Monday, October 27, 2008

Amazing Race Episode 5 Recaplet:

Up: Nick & Starr
Out: Aja & Ty


+ Airports aren’t always the equalizer. This episode can prove that.

+ I loved how the rankings of the first four teams kept going around. It shows a good aspect of how a race should be run: with brains, physical prowess, and driving luck.

+ The Detour really didn’t look to have much of a pro/con. Both ended in the same place and took about the same amount of time.

+ Dan & Andrew are bumbling and horribly lucky that they keep surviving week after week.

+ This roadblock could have been better to be done by a “weaker” teammate. I fear in the future if Toni has to do a physical task because she’s letting “Dal” do most of the work. Same goes for Starr.

+ It’s a smart thing to ask a monk when you’re in a temple for directions.

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