Monday, July 14, 2008

The Mole: Six Contestants Remain

Previously on the Mole – We just watched it…but Kristen is gone.

Nicole is the only woman left. Damn. I hope the first question is “Is the mole Male/Female” and she isn’t the mole. 1 Question guaranteed.

Wine! The winery probably smells like manure. The groups are broken into 3 runners and 3 thinkers. Mark is the best athlete, Paul is the communicator. Due to the volume levels.

“The grapes of cash” – Find 7 bottles. Each is 10,000. Thinkers have to solve puzzles, the answer is a coordinate, Paul gives coordinates to people. Mark has to run the treadmill. And he can help the puzzles.

1) Which word does not fit – Apparently, wood, because it’s not congealed. Paul is dyslexic, switching a 6 with 5.
2) They think it’s 3.
3) Trick question. It’s 12.
4) Paul tries to look like he knows and complains.

They find one wine bottle. And Mark is put to six.

5) Mark thinks it’s a multiplied by 3 kinda thing.

Mark is increased again.

6) Mark thinks it’s B. Nicole acts dumb.

Speed increased some more.

7) There are too many words. If I had effort I’d think. They think it’s C.

Paul tries to read. I don’t think it works. Paul wants to erase the wrong answer. Nicole and Paul bicker. Clay and Alex are waiting for coordinates. Mark runs.

They go to 5’s coordinates. Mark get’s 7’s brain teaser right. Alex has a propensity for booze. Like many musicians. Paul is dyslexic and screams out funny numbers. Mark is put to 10. People can’t get it. Mark’s treadmill is maxed out. The guys get back 53 minutes after starting. Alex wants to booze up.

Alex and Paul are thinking it’s Nicole. Clay & Mark think it may be Nicole. Clay is still on my radar.

Nicole is Molerific. Not Mole-icious.

Clay & Mark want to booze up Alex. It’s funny, I’m amazing at Cranium drunk.

Swing Out – Time for that one bungee challenge. Make a bull’s-eye. Get money. Nicole decides to go last, and makes those mmm-hmm, emphasis noises. How about wiggling a finger too? Mark is first, but before he jumps is told the instructions of an exemption. He has to guess how much they would make. Mark says 10,000. He should just miss. And as he swings, he was a little short of the outer box. John and Paul flirt a little. He makes a guess and jumps, he swung and throws the baggy into the river.

Craig calls Clay a “Chocolate Bear”. The guesses are kept confidential for dramas sake. Clay’s eyes were closed and he kind of makes a random toss. Craig has vertigo, and I hope he get’s that Hitchcockian swirl as he falls. Why doesn’t Craig have a helmet on? Thanks safety team, he’s too big for one isn’t he? Even The Amazing Race made modifications for Midgets. Craig jumps into a commercial break.

Craig makes a scream of death and a toss. It misses. Clay was afraid that he went squish. Alex has Charlie Brown syndrome and blurts out a number. Alex tosses and makes 4G’s. I would guess 0. Nicole looks down. Dumbass. “Girl Power?” She apparently fell for a day and missed. Final Number? $4,000. That sucks. But I’m sure bungee jumping is fun.

Mark said 10,000. Paul said 12,000. Clay said 14,000. Craig said 20,000. Alex guessed 15,000. Nicole said 28,000. My guess of zero would at least have been in contention.

I’m already done with the whole last woman standing editing. Clay and Mark get wine for Alex. Clay tries to give some white wine to Alex.

Quiz time! Ha! Question 1 should be easy for Nicole. Did Craig overthink questions? Why did Clay have a collar for a physical task? Who sits where? Who jumped when? Which idiot didn’t say 1 dollar a-la Price Is Right? What is “Slike”? Who is the mole?

Alex…scanning…boom! Red light! Maybe the boozing worked? Alex had fun, played the guitar and kinda enjoyed it.

Next Week: People can’t read a map, people are lost. People are stuck in trains. Paul may get all Yonkers on a train. Nicole will probably say that she is the last woman standing again.

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