Wednesday, October 15, 2008

America’s Top Model : Behind The Scenes Excessive Clip show!

Then again, it could be an episode of Stylista

Last Week: Tyra found a way to get rid of Lauren Brie.

I guess I’ll have to wait yet another week for some good model drama. This week I’ll have to suffer spelling names that any normal spell check gives me the red squiggly line of misspelling.

We started off with 33 girls and cheap CGI. Apparently they had one test about facial expressions. Then there is some sort of cube pose test. Sheena got all sexified and Kama sutra. ShaRaun was too confident. Hannah was chased by a moose. Marjorie still maintains the French music. Isis’s manhood was mentioned again. The girls made funny looks and ShaRaun was even more of a snooty bitch than ever. Tyra eventually picked 14 girls.

The girls needed to get a key to the house. Apparently the girl with the key gets to pick a bed. Nikeysha gets the key. The girls all run to the house to find a bed. Hannah compares her stuff to Alaska. Poor Samantha was the odd woman out and she decided to try sleeping on the floor of the purple room. Her bed looked like a dog bed.

They went to the magic castle and Joslyn was a volunteer. The magician took her shoes and magically tried to hide the shoe but messed up. The judges get to know the contestants. ShaRaun is a snoot. Isis knew her angles. Hannah was moose girl.

The political photoshoot is good for Marjorie and Elina. ShaRaun didn’t know what convoluted means. Nikeysha struggled as well. ShaRaun went home.

There was some tension coming back from panel. Elina wants to talk about her animal activism. Elina calls Sheena stupid for veggies having souls. Sheena believes in the circle of life. The girls next tried to have a rap battle. Nikeysha wasn’t too bad. Isis & Brittany got very brother/sister and had a fight. There was some random baby powder fight.

McKey was apparently misunderstood, Sheena and the girls couldn’t understand her. She talks about wearing sweats and not girly. McKey decides to cook her way to friendship.

The girls have the rope ladder photoshoot. Lauren (Brie!) was amazing. Nikeysha and Isis struggled and Nikeysha went home because she talks too much.

Tyra surprised the girls and had a talk about being a supermodel and changing her career. She also had a Q&A. Hannah didn’t know how to smile with her eyes. Brittany didn’t know the ugly/pretty face. The evil witch chose the makeovers in the extras. Good witch kicks bad witch’s ass in the mirror. I felt like I was on crack. The girls cried even more than before. I’m surprised about Sheena. The hair coloring reacted to her hair and the hair fell out. I think that’s why they put tracks in her hair. Elina’s fro became Sherry the cat. A lot of random paint-style cat pictures show up. The girls get Chinese and the girls danced a little bit. Sheena pops her booty with the best of the black girls.

The girls did their swimsuit shots. McKey and Elina aced it. Analeigh and Brittany struggled. Brittany went home because she wasn’t a model. She was just a pretty girl.

Hannah had “Alaska Pixie Dust” and the girls are all confused. McKey makes the most evil gremlin voice. Alaska Pixie Dust apparently keeps bitchy mean girls away. It apparently didn’t help model walking though. McKey sported the curtain bar. Samantha lifted her shirt and Hannah waddled her way home.

McKey, Elina, and Clark. Elina calls Isis a hyena and calls her short. Marjorie points out that Elina is a hypocrite. The girls had the eye/water photoshoot. Josyln almost drowned. Isis thought about her pee-pee. And it really didn’t matter because you didn’t see any crotch. Clark’s shots were flirty, Sam’s shot was good but her shirt lift was bad. Isis went home though due to her sleepy-eyes.

Top Models In Action: My personal favorite winner Nicole is still pretty popular as a model and she now models for Sketchers.

Apparently the girls saved water by taking a group bath. Sam, Clark, and Lauren (Brie!) bathe, but its mostly soap. A bee attacks the girls, scaring McKey but she doesn’t want to kill it. There’s some spray death and McKey decides to take care of the bee until it died.

As natural disaster led to some actual disasters to some girls. Joslyn & Clark struggled. Clark went from winner to loser in one week. Of course that means that Elina is now sad that Clark is gone. She talks all about these positive things about Clark.

Apparently Marjorie and Analeigh got really close to each other. Samantha is a little freaked out and wanted to slap them.

There was some downtime and McKey did some actual exercising. It’s weird, but probably really effective.

The last photo shoot was good for Marjorie and Analeigh, but Lauren (Brie!) flopped. Her eyes were also too far to the right. Her lack of personality sent her home.

Next Week: Covergirl commercials! Sheena & Elina argue…again!

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