Monday, October 6, 2008

Dancing With The Stars: Week 3

Last Week: Kim’s booty couldn’t save her and she was sent home. Lance kissed a girl, and he possibly may have thought it was okay. Toni was sizzling, Cloris was too sedated, and Misty-May needs better makeup artists.

Well… maybe we don’t have to worry about Misty-May. We’ll wait after the credits open up to see what happens. You know if she goes home, that would pave the way for Toni Braxton to win. Well, in my mental betting book.

Tom Burgeron welcomes us to yet another week of dancing. I shudder in the fear of Samantha’s hair. Hello stars. Toni Braxton looks insanely Vogue tonight. They welcome everyone except for Misty-May, and that’s never a good sign. They go back to a clip of what seems like a twisted ankle. I’m telling you, it’s a height thing.

Up first tonight is Susan & Tony: The rumba was really good, thinking about it and they were satisfied. They have the jive tonight. To help with the kicking of the jive, Tony brings the Radio City Rockettes. They flick and kick all together. I still can’t believe that they have the Christmas commercials out already. Their jive to me seems a little too cheesy. Not bouncy enough. You can see a lot of tense-ness in Susan and I will be very surprised if this gets better than a 21. She struggles a little too much for her acting skills to cover it up. Tom points out that Susan also has an ankle bandage as well. Hmm, didn’t see that before. Len calls Susan constant. Bruno thinks Susan looks good, as he gawks her breasts; he finally gets around pointing out how unsteady her stance was because of the injury. Carrie Ann noticed the timid-ness of the dancing. Tom does mention that there are 9 votes this week, so that must mean that Misty is dropping out. The scores are 7,7, and 7. A 21. They use the catch phrase of the season, “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.”

Lance & Lacey are still on the verge of killing Len. He’s given 6’s the whole time. They are apparently going to play by the rules this week. Lance is already having trouble putting the Hip-hop into his steps. They decide to practice their Viennese waltz in front of geriatrics; one snarky geriatric says that her dancing was better when she was younger. 9 out of 10 old people approve! As they dance it’s quite silky, though Lance’s foot work doesn’t fit sometimes, but he’s there for all the moves. Lacey at least looks like a classy hooker as well, so it’s not too bad. Bruno thinks that some of the down beats lacked lightness, he wanted sparkle. Carrie Ann thought it was fantastic and she applauded Lance for dancing with Lacey and not being a frame for the woman. Len says that it was flat-footed and says other negative things, but says that it’s the best dance that he’s seen. The scores are 8, 7, and 7. 22.

Maurice & Cheryl are third and have a jive this week. Wow, did Cheryl look fat last week with the extensions. As they practice, Maurice is quite stressed out. Cheryl decides to give Maurice a tire drill. He then does some jump rope. I guess everyone can’t have the geriatrics. Why does everyone do the split kick jump over the stairs. Is it bad seeing Misty pretty much out and Susan with an injury, having someone else go down live? The dancing isn’t bad, but really Cheryl over dances to compensate for any lack of dance in Maurice. Carrie Ann thought that it was fantastic. Len likes the fast, liveliness of the choreography. Bruno commends the fun, energy and the accuracy. The scores are 8, 8, and 8.

Rocco is next and might I say, he’s sporting a variation of the Seinfeld “Puffy Shirt” and it’s kind of disturbing to me. I’ve seen more of it recently. Any who, Rocco is still missing musicality. Karina decides to blindfold Rocco and he looses a little bit of his inhibitions. So apparently this means using the blindfold as a prop. I’m still not sure what’s worse, Rocco standing there or the fact that they are dancing to “What’s new pussycat.” He still seems too stiff for his own good. Maybe it’s his height working to his disadvantage. Rocco puts Len in these dumb cat glasses and finishes with Karina doing a spiral on the floor. Len “didn’t mind it” and points out that he loses his timing. I can’t take him serious. Bruno calls him “mashed potatoes” and he should have worn the blindfold during the whole dance. Carrie Ann says that she sees improvement and she likes the puppy-dog appeal. The scores are 7, 7, 6.

Last Week, Warren wore pleather and sequence and had a good score as well. This week, the aggression goes away for a romantic Viennese Waltz. We’re looking for a smooth, not chunky, dancer tonight. Sometimes some contestants just get the good music. The song is quite fitting and Warren (you can see) feels the music and the idea of the dance. I am quite impressed by his footwork, especially when one watches Rocco stand there just before. Bruno is quite happy and applauds his acting/versatility. Carrie Ann was blown away by the dancing. Len also agrees. The scores are 9, 8, and 8. A 25.

I like how Cody’s hair is ever evolving. Cody is at Disneyland celebrating Miley’s 16th birthday and she high-fives Cody for support. Cody’s energy and his klutziness is not helping in practice, but his spunk should make up for it. Cody messes up a kick after they ran across the stage, but his energy is a good thing. He goes all woodchuck on Julianne’s leg. I dislike the insane gaped open mouth on most people (Especially Top Model’s Whitney) but there’s something cute about Cody when he does it. The dancing overall isn’t horrible. Carrie Ann points out that he was counting while he was dancing, a big pet peeve. Len thinks the first half was good, but the second half was repetitive. Bruno agrees with Len, and he uses the term Twinkie again. Does Bruno know the connotation between Cody and the term “Twink”? It makes me laugh; the judges laugh as Cody talks about old women hitting on him. The scores are 7, 7, and 7.

Toni is still a little angry about having a lift penalty. Toni wants to go out of the box the week that they have to be so structured. She talks about being the girl who no one ever wanted on their team. She probably was singing too much. They dance to a waltzed/ rocked out version of Fur Elise. This is so odd, and something I expect to see in Kirsten Dunst’s version of Marie Antoinette. Whoever is playing the guitar should be shot. The dances has a lot of spinning, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. At least her wig doesn’t fall off. Oh and she does a lift, but with the longer part of the dress to the judges i doubt they saw it. Len was disappointed by the change in dancing; he is pissed that she turned to gimmicks. Bruno’s also disappointed; he just wanted to show it. Carrie Ann apparently understood it. She liked the history aspect connecting with the outfits. The scores are 8, 7, and 7.

Cloris was a little too serious last week, but has the jive this week. So Corky is training Cloris endurance. He trains her dancing to what she can do. They attempt some off things. The two dance to “The girl can’t help it”. Their “dancing” is quite silly. The tricks are silly. Cloris’s wig goes bye-bye in the middle. They attempt a wheel-barrow and finish up with what I call a dog hump. Entertaining? Yes. Jive? Not so much. Bruno thinks that the dance was beyond comprehension. Carrie Ann is “speechless” but in a bad way; she points out the little to no technique. Len points out one dance step she actually does. The scores are 6, 5, and 5.

Our last team of the night is Brooke & Derek. Derek decided to work her really hard. Brooke is now officially melting down just like Shannon Elisabeth did last year. Maybe Derek is a bad teacher. Anywho, they make up and it’s all good. As they dance to “Daughters” they dance quite gracefully, pretty much floating above the stage. As an added touch, she grabs her daughter and gives her a little kiss. Aww. Carrie Ann loves the inner beauty. Len calls it “the best dance of the season”. Bruno points out the beautiful lyricism and good choreography. Their scores are 9, 10, and 9.

We are now getting to the sad part of the competition. Misty-May lumbers over in her crutches. They repeat the poor injury video. It’s sad, because Misty May looks hot tonight too. Keep the hair down. It turns out that she ruptured her Achilles tendon. Misty-May officially pulls out and I’m saddened. For the past few seasons Maks has really been able to pull out the talent in really strong willed women. I’m sure if she wasn’t injured Misty-May (like Laila) would have made the final 3.

As for the Volleyball? She was going to be on a break anyway to have time with her husband. Poor Maks. He’s still hot. She points out that he’s a sensitive, caring guy. Maks is also sad and really is impressed by her. I wonder… can she ever try again? Haha, they have a “goodbye” video. This is like idol! And there’s even the little picture in picture with her watching her won video. We just need “Bad Day” playing in the background.

Brooke – 28
Warren – 25
Maurice – 24


Lance – 22
Toni – 22

Susan – 21
Cody – 21
Rocco – 20
Cloris – 16

So who’s going home? I’d really love to see Rocco go, cute puppy dog, or not he just stands there. I’m just not sure that Cloris has enough points to jump past Rocco though. So what does this mean with the format? I really think they should eliminate someone and just go with a final 2.

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