to impressing the audience. We’re informed that it’s Chelsie’s birthday. She’s 19. Let’s hope her gift isn’t that she’s sent home.

6) Twitch & Katee – Broadway

Tyce says that Katee is a girl who wants Twitch. Sounds like the other dance, except without psycho-bitch batshit crazy. Katee does wild chicken dance and Tyce decides to put it in. Georgia Brown chases Twitch around and he just rejects her jumps. Twitch wasn’t lying about the speed tripling. Katee’s expressions are good. I like all the wild lifts they are doing this week. Including the last one. Nigel loved the routine and found it to be believable. He commends Twitch for bringing “it” every week. He tells Katee that he’s enjoyed every performance she’s ever done during the season. I agree. Katee for the win! Mary couldn’t try the fake out; they clearly pulled it off. Mary must really like not having to judge. Toni thinks Twitch has more personality than a real Broadway dancer. She thinks that Katee should have been deeper to match the “Georgia Brown”. I think they cut off Nigel.

Solo – Josh

Josh’s inspiration came from a teacher. He auditioned for “Pepito’s Story” and that’s why he’s there today. He brings a little but of pop and lock. I like his mix of smooth and hard hitting moves.

Solo – Courtney

Aww, she was little bo peep. She was put into a combo class as a kid. She decided to keep going and we find her on the floor of the stage. She’s bringing a lot of intensity for this performance and is cut off way too early. That’s a shame.

Solo – Twitch

Twitch started in the senior year of High School. He went from Community College to some good stuff. He went to South Korea and taught them hip hop. Cool. Super Twitch brings a lot of ground coverage. I like his performances too, especially when they don't have the glasses.

7) Mark & Comfort – Foxtrot

Jean is bringing us a jazzy Foxtrot. Comfort = Lady Luck. I get it, she’s lucky. She hopes she gets the lift. I love foxtrot dresses with the random frill on the bottom. I think that she’s lighter on her feet than previous ballroom performances. Mark I find believable on ballroom for some odd reason. Nigel thinks that the Hip-Hop was stronger. There is a lack of Chemistry according to him. Oh no, Nigel uses the word “amateur”. Mary knows it was tough and rough. When they pointed out the bad holding, ouch. Toni points out the weakness in Turning 101. I want to take a class called Turning 101. Foxtrot just isn’t easy. Can 1 dance save them? I’m not sure

8) Joshua & Chelsie – Disco

Dorianna wants the audience to do Disco! I should pick it up along with platforms. She brought a lift challenge. I love lift challenges. For the possibility of falling. Chelsie looks like a little ice princess. Josh seems a little uncomfortable in this performance but I think it’s because he’s thinking about the lifts. He seems off. I don’t know I keep catching awkward moments. I’m not sure if he did the death spin/airplane correctly. But the rest of the lifts seem fine. Nigel points out the strong lifts with funny names. Mary again thanks Dorianna. She compliments the landings Chelsie did. Toni points out age vs Disco. She compliments the spirit. She thinks the lines weren’t as strong as the spirit.

My bottom 2? This week is hard. I am gonna go with Comfort and Courtney for the girls and Mark and Will. I just don’t think viewers vote for Mark & Comfort as much as they would Joshua, Twitch, or Katee.

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I don't think I care for your pet name for Napoleon and Tabitha. It sounds quite disrespectful. The show was very good.

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