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So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 12 Dance

Last week was a little too chaotic for me, trying to focus on 14 dances really threw me off. I really didn’t think that any of them aced one dance amazingly. You could see the flaws behind sticking 2 dances in a week. This week I’m hoping that only having 12 dances I won’t be too confused.

What is up with the girl’s clothes at the beginning? They all look like they just came from the bedroom, Lingerie and all. Especially Katee sporting her boyfriend’s shirt. All the guys were fully dressed. I heart Cat. Let’s welcome our judges. We have Mia Michaels as our third judge this week. Mary tends to be too shiny for me. Like she’s compensating that she’s a little bigger now and she covers it with glitter.

Round 1:

Mark & Chelsie - Salsa (Alex Da Silva)

Oh costume department. What are you doing this year? They don’t seem too off, and I’m happy to say the camera is doing a lot more full shots. I have a feeling that they changed that last lift. Nigel claims that Mark was too tight up top. Chelsie. Mary claimed the dance was fast. I dunno, it didn’t seem fast enough for me. I can’t get past looking at Mark and imagining a bird. Maybe an ostrich. Mia’s commentary is odd. I wanna stab you. That’s what I’d tell someone as a critique. You’re dancing well…I wanna stab you. Maybe Mia sacrifices dancers to the dance gods to keep her young.

Comfort & Thayne - Hip Hop (Napoleon and Tabitha)

Wasn’t Comfort on her own territory before? I guess Krump and Hip-Hop aren’t connected to each other according to her. Thayne smiles too much. But it’s cute. I wouldn’t like him if he was too smiley. I’m happy that this Napoleon and Tabitha routine isn’t some girl crying about a boy. It’s still too boy-girl. I don’t think Thayne was hitting hard enough. And you could see him smirking the whole time. I have a feeling that this is the closest he’s ever been to a girl. I guess in comparison to Mark & Chelsie and Katee & Joshua’s performances, a similar performance would be shadowed. Chemistry was the key. Comfort is gonna go home soon. And like Mia, I liked her in the beginning.

Will & Jessica - Contemporary (Tyce)

I don’t know why, but I often forget this couple. For me, it seemed as though the performance was supposed to be real smooth, but there were some awkward partnering parts. It was definitely more believable than Comfort and Thayne. Oh Begatting jokes. I begat on the floor when I heard that. Although Mary liked it, there’s that odd guilt on her face like she watched a porno. Mia didn’t fall asleep this time. I understand the body art phrase. If you grabbed stills from the routine, I think it would be better than watching it moving. One of those art galleries. Something called ‘Body Motion Sparkles’ or something. Mia actually saying something that made sense? Maybe because it was her category and knew what she’s looking for. She was probably dreaming the whole routine.

(As an aside, I totally miss Snow every time I see the clip that segways after the commercial)

Courtney & Gev - Cha Cha (Anya and Pasha)

Woah, they totally give some Russian to understand. I feel bad for Gev. He is really too short for this competition. I really see both of them with potential. The dancing looked hot. I think I caught a little bit of Gev’s nipple. Quite Entertaining. I fear when they get broken up, they are good together. Mary gets all Cha-cha stuttery. I don’t think that I missed the slip in the steps because I was staring at Courtney’s booty and Gev’s chest. Ahem, back to the judges. I really do need a Mary Murphy alarm clock.

Twitch & Kherington - Krump (Lil C)

What is Buck? I remember Buckwild from Flavor of Love. Is it like her? The costuming department attacks again. I’m convinced they gave the two of them plastic bags sprayed with metallic paint. This krump is definitely harder than the past few. Kherington isn’t as hard as I’d like it to be, she was a little too smooth and a little fast in the end. Twitch definitely was in his comfort zone. I think Nigel pooped a diamond. Mary quickly added it to her dress. I love those words, Skank, Buck, and Son, coming from Mia. I feel like the production was pimping out this couple. If this was another girl she would be butchered. Who would ignore the last 16 Bars? Len (Dancing with the stars) would point that out, and probably give the couple a 7.

Katee & Josh - Viennese Waltz (Jean Marc)

This isn’t about the dance this time this is a lift challenge. Without the lifts I feel like Waltzes would be too boring on this show. I think that the two pulled off the dance pretty well. The last lift was very smooth. I think they aced their lift challenge. I don’t think that it really was a Waltz, or was judged on the waltzing part. I really love Katee, she may not be the most technical of the girls, but she’s quite convincing. I hope she can pull off chemistry with the rest of the guys.

Commercials. Wasn’t Step it up and dance 2 the only dance movie last year? How exactly does one say that they were the number one dance movie when it’s one out of one? Don’t musicals count? I’m pretty sure Hairspray did better. Any who, time for Round 2.

Round 2:

Mark & Chelsie - Broadway (Tyce) to “I’m a Woman”

Ooh, a Cat and Mouse game. That’s a Warp. Was she the same girl who spelled Vegas wrong? I don’t get what was on Marks hands; somewhat distracting. Suspenders must be hard to dance with, it looked like Mark was dealing with his bra-strap falling and just let it go in the end. I was convinced that Chelsie was in character. Nigel was entertained by the image of a pair of legs with a wig on. That’s his porn I guess. Mia pointed out the lack of technique. I assumed that a conversion from Contemporary to Broadway wasn’t that hard. Cat is amazing. She saves the awkward statements from Nigel all the time.

Comfort & Thayne - Contemporary (Mandy Moore)
Time to push Comfort some more. Her arm is becoming a factor again; I don’t think she was in top shape since week one and really should have been taken out from the injury. The routine is quite bendy. Contortion was quite interesting. I’m with Nigel was on with the choreography on another couple. I could see Mark & Chelsie pull it off correctly. Comfort and Thayne better practice their solos. Their lack of connection is kicking in again. Thayne tries to save the show with his charming smile. I feel like that is his natural face. It must hurt to frown.

Will & Jessica - Quickstep (Jean Marc)

Oh no! The dreaded Quickstep. It’s all about timing and frame. I think their timing seemed off, very minutely. Quickstep is one of those performances where you can quickly see the flaws. The actual quickstep part was bad. Quickstep only works when all the couples are doing it so you could compare. The costuming department strikes yet again! Jacket sabotage! I can see them in the bottom 3. I could see Will with any of the girls and do better. Jessica needs Will, Mark or Joshua to survive.

Courtney & Gev - Jazz (Mandy Moore)

Indiana Jones crossover? The map game. Clearly if this was The Amazing Race, Courtney better know where they are going. Gev would yell at her and she would cry. I love how the music started off so slow and sped up. I think they could have used that a little bit more. They weren’t fast enough to me. This one seemed more Broadway to me. They really work well together; it’s really time to break them up and see how Gev does with another girl. Other than the fact that his head might be in their chests due to his height.

Twitch & Kherington - Smooth Tango (Jean Marc)

Smooth Tango. What? I’m confused, what makes it smoother? It looked quite normal. Maybe when they weren’t so in close holds it makes it smooth. I could see the intensity in Kherington. It was a very exciting routine. How does one use “Staccato” with the thing being a “smooth” tango?

Katee & Josh – Bollywood

Our first ever Bollywood routine. I love watching these performances. Always the boy trying to get the girl routine. I watched tons of these on Saturday afternoons when I was a kid. I was quite happy to see the accuracy in the motions. I want a whole town doing it, like the movies. The music sped up and they kept up well. I find it funny that they gave the Asian girl the Indian routine. I’m going to be quite sad breaking the two of them.

My Bottom Three? Comfort & Thayne (for both dances), Will & Jessica (The Quickstep killed them), and although I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Twitch & Kherington. Fear Mongering mostly. I would personally send home Jessica and Thayne. It was nice though right at the end credits, you could see some chemistry between Thayne and Katee.

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