Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dancing With The Stars: Week 4 Results

After four dances were tested out we realized that two dances were great the West Coast Swing and the Hustle. The judges deliberated about how good and bad the night turned out. Carrie Ann points Warren’s focus turning into fun. Maurice was really showing how why he’s an Olympian. Cody kept strong. Brook is still doing well… dare I call her Brooke Yamaguchi? Len decided that he can’t give 10s to the jitterbug. Toni held back too much. Lacey was trying to spotlight herself. Cloris with the same 21 as Lance was okay. Susan reverted to Susan Lucci again; bring me back some Erika Kane.

We’re reminded that Len is having a break next week and Michael Flatley aka the Lord of the Dance is going to be our judge. The encore tonight is Cody & Julianne’s jitterbug. Thinking about it now Julianne with that hairstyle looks very Christina Aguilera. Does someone think that Brooke is being ignored a little for these encores? Cody correctly does the slide tonight.

Brian Setzer! I didn’t know that this band existed still. Hasn’t it been three decades? Karina and Louis(the guy who looks like Lisa Rinna’s husband) are dancing in front and insanely fast. Tricks are just whizzing by me along with trombones. I love how gravity defiant Brian Setzer’s hair still is. More dancing and it’s still really intense.

After showing the leader board, we have two couples safe: Warren & Kym and Cloris & Corky. Corky snogs Cloris intensely. In the back Samantha tries to act “street” and she is so white it’s not even funny.

Little dancers time! Alisa & Anthony from LA and they call themselves BFFs. These two have a little too much hot air in them. The two jive and they are quite sharp for their kicking. Anthony uses a little bit of break-dance, Alyssa does a cartwheel. I never knew those were Jive steps. Len thought it was “fantastic.” Bruno liked the sharpness, and noticed the ballet for Alisa. Ballet = better lines. Carrie Ann loves their attitude.

Our competitors are Mitchell and Maria. They’ve been dancing together since 6. They dance a lot, weekdays and weekends. They do the stereotypical Rocky stairs at the museum. It’s cute actually. They are doing the Paso Doble. Quite intense for 12/13 year olds. If they come back I hope they do the Tango as well. It has passion and that’s something I guess I didn’t expect. I’m not sure about Mitchell’s hair but since that has nothing to do with the dancing it’s okay. Carrie Ann was blown away. Len loved the lines and the flavor. Bruno liked the power and sophistication.

The judges vote: Mitchell/Maria, Anthony & Alisa, Mitchell & Maria.

Up next is the big performance. Rich & Tone describe the dance as dancing through the decades. It has the 30’s, 60’s, 80’s and “Future” but I don’t know, they said The Jetsons was the future, but I still don’t see Rosie. They have apparently been planning for 6 months and have created the 30’s swooping stairs without banisters since the 30’s didn’t believe in safety. The costumes were stolen from a Macy’s department store; because everyone knows no one shops there anymore; okay I kid, I was there last week.

So the dance begins and the camera is somehow black & white and the two guys start with some tap. I love how the music is in mono and how it’s in black and white but the lights are colorful. Next we get a James Brown-inspired routine. I’m not impressed yet. I always wanted light up floors like that, even though I associated that with disco. The 80’s emerge and everyone is in their break outfits. There is a little bit of a break battle. It also has a small Michael Jackson Beat it feel and I’m waiting for him to quell the fighting. There are some insane flips. The future apparently involves robots. Wait a second. These had to be recorded in different corners. This whole performance is very underwhelming. Someone decided to put the budget in the lighting when they should have just had better dancing. Sure, there’s rain, but the whole thing overall was disappointing. And we get to blame Macy’s. They are so out of touch if they think that was good.

There is some video about contestants being surprised about each other. Lance & Toni are intimidated by Brooke. People intimidate others. They trash talk and then there’s some fire at the end. The next couples safe are: Cody & Julianne and Maurice & Cheryl.

After the break, we have the rest of the results. Our two safe teams are: Brooke & Derek and Lance & Lacey. Which means that Susan & Tony and Toni & Alec are the bottom two. The couple going home is: Toni & Alec. I guess she never got her breakthrough. At least her heart is doing better.

Next week Michael Flatley takes over. Maybe Susan will hurt her ankle more and then have to withdraw.

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