Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Love Money – Episode 2

Pre Game: Rodeo becomes captain of the gold team. Destiney is trying to take lead as the Green team. Chance still has ADD. Green team has the physical advantage, looking at the number of guys vs girls.

The Challenge – The Bed Battle – Rodeo & Destiney - Poogal sticks! Wrapped in toilet paper? To follow continuity flowers are attached to them. Though the rules seem complicated, it basically is Joust from American Gladiators. One Chooses, the other challenges. Makes sense. Mr. Boston still has that accent that reminds me of JFK.

Round 1 – Whiteboy vs 12 Pack – 12 Pack talks about being all strong. Whiteboy taunts and it works. 12 Pack is thrown for a loop. Winner: 12 Pack.

Round 2 – The Entertainer vs Heat – Entertainer uses the “imagine your father” technique. The sides go down and both. Ahaha, these people smoke too much. At least in the Real World/Road Rules challenges, smoking isn’t shown to affect their game, but I’m sure it does, Katie. Entertainer whacks the cotton swab outta the way. Winner: Entertainer.

Round 3 – Real vs Hoopz – Hoopz tried her best to attack and eventually Real drops his cotton swab. I’m not sure how exactly this happened. I swear he let her win. Chivalry… Winner: Hoopz

Round 4 – Rodeo vs Chance – I love this combo of white trash and ghetto fabulous. Chance whacks her upside the head, really aggressively. Her neck gets caught in the little fence. I don’t get how exactly that happens. Clearly these people test these games, but knowing the ineptitude of reality contestants, random things like this happens. Winner: Rodeo.

Round 5 – Mr. Boston vs Nibblez – I agree with the two blondes that I can’t distinguish yet that Mr. Boston is creepy. He really needs to get out. Nibblz seems all too confident. They size each other up. He pokes her and she squeaks like a duck. I love the sound effects people. Boston whacks her upside the head and they win.

Green team wins. They are safe, and thankfully unlike those MTV challenges, there are no minor prizes.

You know, I wouldn’t be that happy if I was Mr. Boston. Oh my god, I hit her in the head and I won. Pumpkin is scared, because of the phrase “saggy boobs suck”. Aha. I love the editing team.

The Vault – 15 minutes doesn’t seem too long, but they have to pick the bottom three. Rodeo immediately grabs Nibblz. Pumpkin throws a fit for her name being placed in there. Rodeo picks Toastee and the rest agree. Pumpkin cries and throws a hissy-fit. But it’s up to Destiney’s hands. There is a power outing for the bottom three as a way of convincing the leader to not vote for them. Pumpkin and Toastee align to throw Nibblz under the bus. Why can’t these people spell names correctly? My spell check is throwing a Pumpkin-sized hissy fit. Pumpkin is apparently part Mexican. While I couldn’t type, Toastee decides to throw an injury her way. She “pretends” to be injured. And cries. If I was a girl I wish I could turn on and off the water-works. Nibblz doesn’t know what “pleading” is. She says that she’s fit and smart. Nibblz wants to be here. Pumpkin calls her out. The evil piñata laughs. What? I love the camera men.

Mr. Boston gets a massage from the two blonds. He pulls out his thong. The two girls are weirded out, but massage him. What is wrong with these people. I love boing-y noises.

Destiney’s time is up, but she gets 1-on-1 time. She apparently is more “out of shape” and plays the “eating disorder”. Now is this true? I dunno. She played it well. Again. These girls turn on the water works. How?

Toastee plays up the injury, the others doubt it, especially Chance. Luckily, Chance has no credibility, street or otherwise. I think early on I would get rid of the stronger competitors. Then eventually break alliances.

The Elimination Ceremony – There are way too many flashbacks and though traditionally I would complain, I think I’ve only seen one episode a season. Maybe they know that people like me would watch these “challenge” based shows even if they haven’t watched a season of Real World since San Diego. Destiney chooses Pumpkin to stay first and she makes some bs-ed excuse about beating the girl. Toastee is picked to be safe. Toastee wabbles her way to the check. Nibblez’s check is voided. I want a big void stamper.

Next week: People scream. People make out. Entertainer doesn’t like people. Mr. Boston tries to kiss Chance.

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