Thursday, October 2, 2008

Survivor: Gabon – Episode 3

Last Week: We had not one but two episodes! Michelle was too cool for school and Gillian was too cheerleader for anyone’s taste. There apparently was a penis slip from Marcus. I looked, and it really isn't much to blog about. Fang was compared to Ulong for suckiness, but really no one can compare to that.

We’re back (in HD!) and Crystal is happy to get rid of Gillian. Randy calls their whole tribe idiots. Nice.

Opening credits. I don’t get why the “sponsored by Puffs” ad was not in HD, but their actual commercial is. Awkward. I guess we haven’t fully ironed out the whole HD thing. I’m still waiting for The Amazing Race in HD, but chasing people around in costly cameras probably aren’t high on CBS’s budget.

Hippos! I still can’t past the fact that we have Hippos! Fang eats too much food. Apparently they have three meals a day. Wow. Someone out there is stupid. Randy suggests 2 meals and Ken and others agree. Randy calls GC a “Cancer” who he wants treatment for. GC confronts Randy about being leader. GC knows too much about Randy’s style of game play.

On the other side, there are a lot of fish. Marcus catches a fish and hands it to Charlie. He mentions the onion alliance. Apparently it’s the other two girls and Ace/Sugar and Bob that don’t make up the onion alliance. Charlie wants to “woo” Bob in. There is some mail for some reward that Kota thinks is auctioning. Ace suggests that the strong sit out the next challenge so that they can win Immunity. Paloma is so over it though.

Reward Challenge time! There’s a post and people will pry people off it. Dragging time! The rewards are “bedding”. There has to be an even number of men/women so Ken, Kelly, Corinne, and Jacque all sit out. Round 1: GC/Matty and Marcus/Charlie run they try plucking Dan & Ace. Marcus and Charlie get a slow drag and Kota easily (well Dan tried) gets the first point. Round 2: Susie & Paloma are on the poles. Bob/Sugar and Randy/Crystal go. Quickly Paloma is dragged over. I guess the older lady has a lot more grip, or weight. Round 3: Ace & Dan are back, but it’s Marcus/Bob and Crystal/Matty. It’s actually really even, until Crystal and Matty get Ace off the pole. Crystal’s dragging is actually the best thing. Dan screams at Crystal to pull harder. Matty gets an extra wind and drags Ace’s leg over the line. Fang picks Sugar to Exile.

Fang is really pumped. Like an actual team. Not like an Ulong. Kota justifies their loss. It’s weird. Ace is all too positive. Paloma is intimidated by Crystal’s size. Ace is clearly shielding Sugar while she’s not around and is deflecting any suspicion on Paloma’s bad game. What? Excuse Me? You were the one who put her there, Ace.

Sugar is at Exile Island and picks the clue. Sugar is convinced that the idol is still around (it’s true!) and she wanders past a jungle. Ants attack her as elephants laugh at her in the background. Sugar wanders too far off the jungle. Sugar expects Survivor to help her grow past her father’s death. Apparently, she makes it to the sandy crater. She finds the next clue and it sends her to a tree. She gets to the tree and gets yet another clue. The clue leads her to burnt wood. There’s yet another clue involving wandering around the water. She repeats a lot of “Oh Lordy”s and she wanders over to a tree in the middle of the river because she had a hunch. Her hunch is right and she finds the idol. She thanks the statue as she gets back to the base-point of Exile “Island”.

Ace & Bob talk about getting rid of Paloma. Bob notices the Sugar/Ace thing. Corinne tries to convince Bob to the onion alliance. She pulls out her Sales Rep experience where you don’t even know you just bought yourself into an alliance. There is some mail involving slips and sliding. The bags have some bathing suits. Damn, there goes the fun of watching random thin clothes wet.

The tribes come back and Sugar acts all sad that she was exiled. Hah. What an actress. This challenge involves sliding, puzzle pieces, and math puzzles. The math puzzle is the chest combination. Paloma & Sugar sit out the competition.

Bob & Ken are our puzzle solvers. Crystal & Kelly slide down, Crystal actually being the height of the lake makes it forward. Kelly eventually gets her clue. Susie is a little too old and Corinne gains the lead. Charlie & GC are third, Charlie still leading. Jacque gets the clue in and Ace gets in before Randy gets back. Marcus gets the last number before Matty could even slide in. Now it’s up to Bob for the puzzle. Matty gets the clue for Ken and they both sit around confused. Bob is first to guess, but is wrong. Ken tries again and is wrong. Jeff tries to mention reading clues wrong and missing commas. Bob tries again and is wrong, but Ken gets the puzzle and wins it for Fang. Who needs a leader? You just need some passive/aggressive people.

We’re back at Kota and Sugar lies to most of the Tribe, except for Ace. Ace is now all puffed up by Sugar’s secret idol. The Ace/Sugar alliance really better get ready for Onion Alliance. Paloma starts working her “magic” by talking to Corinne first. Corinne thinks about getting rid of Ace. She questions Ace’s accent. Corinne talks to Charlie about Ace. Charlie is all like, “OMG you’re a good player Corinne.” There’s something about Charlie’s game play that I like because it would be mine. The Onion alliance starts thinking hard before tribal.

Wow, I totally forgot that Kota hasn’t had torches yet. They do their ceremonial lighting. Jeff asks Corinne who’s going. Corinne says “group consensus” is a good thing. Ace talks about being strong right now. Sugar talks about her father and she shows the waterworks, I like her acting skills. Marcus thanks Sugar’s technique. Paloma talks about Ace and how everyone thinks he’s amazing. Ace speaks and now I’m questioning his accent. Kelly says that Ace is condescending. Paloma points out that Ace has no bag and they bicker like siblings. Finally, it’s voting time and Marcus holds on to his idol (from day one). From what we see Paloma votes Ace and Ace-Paloma.

Jeff asks for the hidden idol, but Sugar doesn’t move. The vote goes back and forth between Paloma and Ace for the first two, until the next three read Paloma. Without seeing the confessional and votes, I would assume that Kelly voted for Ace as well. (I was right)

Next Week: Fang has a little minority alliance. The groups have to vote in rank. Reminds me of the Mole. Maybe they should bribe a person to just leave.

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