Wednesday, October 22, 2008

America’s Next Top Model: The Odds & Wallpaper

Let’s take a look at the contestants and try to figure out who is gonna win by Tyra’s track record, contestant’s track record, and personal opinion. All photos are for widescreen monitors 1920 x 1200.

Elina –

Will Probably Finish: 7th
Odds of Winning: 1 out of Angelina Jolie
Elina is positioned as the multicultural/biracial model who can do a little bit of every ethnicity which means she could gather a lot of different work. Unfortunately for her she hasn’t been good at showing her emotions. Even when she did cry it looked kind of fake. The Covergirl commercial will be her weakness since she comes off as cold.

Analeigh –

Will Probably Finish: 6th
Odds of Winning: 1 in 5.5 (Though the Dutch judge gave her a 6)
Analeigh has been getting a lot of the “I’m the friend” edit from episode to episode, especially with the recap episode. He hasn’t been the strongest contestant, and is a little inconsistent with her photos. Her figure skating should be an advantage when it comes to posing, but it only helped once for the eye photoshoot.

Joslyn –
Will Probably Finish: 5th
Odds of Winning: 1 out of… how many E’s are in “Heeeeey!”
Joslyn has been fading continuously from week to week. It is disappointing I’m sure for Tyra since she loves having a lot of different ethnicities represent on this show and Joslyn is the only black girl left. This would probably mean an automatic ticket overseas. Her chipmunk voice may be a problem with Covergirl commercials and for Go-sees. She suffers from a lot of “Home Girl” poses. I think her profile shots are stronger than the head-on shots which may also be a problem.

Marjorie –

Will Probably Finish: 4th
Odds of Winning: 1 in 3 Hunchbacks
If Marjorie keeps dwelling on things, she will end up eliminating herself. If she grows and evolves, she can clearly win this. Tyra likes her posing skills and she has a very edgy-European appeal to her. If Tyra wants credibility she may pick someone like Marjorie (or McKey). Most of her photos are good, we’ll just hope that she has some personality with commercials and Go-sees.

Sheena –

Will Probably Finish: 3rd
Odds of Winning: None
Tyra wants an Asian winner. I think we all know that. Saying that, I don’t think that Sheena is the one. She has faded from camera since episode one after claiming that America will get “Sheena-fied.” She has shown model growth, like actually dressing like a model during deliberations. I fear though that Tyra wouldn’t want to pick someone with such a Hoochie edit. Unless that Hooker had a Heart of Gold and out of nowhere she shines in Covergirl commercials. She seems very connectable to the audience so that may be her saving grace.

Samantha –

Will Probably Finish: 2nd
Odds of Winning: Depends on Paulina
Samantha has a very lively personality. She has a strong portfolio. She’s apparently a throwback to 80’s models so that might be good. She has a very healthy look. After that natural disaster shot amazed the panel, she should continue to think on her feet and become the character. The awards show was a weak point where she over-acted.

McKey –

Will Probably Finish: 1st
Odds of Winning: I hope she doesn’t.
Why do I say “I hope she doesn’t” you may ask? Only one person I liked from the get-go won the competition and that was Season 5’s Nicole. So that means it’s like one out of every 5 or 6 seasons I’m right. A lot of winners have trouble booking jobs because of the title actually, but it all depends on the dedication of the model. Any who where was I? McKey has a gorgeous portfolio, although she may have a few drag moments. If she can do decently on the first Covergirl commercial, she has the potential to recover for the final shot. Depending on the Covergirl item they get, McKey may struggle (Eyeliner is the best for her chances of winning, Lipstick/Gloss is probably the worst case for her because of her mannish jaw line.).

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