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So you Think You Can Dance: The Top 10 Perform

Yay the time when I don’t trust America! And the opinions of the judges don’t matter! Yay! We welcome our dancers and Courtney has a scarf on that doesn’t really match. Are you cold? Put on pants. Twitch is still sporting the glasses. Cat Deeley is looking as good as always. As with the news report that I posted before, no Jessica. Jessica comes up, she apparently broke two ribs and the doctors have stopped her. Cat genuinely wishes her the best. I like Cat. Comfort is back…

Here are the judges. That’s not Shane Sparks… it’s Lil’ C. You know, Shane’s face is not allowed as he judges America’s Best Dance Crew. There are two dances and solos. Everyone is broken up. Oooh! The return of the hat!

Courtney & Joshua – Hip-Hop

You think Gev would teach Courtney something involving Hip-Hop. I guess he was to busy trying to mack with her. Fortunately Josh may cover up some mistakes. Bride of Frankenstein time! Luckily Courtney spent the first few measures stationary. I think as a “creation” Courtney can get away with missing steps. Joshua is clearly smoking her. He then electrocutes her. Or Vice-Versa. Lil’ C is too close to the mic. He says nothing important. Mary, likewise, just screams a little. Nigel agrees that Joshua was better than Courtney in this one. She apparently messed an arabesque. Didn’t notice it. I love how this show shows Slow-Mo’s mistakes. America’s Best Dance Crew highlights the amazing parts.

Solo – Chelsie

Her dress is throwing me off. Like a little pine tree dancing in an open forest. Chelsie really would look better with a partner. Poor girl.

Kherington & Mark – Country Two-Step

Country-time. A preggo is gonna teach them a two step. Looks like fun. Even with the baby she’s spinning. Does the baby get dizzy? Will the baby be born and then puke? She looks like the instructor could pop in a month. I’m more concerned about the baby than the couple. They start off looking quite uncomfortable. They just don’t seem as into it that well. It seems kind of untidy and slower than it should be. At least my Thayne replacement, Kherington is showing a lot of teeth. Lil’C didn’t get it. They messed up. Maybe it was Twitch that was carrying Kherington. Mary compares Country Two Step with Quickstep. Do we have another dance of death? The slow-mo captures Kherington’s wiggly unattached-arm. Nigel mentions lack of faith. Kherington has to let Mark lead her. It’s a shame. She looks like a bottom 2 candidate, right now.

Solo – Gev

I think Gev messed up his jump where he does the leg jump. But I love watching him. He does a weird arm out of armhole move then jump ropes his shirt. Oooh, take off the undershirt too! I think he used his 30 seconds much better than Chelsie.

Comfort & Twitch – Waltz

Comfort gets another Waltz. A chance to redeem herself from that Viennese Waltz. Comfort has to act close to Twitch. Booty/Cooch hand. Nice Twitch. Haha, they dance to an Idol favorite, Journey’s Open Arms. Comfort still seems uncomfortable doing waltzes, but she definitely is a step better than her last waltz. Ouch, Twitch lifts her Booty up and she doesn’t show discomfort. That’s like a free prostate exam, if Twitch lifted…say Gev. Lil’C is pointing the lack of float-y-ness. Mary says no. They didn’t step up to the plate, 15 innings of stress. Whoo, that ballgame last night. I digress. Nigel is disappointed, but they did the lift correctly.

Solo – Courtney

Courtney spins, splits, extends, looks like she forgot her pants, and overall doesn’t do that badly. Courtney is either so short or Cat is wearing massive shows but her head is in Cat’s boob.

Katee & Will – Broadway

Tyce mentions being over the top. She’s supposed to be a blond this week. Tyce is expecting a lot from the two. Will emerges with dork glasses and nerdy get up. Boat! In the middle of the floor! Oh no! Don’t get out of the boat, you may drown! I think the two did the best with what they could with a Broadway routine. Apparently Will Drowns at the end. Random quick shot of Mia. Tyce is apparently a beast. Lil’ C said “Conversate”. I’m not sure if I could listen to the rest of what he said. It’s “Converse” and get it right. Mary is joining the Hot Tamale Boat. Nigel liked it as well. Will doesn’t have to drag Jessica anymore. Yay!

Solo – Mark

Mark rocks out to queen. A little bit of a shirt lift to try to entice the audience. He still is acting like quite a bird with his arms and beak-hawk. His sign language is also not legitimate.

Chelsie & Gev – Contemporary

Gev is too short, but luckily gets a Contemporary. Gev’s prowess is good. Let’s hope that Gev doesn’t get a stiffy at the end. I think both of them get it. I believe this performance. I like how Chelsie’s hair whips around so quickly. They don’t really do the hump in the opening video. That’s good. I like how they have to put Gev’s hair up to make him look taller. Lil’ C likes the commitment. Gev looked smooth. I heart Sonja with her intense horse-hawk hair. Mary likes it as well. Nigel believes the chemistry. Gev wasn’t passionate enough according to Gev. Nigel still talks about the Gev/Courtney pairing.

Solo – Comfort

Comfort is bringing it harder than she ever has. Hell, she even tries a jump. It’s not amazing, but she tried one.

Round 2:

Solo – Twitch

I love Twitch’s selection of music. He uses the whole stage and gets a wide range of break, hip-hop, and gymnastics. I heart Cat’s playfulness with the contestants.

Courtney & Josuha – Rumba

Rumba: The dance of love. Apparently Courtney was afraid it would be quite hard. There is quite porny music playing in the background. Makes me regret saying “quite hard” Ugh, Enrique Iglesias. Fortunately Joshua and Courtney look quite into it. I like how it looks like Josh is sniffing her the whole time. Josh gets a load of Courtney in the face as he lifts her in the finale lift. Lil’ C mentions the hands and touching. Lil’ C says a word that merges “elegant” and “eloquent” I’m not sure which one he is looking for. Second strike, Lil C’. Mary mentions the difficulty of the Rumba and how Josh & Courtney got it. Nigel believes the fit. To Nigel, Joshua was a little too Butch, not for me though.

Solo –Katee

It’s our first time seeing Katee and I think she definitely shows passion in her hands. She may not be the highest jumper but just watching the ripples in her fingers is amazing.

Kerington & Mark – Jazz

Feel the music and perform. It’s a style performance. No stupid story today. Haha, nice songs today. Something that is a little too Disco, but okay. They are better synced this performance than the last one. Kherington does a high kick where it looked like she kicked her own face. I don’t get why this is called a Jazz performance. Hell, it could have fallen under the Pop category they used to use. Lil’ C says “good job”. Mary says it was meh, middle ground. She wasn’t pumped. She’s quite sedated today. The people aren’t really putting coal into her hot tamale train. Or does her train run on other forms of hot air? Nigel calls it basically a shopping list of moves. Not outstanding.

Solo – Will

Will is quite technical. Again, like Katee he’s bringing the fingers. He jumps high and swirls around a good amount.

Comfort & Twitch – Hip-Hop

Something in their Comfort level. Eh, okay that wasn’t funny. Futuristic Hip-Hop? Comfort & Twitch are bringing it against each other. I think the costuming department got to Twitch again. Someone went, “Hey lets glue mirrors on that shirt, that’s futuristic!” They hit most of their steps well. Nothing spectacular, no huge jumps, but quite clean. Lil’ C calls the routine “buck”. Oh, no. Not buck again. Comfort nails it. Mary uses “buck” again. But at least she knows that it doesn’t fit her vernacular. Mary notes how Comfort fought for it. Nigel, says it didn’t look choreographed. That’s nice. I want to go to a club and pull that off. Comfort amazes Nigel. That’s nice.

Solo – Kherington

It’s nice seeing her not do something by OneRepublic. She didn’t wow me though.

Katee & Will – Pas de Deux

I’m under the understanding that the “Pas de Deux” is a faux-ballet. Katee has to become Gumby today. Do not try this at home. David Archuletta? That may be a funny sign. Who’s gonna get David Cook next week? It seems as though, Katee is doing most of the work, and she kind of misses one extended turn. When they break into their individual parts, each stand out differently (which works well for the voting montage later) Katee with her arm passion, Will with his technicality. Damn, those lifts are hard. Haha, Mary said the song was beautiful. Why don’t you just say, “Go and support American Idol!” Artistry in motion. I believe her. Nigel loves Desmond Richardson. High praises here. I agree. Nigel mentions the mistake, and says that they can do better and that’s good. I never thought of it that way. I make mistakes to make myself better in the future to rectify the mistakes.

Solo – Joshua

So, Joshua gets the pimp spot. Chelsie & Gev get the couple’s pimp spot. Interesting. I like the choice of song. He’s good at what he does. It’s funny you know he has a lot of tricks in his bag and he picks a few.

Chelsie & Gev – Jive

Fast challenge today. Jean Marc is crazy. I could see why this would be last. Gev slipps a little at a few points but nothing too bad. They were going a little fast, slips are bound to happen. Gev doesn’t really have the lightness of his knees. They looked like they had fun though. Lil’ C said that Chelsie out stepped Gev. Mary liked it. Not hot tamale tonight, Chelsie was clearly better. Mary used the blasphemous words “Dancing With the Stars” Chelsie being the star. Nigel agrees.

This week seems hard. My personal bottom 4? Comfort & Kherington for the girls. The boys? I dunno, maybe Gev & Mark. I personally want to see Mark gone and I’m gonna give Comfort one more shot for acing the Hip-Hop, so I’ll say Kherington. Tomorrow, A Bollywood! Yay! Goodnight Cat.

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